Top Rated Mattresses 2023 (They Are Selling Like Hotcakes)

Top Rated Mattresses On The Market 2017

So, you’re looking for a new mattress and you want to know what are the top rated mattresses? Already confused? It’s not hard to become confused with so many different brands on the market in 2023!

Top Rated Mattresses On The Market

After reading this review, it will become a lot clearer and will ensure you buy what is best for you and your partner.

When people are buying a new mattress, they often underestimate the importance of their decision and end up with a product that leaves them dissatisfied as well as in pain for many years!

You spend more time in your bed than you do at work, so it is reasonable that the buying process should be taken seriously!

Ready? Let’s go and find what is the top selling mattress on the market!

Top Rated Mattresses 2023

Pacific MattressiKremaNectar#BestMattressEverKeetsa
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Keetsa Mattress Review
Keesta Mattress Pillow Plus Review

Click here to buy + free shipping + 12 year warranty + 90 night trial! | Read customer reviews!

So many people commented, after buying it, that it has been the best thing they’ve done for themselves in a while.

It has helped them overcome various sleeping problems. They say they sleep like a dream! After just a few nights, you will notice that you sleep better and that your body feels good in the morning!

This comment sums it best: “Every night before I fall asleep, I thank Keetsa for their comfort and support. Every morning when I awake, supremely refreshed, I praise them to the skies.”

Everybody is familiar with the smell of a brand new foam mattress or the smell of a freshly painted room or a brand new car. But what many of us don’t realize is that this smell is actually harmful chemicals being released into the air we breathe.

Keetsa is a brand who is so passionate about the environment and the environment in your bedroom. They produce a mattress that emits no toxic chemicals, while allowing you to get a great night’s sleep.

Talk about going green! Keetsa makes an affordable, durable and comfortable mattress that you don’t have to spend a lot of green to go green!

keetsa mattress

These top selling mattresses are available for about half the price the mattresses you’ll find at the major chain stores. They have a much smaller carbon footprint. The beds have no harmful off gassing and sleep cool.

Normally in a standard mattress store, the products that you see are manufactured from a company that sells it to the stores at a profit, then the stores sell it to you out of profit and they pay their salespeople a big commission, they do a lot of advertising. So by the time you get that mattress there’s a lot of people in your pocketbook.

Keetsa make their own mattresses. They put a lot of effort and profit into the mattresses themselves so by the time you get this mattress, it’s high-density foam, it’s a very high quality material that is going to last you a long time, it gives you a good supportive night’s sleep, it’s not going to off gassing your home.

Much better value than what you’ll find in major chain stores!

These mattresses are so durable; they are made with materials that are very resilient to pressure. Most people are familiar with the mattress getting a body impression after just a few years. Keetsa use very durable materials, so durable in fact, it allows them to crush this mattress under 1,200 pounds of pressure, vacuum seal it in a biodegradable plastic bag, fold it in half, roll it and put it in a box with wheels.

The bio foam is actually a 20% plant oil foam and it emits no toxic off gassing. Most of the foams that you’re familiar with, most memory foams are a 100% synthetic and they also use a toxic, chemical fire barrier to pass the national federal fire regulations. Keetsa don’t use any toxic chemical to make the bed fire retardant.

The CertiPUR-US approved foams breathe very well and you don’t sleep hot!

There’s a few things that make these beds unique. For example, the cover is a certified organic cotton. Also, they don’t use any box springs.

All of their mattresses are very supportive. They have six different models to choose from. They’re all going to support your back properly but everybody has their own level of comfort.

  • Plus
  • Pillow Plus
  • Cloud
  • Tea Leaf Classic
  • Tea Leaf Supreme
  • Tea Leaf Dream

Three of them – Plus, Pillow Plus and Tea Leaf Classic – consists of independent coils that support every body part (this also means less motion transfer between sleep partners) and high quality memory foam that conforms to your body shape and temperature.

Tea Leaf Dream model is made of soft memory foam and independent coils, providing an amazing experience by cradling and supporting your every curve.

Cloud and Tea Leaf Supreme are the combination of high quality memory foam and supportive foams, which cradle you in pressure-free sleep.

You can buy them in five sizes: twin, full, queen, king and California king, except for Dram model which is available in three sizes: queen, king and California king.

Regardless of what models you buy, it will give you a great rest. You will recommend its quality and comfort to all your friends and relatives.

It is packed in a big carton box that has wheels under it. Excellent customer service. Keetsa also sells great bed frames and pillows. They have many repeated customers.

After your body adjusts to the change, you will absolutely love this mattress.

Click here to buy + free shipping + 12 year warranty + 90 night trial!


Ikrema Mattress Review

People get really surprised by how this mattress makes them comfortable. You will look forward to lying down every night due to the right amount of softness and support.

iKrema mattress is made with the finest materials and at a more affordable price than leading brands and it also comes in a box.

With iKrema you will sleep better and wake up re-energized.

The patented memory-tex technology provides optimal surface support. The state-of-the-art open cell structures dissipate heat from your body, creating a cool restful night.

The foam uses Tencel infused fabric, offering the finest sleep system layers.

It’s certified safe and environmentally friendly foam mattress.

iKrema mattress has three layers and a top cover, each of which has individual benefits.

ikrema mattress

The top cover is allergy-free elastic fabric which minimizes the effects of other layers to make breathing easier by allowing air circulation through the underneath layers. No need of topper anymore.

Unlike the latex or rubber used in other mattresses, the top layer of this mattress uses thermal gel technology, which allows the heat to pass through, avoiding heat buildup between users body and the mattress.

The top layer also uses CoolFlow technology which is made of first polyurethane foam designed to provide true viscoelastic properties, dissipating heat and moisture three times faster than conventional memory foam.

The middle layer (memory tex foam) uses the same CoolFlow technology and supports uniform distribution of body weight throughout the mattress.

Bottom is main supporting HD foam which supports the previous layers and ensures a comforting experience. High density foam with a certain firmness gives the weaker areas of your body extra support.

Designed in Belgium and made in USA, iKrema supports all variations of comfort to make sure that it’s a right fit for a person of all shapes or size.

iKrema do not contain any harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde or heavy metals; it’s certified CertiPUR-US. It has some smell that lasts only for a few days.

Two models available:

  • SuperPedic – 10-inch, hypoallergenic
  • MaxComfortPedic – 11-inch, hypoallergenic

They are resistant to dust mites and naturally antimicrobial. You can choose between six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king, king.

You can use any bed frames: slatter base, box spring, any hard surface as well as adjustable bed frames.

After ordering, you can expect iKrema mattress to arrive in 2-7 business days.

#BestMattressEver Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review - 2017 Update

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the more popular brands online – they are experts that know very well how to make a quality product. They’ve got a lot of five-star reviews and very strong ratings from other sites.

BB has great deals because they ship from their own factory to your doorstep, which is not the case with competing companies.

This is a very high quality bed that provides lasting value given its materials.

They recently made a big change to their #BestMattressEver. They replaced latex comfort layer with an advanced poly foam, TitanFlex.

This foam is designed to mimic the feel of latex. It has a strong resiliency, fast response, great bounce and sleeps cool.

#BestMattressEver Brooklyn Bedding

The mattress consists of three layers:

  • 2″ of TitanFlex Comfort
  • 2″ of TitanFlex Support
  • 6″ of High-Density Base Foam

TitanFlex is made with open cell material and comes with thermal titanium beads. The open-cell structure molds to your body, relieving pressure points, along with joint and muscle pain. As a result, you will toss and turn less often, ensuring a restful sleep for both you and your partner.

TitanFlex is much stronger and durable than latex, which was proved in an accelerated aging study. So, your mattress will be with you a long time.

It also features TitaniumGel that decreases body heat before it’s trapped in the mattress. TitaniumGel also increases the durability of the foam, making it the longest lasting material on the market.

TitanFlex is also superior to latex in fluid absorption and moisture wicking. The moisture is released from the mattress more quickly.

It’s made without ozone depleters, flame retardents, heavy metals or formaldehyde – it’s CertiPur Certified.

High quality poly foam core drastically increases the durability and longevity of the mattress. High density, supportive base foam is also very comfortable so you don’t bottom out. This core will last 20+ years!

There is also quilted and breathable top cover that sleeps cool and provides luxurious comfort. It is quilted with 3/4 inch tick of polyfoam, giving it a moderately plush feel.

If you prefer the latex feel, Brooklyn Bedding should be one of your top options. It’s really comfortable with very good price, especially knowing it comes from an established company with expertise.

You can choose between three firmness options: soft, medium and firm. And nine sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, queen short, king, CA king and split CA king.

If you are on the fence, let me say that you will not be disappointed with this purchase. I recommend this company to anyone. The customer service is incredible.

Pacific Mattress

Pacific Mattress Review by Girl on the Mattress 💕

There is seriously something magical about how this mattress works.

What makes it one of the best selling mattresses in the world? That’s going to be an innovative and revolutionary float foam! It’s vastly better than memory foam. Truly fascinating! It combines all the elements needed in a good product.

Float foam:

  • has better support and alignment for your entire body
  • has better pressure point relief all throughout your body
  • is more durable than memory foam
  • provides cooler sleep than memory foam
  • prevents you from feeling your sleep partner moving

What does this mean for you? Better comfort, better sleep and better life!

The Pacific Mattress consists of billions of microscopic air capsules that provide outstanding support while drastically reducing pressure.

pacific mattress

Every air capsule works as an individual shock absorber – it releases air independently as pressure builds up. This independent action is responsible for individualized comfort and support.

Float foam is also better at reducing pressure to hip and back parts of your body when compared to high end memory foam. This means amazing comfort for you!

Pacific-MattressThis mattress keeps you cool because float foam releases body heat much faster than memory foam. This means that you will sleep at an ideal temperature throughout the night.

The foam absorbs energy and dampens movements better than all mattress on the market. Regular sleep movements are totally imperceptible!

You can press your hand into the bed and see how quickly it responds. You won’t feel like you are sinking into quicksand.

Besides float foam, the mattress is made of high quality latex and ultra-dense support cores. The latex offers ultra-fast responsiveness and deep down body support. They contain no harmful compounds like mercury and formaldehyde; they are certified CertiPUR-US.

Every mattress is finished with special heat and moisture wicking cover, providing great sleep in any climate.

The Pacific Mattress has a small amount of smell when first opened but it leaves quickly.

So, Pacific Mattress is high-quality and luxury product available at a fraction of the price of other luxury mattresses.

100% US made – designed and manufactured in Southern California, using only US suppliers.

It can be used on all bases: floor, slatted base, box spring, solid foundation, adjustable.

Available in two versions: medium soft and medium firm and six sizes: queen, twin, twin XL, full, California king, king.

Your mattress will arrive in a box within 3-6 business days of ordering.

The Pacific Mattress has precisely the right amount of soft, the right rigidity necessary to maintain proper spinal alignment either on your back, side or stomach.

I guarantee you that your experience will be stellar! It’s so comfortable that many people say they don’t even need a pillow in any of their sleeping positions.You will fall asleep much easily because of how comfortable you will be.

It easily beats even the pricey luxury mattresses.

Ordering is super easy online, delivery is fast, and setting up is a piece of cake.


NECTAR Mattress Review - Affordable Comfort?

To some this may sound cliche, but I honestly have to say that this mattress will make a difference in the way you sleep and wake each morning.

Why would you spend so much more at one of those mattress stores, when you can have this? Your bank account will be happy that you didn’t spend a small fortune on a bed.

Rated number one by many reviewers and called “the most comfortable mattress” and “the best mattress money can buy” by customers.

Of course, not everyone will agree with these statements, but they still indicate that this is one of top rated products on the market.

Nectar is made up of four layers plus a cover for a total thickness of 11”.

The top cover uses a long staple cotton and Tencel linen which is a fabric that is more breathable and allows better airflow so it aids in cooling. The fabric is also bed bug resistance.

Underneath that, they have a 1” quilted gel memory foam that adds extra cushioning as well as body conformance. The squares on the top also help with motion isolation so you’re going to have even better motion reduction properties.

The next layer is 1” lush foam which is just a higher-end gel infused memory foam and it gets a true memory foam feel. A little slow reaction time but generally that means it’s a better density memory foam. This layer directly absorbs heat and redistributes it.

Underneath that they have a transitional layer, what’s called an adaptive HI core memory foam. This 3” layer is the best for contouring a mattress to your pressure points.

Underneath that is a 2.2 ILD foam core. The industry standard that a lot of brands use is a 1.8 ILD, which is not as dense. So the 2.2 ILD means that it is going to hold up for a longer period of time and also it’s going to work better if you’re a heavier person.

When it comes to the performance, I would describe the feel of this about 6 to 7.5 out of 10, with ten being the firmest. So it’s a medium firm, it’s on the firmer side of medium.

nectar mattress

As you first lay on it, it feels relatively firm but then the memory foam starts to react where you are sinking a little bit and then it conforms very nicely to your body after you’re laying down for a little bit.

That feel is similar to a feel you get on a higher-end Tempur-Pedic mattress, where they have very dense memory foam. So it takes a little bit longer for it to conform and unless you’re somebody that just loves a super soft mattress, I think it’s good to start a little bit firmer because over time the mattresses are going to break in and if you start real soft, it will end up being too soft after it’s broken in.

How it behaves in all three sleeping positions? This works very good for back and stomach sleeping. For side sleeping it is a little bit firmer, but as you lay for ten seconds or so, it conforms to the curves of your body and then it has good pressure relief as well.

So it really does work good in all three sleeping positions. Potentially if you are side sleeper 100% of the time, you might want something that’s just a tad softer but I think that this works good – like I said, once you sink into that memory foam, high core layer conforms very nicely.

So if you like to switch up throughout the night, the Nectar will perform great. If you are a lighter person, under 150 pounds, and you only sleep on your side 100% of the time, you might want to look for something that’s a little softer. If you’re 150 pounds or more, you are probably going to be heavy enough, even if you are a side sleeper only, to be able to push into that comfort layers a little bit easier than somebody who’s lighter. The lighter you are, on any mattress, the firmer it’s going to feel.

In general you want to start with something that is a little bit firmer and breaks in over time versus something that’s very soft that might develop body impressions easier.

It is a pretty high quality density memory foam, so the foam response time is a little bit slower than if you compare it to a latex mattress. But unless you’re somebody that has extreme trouble getting out of bed, you’re not going to have issues with rolling over or changing positions.

The product has very good motion isolation which is pretty standard with a foam mattress. You can lay directly on the edge of this and you will not get an ejected feeling at all and that’s going to be due in part to the high quality foam core they have in this mattress.

Now, a few words about temperature. Sometimes the complaint with memory foam mattresses is that they sleep warm. This model uses a gel infused memory foam, it’s an open-cell foam that sleeps a lot cooler than the old-school traditional memory foam and then they have that gel quilted into the top as well. So you will not have any issues overheating on this mattress at all.

My final thoughts on the Nectar mattress is that it is a fantastic value. When you look at the construction of it, the materials that are inside of it, how it performs and how it feels, I think it’s a fantastic value.

The closest thing I can really explain is that this has a very close feeling to what a Tempur-Pedic mattress would have with how the memory foam feels, how dense the foam core is, how it performs overall. It’s very close to a Tempur-Pedic mattress but obviously for a fraction of that cost.

So overall I think the mattress will perform great for any of you out there that sleep in all three sleeping positions.

If you are somebody that’s in the market for a gel infused memory foam mattress, this is a fantastic option for you to look deeper into. Especially when you consider the quality of the materials versus the price. And their trial period and warranty are fantastic.

It is independently certified by CertiPUR and five other rating groups to be free from known harmful chemicals and gasses.

One model for sale in six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, California king, king.

After a few nights of sleeping on this, you will sleep better than you have in years. Trust me, this is the solution for your sleeping issues.


All of these top selling mattresses are available at affordable prices! Why? Because you can shop for them directly from the manufacturers.

No middlemen such as distributors and retailers!

This means that you can buy them at the best pricing possible, basically wholesale pricing.

Gone are the days of paying thousands of dollars for a mattress!

Other Very Good Mattresses Brands to Consider in 2019

Aloha Sleep

Aloha Mattress Review

When it comes to warranty, it consists of two parts. First, there is the 10 year warranty period. They will replace your mattress with a brand new one at absolutely no charge to you if defective.

After that period, if your Aloha Sleep mattress has a defect, you may replace it for half off a new one for your lifetime, one time.

This is a new 11” product on the market. It is made in Arizona, USA, with certified non-toxic materials.

aloha mattress

It features a unique cooling fabric, designed to keep you refreshed. It also features cool sleeping gel foam layers that alleviate pressure.

And there is also a strong, supportive base material that keeps your back in alignment.

They have just one model that falls in the medium firm category with a little bit of sinking. It’s available in all six sizes.

Or take a look at these three great models:

Slumber Solutions Choose Your Comfort 14-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


Beautyrest Recharge ‘Maddyn’ Luxury Firm Mattress Set


Serta Perfect Sleeper Bristol Way II Supreme Gel Eurotop Mattress Set


Still need more options?

Click here to visit one of the biggest online stores that is selling mattresses of all types and sizes!

Mattress Buying Guide



  • If you sleep mostly on your side with some back sleeping
  • If you enjoy being hugged by your bed


  • For back, stomach and side sleepers
  • If you prefer a surface which is not too soft or too firm


  • For back and stomach sleepers
  • If you do not like to sink deeply into the mattress
  • You like flat surface for sleeping


Best Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Here are standard mattress sizes in inches:

  • Twin 39” x 75”: For single adult or child. For small rooms, dorms, vacation homes.
  • Twin XL 39” x 80”: Extra length for tall individuals. For college dorm rooms.
  • Full 54” x 75”: The smallest for two people or for children.
  • Full XL 54” x 80”: Extra length for taller individuals.
  • Queen 60” x 80”: The most popular for two people.
  • King 76” x 80”: For two people who need more space.
  • California King 72” x 84”: More length with less width.


standard mattress sizes in inches


The most popular types of top selling mattresses are:


The most common type found on the market. It’s constructed with steel coil springs that counter different degrees of pressure with equal support. Layered with foam for additional cushioning. It automatically adjusts to the sleeping positions. They are cheaper than other types.


It can be made of natural latex or synthetic one. Both types have good hypoallergenic properties. They react faster to changes in position than memory foam. Many brands offer mattresses made of a combination of memory and latex foams.

Memory Foam

It is a material that was originally developed by NASA. This is high-density material reacts to your body’s weight, shape and temperature to provide support while conforming to your body. It is also anti-microbial. Its unique property eliminates pressure points created by hips and shoulders. These mattresses usually come with a layer of memory foam on top of another material base.

Care Tips For Top Rated Mattresses

If you want your mattress to last, then it’s crucial that you look after it properly. Here is how.

  • Air it daily. In the morning, leave the bed to air for 20 minutes so that body moisture can evaporate.
  • Turn it over (if possible) and rotate it head to foot every seven days for the first 12 weeks, then every 3-4 four months after that.
  • Don’t let the children jump on it.
  • Use a washable mattress cover to keep it free from stains.
  • Vacuum it from time to time to remove dust.
  • Remove stains using a cloth with mild detergent and warm water. Don’t use volatile chemical removers.
  • Never soak a mattress.
  • Carry it on its side and do not use handles. They only for positioning the mattress.

Best Edge Support Mattress (With Celliant Cover)

Top Rated Mattresses 2023 (They Are Selling Like Hotcakes)

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