This is the portable, battery operated water flosser that helps you keep your teeth clean when traveling. This rechargeable device will not only clean between teeth, but it also removes plaque, fights gingivitis and gently massages the gums. It’s really good for removing trapped food particles and the gums feel so good and clean afterward.… Read the rest

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Here we are taking a look at the Reathlete Airc air compression leg massager with heat. IntroBefore we get into the review, it’s important to denote that these are not compression recovery boots, but they are a fantastic alternative to somebody that’s looking for the similar benefits of a compression boots.… Read the rest

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Organic Bone Broth Protein – Vanilla

Not only is this vanilla bone broth protein powder delicious, it is also a great source of energy that lasts for hours. It is a perfect solution to feeling fuller for longer. Made from grass-fed cows, the protein powder is easily digestible and a highly bioavailable.… Read the rest

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Do you want extraordinary health and wellness? The following products provide you with a daily dose of alkaline supplementation to promote ultimate well-being.

Top Supplements to Alkalize Your Body

1. Vaxa Buffer pHThis is a homeopathic (vegetarian) systemic alkalizer for buffering an acid pH.… Read the rest

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Use this great donut-shaped seat pillow to effectively relieve pressure on the tailbone (coccyx).The ergonomic pillow also provides fantastic support. The cut out cushion will keep your tailbone free from any direct pressure or contact. Thanks to beaded gel nodules across the top of the pillow, your body weight will be evenly distributed.… Read the rest

Nasal irrigation is successfully used by many people to relieve congestion, alleviate cold and allergy symptoms, and improve sinus health. Here are two devices that you can use at home to safely irrigate your sinuses and nasal passages.

Naväge Nasal Irrigation System

Relieve your sinus congestion with Naväge Nasal Care!Watch… Read the rest