Hair Growth

Is Rice Water Good For Hair Growth?

In this article I want to talk about using rice water to grow your hair. Bear in mind there is zero data for using rice water to actually grow hair. So if you are somebody who has pattern hair loss or hair loss related to either genetics or some underlying medical condition, do not be misled into thinking that rice water is going to correct that issue and regrow your hair.… Read the rest

Healthy Scalp Tips – MUST DOs For Healthy Hair

In this article I’m gonna be talking all about how to take care of the skin on your scalp. You can think of your scalp as the topsoil when it comes to healthy hair growth.We know that inflammatory diseases of the scalp, like seborrhoeic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis can actually end up affecting the hair density and hair growth through chronic inflammation.… Read the rest

Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Loss!

Today we’re gonna talk about low level laser therapy for hair loss. It is essentially a form of stimulation therapy and there are a lot of devices on the market. But what does low level laser therapy is doing for hair loss and hair growth?… Read the rest

HairMax Laserband 82 Hair Growth Device Results

In this article I have the results of six months of using a laser hair growth device. The device I’m talking about is the HairMax LaserBand 82. This is a laser light device that promises to help to regrow your hair if you have male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.… Read the rest

Does Laser Light Really Help Hair Growth?

In this article you will find out does laser light really help hair growth. You will discover what people are saying about this therapy. One of the best products in this category is HairMax. It offers laser combs, laser bands and laser cap.… Read the rest

Best Laser Comb For Hair Growth (Results)

This HairMax Ultimate 12 laser comb is FDA cleared device that you’re gonna use for eight minutes, three times a week and achieve spectacular results.That is regrowing hair, real hair, your own hair that you can swim in and shower in.… Read the rest

BEST Laser Headband For Hair Growth (CLINICALLY TESTED)

HairMax LaserBand 82 is an incredible hair rejuvenation product. If you’re losing hair then this laser headband can help regrow your hair in the places where hair is really thinning. It’s something that many men and women can use to regrow hair where they are able to regrow it.… Read the rest
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