Your bed sheets are a breeding ground for bacteria! But these innovative antibacterial bed sheets can help. Miracle Brand sheets use antimicrobial silver to kill germs! I know it may sound a little strange to be sleeping on sheets made of silver threads, but comfort hasn’t been sacrificed.… Read the rest

In this article we’re gonna be talking about dust and the best home air purifiers for dust removal. Dust is everywhere. Why is dust everywhere? Because the sources for dust are everywhere. In most homes, about two-thirds of dust come from outdoor sources and only about one-third come from indoor sources.… Read the rest

In this article we’re gonna be looking at removing wildfire and cigarette smoke from the air, using an air purifier. We’re gonna primarily focus on wildfire smoke in homes. However, much of this article very much applies to tobacco smoke. So whether you are aiming to remove wildfire smoke or cigarette smoke from the air, this article video definitely applies.… Read the rest

Here we will review two different indoor air purifiers for allergies because they represent two very different paths that you can take to remove allergens from the air. IQAir HealthPro Plus First up we have the IQAir HealthPro Plus and this unit retails for about $900, so it is a very expensive room air purifier.… Read the rest
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In this article you will find does Smart Nora really work. You will find out what people are saying about it. The Smart Nora is a product that is designed to reduce snoring for you or your partner. And, it does it without any nose strips, no mouth guard, nothing that goes on your face.… Read the rest

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