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Ozone Laundry System That Saves Money


The inquiry “Does it work?” is the most critical question to ask. The correct response is yes. On an industrial scale, this technology has been utilized for a number of years in hospitals as well as hotels. Now, O3waterworks is making it possible for you to have it in your own house.… Read the rest

50 Gallon Rain Barrel to Water Garden

This is the 50-gallon rain barrel that stores and saves rainwater yet collapses for easy storage. Made of 1,000 denier polyester fabric with PVC coating, the rain barrel has a lightweight frame that allows one to set it up and pack it away easily.… Read the rest

Emergency Home Backup Power Supply

This is the 2,410Wh battery emergency backup power source that can keep a home’s electric appliances running during a power outage.   On a full charge, the 2,410Wh battery can power a refrigerator for up to 30 hours, an air conditioner for up to four days, a sump pump for 1-10 days, and fully recharge a laptop 18-20 times.… Read the rest

Rolling Garden Planter With Wheels

Made in Tuscany by a 40-year-old family run business, this is the rolling garden that provides a mobile space for flowers, herbs, vegetables, or other plants. The tiered garden’s three planters each accommodate up to 8 gallons of soil and have a hidden water reservoir.… Read the rest

Best Window Boxes For Flowers

This is the window box with a concealed water reservoir that collects and conserves water. It accommodates soil for your favorite flowers and gallons of water to keep them constantly hydrated. Constructed from 100% polyethylene, the planter box will not fade or yellow and unlike similar wooden units, it does not require painting or staining.… Read the rest

Chicken Coop For Small Backyard

This is the poultry hutch that provides the sturdy, secure shelter needed for raising free range chickens in one’s backyard. The spacious, pre-painted wood hutch and lower run ensure a happy, healthy brood of egg layers.The bi-level hutch’s two nesting boxes are accessed from hinged doors, making it easy to collect farm fresh eggs and providing ventilation to keep your birds cool.… Read the rest

Best Travel Neck Pillow

This neck pillow is voted by SmarterTravel as the Best Travel Pillow of 2019.Smartly designed by frequent travel experts and in-house ergonomist, this travel neck pillow is scientifically developed to comfortably secure your neck and stabilize your head, offering convenient face leaning support for unrivaled sleeping comfort on all your travels.… Read the rest

Zen Water Fountain Indoor

This is the illuminated indoor fountain that provides endless peace and serenity. An internal pump continuously recirculates water through the four-tiered resin fountain to generate the tranquil sounds of trickling water. It provides warm white illumination that further enhances the Zen-like feeling of peace and harmony.… Read the rest

Rotating End Table With Storage

This end table rotates 360º for easy access to all four sides. A single turn in either direction turns the table on its fixed base, allowing you to effortlessly browse its contents or identify a specific storage compartment. It contains an integrated magazine rack, two book shelves, a pull-out tray for extra surface space, and three drawers for remotes, coasters, or reading glasses.… Read the rest
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