Best Mattress For All Sleeping Positions (All Foam)


In this article we have a review of one of the most popular beds you can find online and that’s going to be the Leesa mattress.

Leesa makes a bunch of different mattresses but we’re going to be focusing on their flagship mattress in this article.

If you’ve come across Leesa, it can be kind of hard to figure out what are the actual reasons you might want to get this bed over all the other beds out there and that’s exactly what we’re talking about in this article.

We’re going to talk about what this bed is made of, what it actually feels like to lay down on, how firm it is, what kind of sleeper types it’s going to work for, how much it costs and at the end we’ll have a final verdict for you about who this bed is going to be best for.


Let’s get right into it by quickly running through the general policy information for Leesa. This is stuff like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

If you decide to get this mattress for yourself, you’re going to start off with totally free bed in a box shipping. The unboxing process is really quick and easy to do. Although we do want to mention that a bed right out of the box is usually going to be a bit softer than it will be after it’s been sitting out for a few days.

There might even be a slight chemical smell. This also dissipates after a day or two.

Once the mattress arrives at your door, that’s when your trial period of 100 nights kicks in. This means you get to try out this mattress at home for a little over three months to decide if you really like it. If you don’t for whatever reason within that trial window, you can return it and get your money back.

But if you decide to keep it, which the vast majority of people do, this mattress is backed by a standard 10-year warranty.

This entire set of policies for Leesa is pretty much the general online mattress standard and Leesa is one of the original online mattress brands that help set the standard.

But enough about all that stuff let’s get into the more interesting stuff, like what this mattress is actually made of and what it feels like to lay down on.



The Leesa mattress has a pretty standard all foam mattress construction and because all the layers inside the cover are made of various types of foam that means this mattress is going to be most ideal for medium to petite size individuals.

Hybrid beds with coils provide more long-term support and durability in comparison to all foam beds like Leesa. So if you’re heavier, somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 pounds or so, we can’t really recommend Leesa.

Leesa does make two different hybrid beds though. They have the Leesa hybrid and the Leesa legend. We like both of those beds a lot.

Back to the original Leesa mattress now. It starts off with a dense layer of support foam. Then it has a layer of memory foam above that with a layer of a really light airy neutral feeling foam on top as its primary comfort layer.

On Leesa’s website, they really like to talk about the memory foam layer inside the mattress, but it doesn’t really have a traditional memory foam feel. It has more of a soft neutral foam feel. This means that the Leesa mattress basically just feels like a big slab of really comfortable foam that manages to find a nice balance between bounce and pressure relief.

You’re not really going to sink into it very much and it’s not going to remember your body’s shape like a traditional memory foam would. But we think the vast vast majority of sleepers out there are going to think the Leesa mattress is pretty comfortable. It might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but you’re probably going to lay down on it and think it’s pretty nice.

In fact Leesa makes a slightly more affordable mattress option called Leesa Studio where the top two layers of foam are essentially flipped. So you have the memory foam on top, has a bit more of that traditional memory foam feel.

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Firmness & Sleeping Positions

So that’s the construction and feel of Leesa. Let’s move over to another really important subject and that’s going to be its overall firmness level. The feel of lease is really accommodating and so is its firmness.

It’s right around a medium on the firmness scale, which means it’s going to be generally accommodating for all sleeper types: back, stomach, side and combination. This makes a lot of sense. Leesa is trying to appeal to the widest variety of sleepers out there and most people can either enjoy a medium or at least get by on it.

Specifically a medium firmness is very good for combination sleepers, because if you’re spending a good portion of the night on your back or your side, you’re going to want something to be able to accommodate both.

A medium firmness isn’t necessarily going to be most ideal for certain sleeping positions. Usually back and stomach sleepers prefer a noticeably firm bed with a little less give to help keep their spine in a neutral alignment, while strict side sleepers often prefer a noticeably soft mattress that helps cradle their pressure points, like their hips and their shoulders.

I don’t see people having issues on the Leesa mattress, but if you’re one of those people who specifically want a super soft or super firm bed, there are some other options.


For Couples

Let’s move over to how well this mattress is going to perform for couples if you’re sharing a mattress. Since it has such an accommodating firmness and feel, it should be really easy to agree on that. You’re going to want to know about edge support and motion isolation.

Motion isolation refers to how well the mattress absorbs cross mattress motion and the Leesa mattress does this quite well. So if your partner tosses and turns, you shouldn’t be jostled awake. Keep in mind that other factors like your partner actually tugging on the covers while they’re tossing and turning is just as likely to wake you up. But in terms of the actual motion, you should be just fine on Leesa.

Edge support refers to how well the edge of the mattress hold up under pressure if you happen to be kneading the entire sleeping surface and Leesa isn’t exactly the best we’ve ever seen, but it’s not too bad either. We don’t see people having that roll-off sensation if they’re sleeping near the edge of the bed,

In terms of temperature regulation, this definitely isn’t an active cooling bed. Leesa does like to say on their website that it sleeps cool. There really isn’t anything in the construction that would make it actively sleep cool, although we do think it is pretty breathable and we don’t think you’ll be sleeping hot because of the mattress. It’ll have way more to do with the temperature of the room and your bedding.



One of the reasons the Leesa mattress is so popular, aside from its accommodating firmness and feel, is that it’s also a relatively affordable mattress. A queen size Leesa usually retails for around $1100, but from what we’ve seen, it is almost always on discount. So make sure you check current pricing and after discount we expect you to be paying somewhere closer to $950.

One last little thing we want to mention for Leesa is that they’re actually a certified B Corporation, which essentially means they meet all these sustainability requirements and they do a lot of charitable donations.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with the bed itself, but there are plenty of shoppers out there who like supporting companies that do good things and Leesa is definitely one of those.



That’s pretty much it for our review of the Original Leesa mattress.

This bed is just a safe solid accommodating choice that we think the vast majority of people are probably going to enjoy.

We’d say look into getting the Leesa mattress if you’re maybe not exactly sure what you want in your new mattress, you’re not looking for a specific feel or firmness and you just want something affordable that you’re probably gonna like.

Either way we hope you found this article helpful.

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