Best Hybrid Mattress For Couples & Combo Sleepers

best hybrid mattress for couples

In this article I’ll be reviewing the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress, best for couples and combo sleepers.

Brooklyn Bedding specializes in affordable hybrid mattresses and the Signature hybrid is their flagship bed. It’s also their best selling mattress.

I’m going to put this bed through some tests, tell you which sleepers I’d recommend it to and take a look at the materials it’s made with to help you decide if it could work for you.

The Signature hybrid mattress is offered in a soft, medium and firm model.

Here I’m looking at the medium model.

best hybrid mattress for couples


I’m gonna start out by talking a little bit about how the medium Brooklyn Signature hybrid feels.

Keep in mind that feel is different for everyone, so if you’re lighter or heavier than me or your weight is distributed differently, you’ll probably experience a mattress’s feel a little differently than I do.

I gave this mattress a 6.5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale. That means that I thought it was a medium firm mattress.

I do think it might be a little on the firmer side of medium firm, but I say medium firm is pretty accurate for how it feels.

I also definitely felt more on top of this bed than in it, so if you like a little hug from your mattress, this bed isn’t for you.

But if you’re a combo sleeper who likes to feel really on top of their bed, have a lot of mobility to move around and change positions at night, I think this mattress is a really great option for you.

Similarly I think if you’re a back sleeper you’re really going to like this bed. It gives you a nice balance of pressure relief and support.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, I think this bed is a little too soft for you and if you’re a side sleeper it might be just a little bit too firm.

But I will say if you alternate between your side and another position or you alternate between your stomach and another position throughout the night, I think this mattress will actually do a pretty nice job supporting you in those positions as well.


I also ran a few tests to give you a more objective view of what this mattress might feel like to you.


First up is my pressure map test.

I put a pressure map down on the mattress and then I lay down on top in a few positions. The map range from blue and green in low pressure areas, to yellow and red in high pressure areas.

Keep in mind again that I might have a different body shape than some sleepers, so other folks might experience more or less pressure on any given bed than I do.

So looking over at those pressure map results, on my back the map is all blue and it felt really good on my back. If you like it on top of the bed feel and you’re a back sleeper. i think the Brooklyn Signature hybrid is definitely a mattress you’re going to want to check out-

Moving on to my side, there’s only a little bit of green on that pressure map. That’s not an awful amount of pressure and I think if you alternate between your side and another position, you should be okay and get enough pressure relief on this mattress.

If you’re a really strict side sleeper, I think you might want something that offers a little bit more softness.

You might feel a little jammed up, especially in your shoulder area on this bed if you spend the entire night on your side.

Moving on to my stomach, you can see the pressure map is blue across the board, but I don’t think that tells the whole story here.

This mattress is a little bit soft for a strict stomach sleeper. I felt my hips sinking into the mattress a little bit, which can create a bend in your back over time, and lead eventually to some back pain.

If you do spend the entire night on your stomach, I would opt for a firmer mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding does offer a mattress specifically for stomach sleepers. It’s called the Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress.


Next up is my bounce test. This is where I check to see how much mobility a mattress is going to provide.

Are you going to feel stuck in the mattress or is it going to be easy to roll around and change positions at night.

I bounced my steel ball down onto this bed. I would say it has a fairly average amount of bounce, so it’s not crazy over the top bouncy, but you definitely won’t feel stuck either.

I think this mattress is a really great option for combination sleepers. They’re going to be able to really roll around and change positions easily throughout the night.

That medium firm feel means that they should be supported for part of the night in any sleeping position that they choose.

best hybrid mattress for combo sleepers

Motion Transfer

Next up is my motion transfer test. I use a seismometer to measure motion transfer on this Brooklyn Bedding Signature.

If you sleep with a partner, this is a measure of whether or not you’re going to be disturbed when they toss and turn at night or maybe get up to go to the bathroom.

I was pretty happy with the results of my motion transfer test.

I would say this is about average motion transfer, so you won’t feel overly disturbed by a restless partner. For a firmer hybrid mattress, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

If you do not like that stuck in the bed feel, but you do want a mattress that you won’t feel super disturbed by a bed mate, I think this one is a good one to check out.

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Edge Support

Last up we have my edge support test.

This is a measure of whether or not you’re going to be able to sleep all the way on the edge of your mattress and still feel supported.

A mattress with really great edge support feels a little bit bigger, because you can have the entire surface area to sleep on.

I was really impressed with the edge support on this bed. The edges are reinforced and I definitely felt really stable on this bed, didn’t feel like I was going to slip off when I was lying or sitting on the edge.

When paired with that motion transfer score I mentioned before, this could be a really great mattress for couples, because they can spread out over the whole bed and they won’t feel too disturbed by each other.


Let’s now talk about what it’s really made of.

I’m going to start out by talking a little bit about the cover.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature cover

It feels really nice soft and cozy and it’s also quilted with a little bit of memory foam to give you some nice initial pressure relief when you lie down on this bed.

Below that you’re gonna see a layer of TitanFlex foam. This is a hyper elastic foam. It has a really immediate response to pressure and it’s a lot of the reason this mattress is such a great fit for combination sleepers.

Next up is a layer of Energex foam. It’s gonna feel pretty similar to poly foam and really what it does is just ease you down gently onto the pocketed coils below that.

Next are pocketed coils. This pocketed coil layer adds some nice bounce and overall support to the mattress and they’re also individually wrapped, which is a really nice feature, because it increases airflow, promotes some breathability throughout the mattress and because it really cuts down on motion isolation, which means it’s going to be harder for you to feel disturbed by a restless partner on this bed.

And then finally the last layer of this bed is just a layer of HD poly foam to provide some support to the mattress. Really all it does is give the coils something to bounce off of.

Pros and Cons

Before I wrap up, I want to give you a few of my personal pros and cons of the Signature hybrid mattress.

First up some reasons I think this could be a really great mattress for you.

If you’re a back sleeper, I think you’re really going to get a great balance of pressure relief and support on this mattress.

Similarly if you’re a combination sleeper, no matter which positions you cycle through throughout the night, I think you’re going to be really comfortable on this mattress and you’ll definitely feel more on top of the bed and find it really easy to switch positions throughout the night.

Finally I would recommend couples take a look at this mattress.

It has a really strong edge support. You’re not going to feel too disturbed by a restless partner because it has pretty good motion isolation.

It also sleeps fairly cool and I think those three factors make a really great mattress for most couples.

That said I don’t think this mattress is going to be the perfect fit for just anyone. Here are some reasons it might not be great for you.

If you’re a side sleeper who likes a plush or more slow moving feel, I don’t think you’re going to be comfortable on this mattress model.

I might check out the soft model of the Signature hybrid or you might want to check out the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan mattress or the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress. both of those have a much softer feel.

Similarly I think stomach sleepers are going to need a firmer mattress to prevent a bend in their spine, which will lead to back pain over time.

Like I mentioned earlier, I would recommend checking out the Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress if you’re interested in this brand.

Finally if you’re looking for a more deluxe or luxury mattress with some fancy bells and whistles, you might want to look elsewhere. But I will say you’ll probably need to up your price point if that’s the case.

best mattress for couples who toss and turn


If you are interested in purchasing a Signature hybrid. I want to give you a little bit of info on Brooklyn Bedding’s company policies.

This mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial. Brooklyn Bedding does ask that you test the mattress out for 30 days before returning it.

This bed is going to ship for free and it will arrive compressed in a box. And finally it comes with a 10 year warranty.

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Do you need a box spring with the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid?

No, you do not need a box spring with this bed. Any hard flat surface is going to work just fine to support it.

Can you flip the Signature hybrid?

No, you cannot flip this bed. It’s built with comfort foams on top and it will feel really uncomfortable if you flip it over and try to sleep on the firm base and the pocketed coil layer.

Where are Brooklyn Bedding mattresses made?

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are all proudly made in the USA and most of them are actually manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona.

So that’s it for my review of the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress, best for couples and combo sleepers.

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Best Hybrid Mattress For Couples & Combo Sleepers
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