Tips For Buying an Indoor Rowing Machine

Are you considering buying an indoor rowing machine? We’ll help you sort through all the things to consider when buying a rowing machine. Also should you join a rowing studio or stick with buying a rowing machine for your home. We’ll answer that question at the end of this article.… Read the rest

Rowing Machine vs Treadmill vs Exercise Bike

Exercise bike versus treadmill versus rowing machine? Are you a workout enthusiast, are you wondering which of these three exercise machines is the best? In this article we are going to pit the exercise bike against the treadmill, also against the rowing machine, for an exciting three-way face-off.… Read the rest

Is Rowing Better Than Running? (Comparison)

Here we answer one simple question. Which is the better exercise: rowing or running? Both very viable forms of exercise. In this article we wanted to discuss the pros and cons of both, going through sort of a checklist of things to keep in mind when we’re choosing exercises to determine which one is the best.… Read the rest

How to Choose a Treadmill For Home Use

If you’re thinking about choosing a treadmill for your home, here are five guidelines and 21 issues you might want to consider. Try A Treadmill If You’ve Never Used One First, if you haven’t used a treadmill before, maybe you can try one out a local gym or ask a friend who has one if you can try theirs out.… Read the rest

9 Mini Pedal Exercise Bikes

Introduce an extra workout into your life with these compact, portable mini pedal exercise bikes, which fit under desk to increase strength, flexibility, and stamina. Stamina SPS Mini Exercise Bike with Smooth Pedal System Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise BikeStamina WIRK Under Desk Exercise BikePedal Exerciser Portable Mini Exercise Cycle with LED DisplayMarcy Mini Cardio CyclePROGEAR 1000 Under Desk Exercise Bike with Free APPFitHealth Portable Mini Exercise Bike Pedal Machine Exerpeutic Activcycle Motorized Pedal Exerciser Motorized Mini Cycle Exercise BikeStamina SPS Mini Exercise Bike with Smooth Pedal System is one of the few pieces of equipment that you can use anywhere.… Read the rest

Space Saving Rowing Machine (Easy Storage)

This is the space saving rowing machine that provides a full-body workout at home, but with one huge advantage – easy storage. It does not crowd your living space.Main features include:smooth hydraulics five resistance levels padded handlebars and seat pivoting pedals hook-and-loop fasteners to secure the feet digital monitor to track duration, pace, and calories burned solid steel frame rubberized legs to prevent wobbling small footprint stands on end for easy storageSee also this amazing folding, wooden water rowing machine!… Read the rest

Seated Compact Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

This is the Cubii Junior seated compact under desk elliptical trainer and it is very different from any other sort of indoor exercise bike.Unlike a traditional indoor exercise bike, the Cubii Junior is actually relatively light and small. In fact it only weighs 27 pounds, but more importantly it’s designed to get fit while you sit.… Read the rest

Ultra Slim Folding Treadmill (Under Bed)

This is the ultra slim folding treadmill that has a unique way of adjusting its speed. It all depends on where you are running or walking on its track.You simply take three steps on the treadmill to activate its motor.… Read the rest

Best Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners & Weight Loss

If you’re just starting to get active or need to lose weight, home exercise equipment can definitely give your routine a punch and help you hit your goals faster. If you are one of those people with a very busy day to day schedule, being able to exercise at home will be one of the best options for you.… Read the rest

Motorized Leg Exerciser For Seniors (With Remote)

Would you like to exercise your legs while sitting? Of course you would! This motorized leg exerciser for seniors is just what you need.This leg movement machine is something similar to having a human personal therapist that moves your legs when you are unable to, you don’t have the strength to, you don’t have the ability to do so on your own and they just continue to move your legs for you so that your body is getting that movement so that your body isn’t being sedentary.… Read the rest
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