Best Hybrid Mattress For Couples & Combo Sleepers

In this article I’ll be reviewing the Brooklyn Bedding Signature hybrid mattress, best for couples and combo sleepers. Brooklyn Bedding specializes in affordable hybrid mattresses and the Signature hybrid is their flagship bed. It’s also their best selling mattress. I’m going to put this bed through some tests, tell you which sleepers I’d recommend it to and take a look at the materials it’s made with to help you decide if it could work for you.… Read the rest

Best Mattress For Heavy Combo Sleepers (Hybrid)

In this article I’ll be reviewing the Brooklyn Titan Luxe mattress, the best mattress for heavy combo sleepers. The Titan Luxe is a hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding that was designed specifically for heavy people. It can support up to 1000 pounds and Brooklyn Bedding also offers a model of this bed called the Titan Firm hybrid that offers an even firmer feel.… Read the rest

Best Edge Support Mattress (With Celliant Cover)

Today we’re gonna be reviewing the Bear Hybrid mattress – the best edge support mattress.Bear is a very popular brand and this is their luxury hybrid follow-up to their original foam mattress. One of the first things people want to know about a mattress is just how soft it is and in the case of the Bear Hybrid we classify it as a medium on our softness spectrum.… Read the rest

Best Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress!

Here is another mattress review. We’re gonna talk about the Bear Pro mattress, which is the best copper infused memory foam mattress.If you look at bear’s lineup of beds, they have a super affordable gel memory foam mattress, that’s just called Bear Mattress and then they have Bear Hybrid, which is an upgraded coil bed.… Read the rest

Top Rated Mattresses 2023 (They Are Selling Like Hotcakes)

So, you’re looking for a new mattress and you want to know what are the top rated mattresses? Already confused? It’s not hard to become confused with so many different brands on the market in 2023!After reading this review, it will become a lot clearer and will ensure you buy what is best for you and your partner.… Read the rest
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