Kuschelbär Heated Beard Straightening Brush Review

best beard straightener brush

I’m obsessed with Kuschelbär heated beard straightening brush and I’m 100% sure that you will be too!

I use it every morning and it makes an enormous difference in my beard appearance.

My Favorite Heated Beard Brush!

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Why I Adore Kuschelbär Heated Beard Straightening Brush?

heated beard straightening brush

I have a wavy and thick beard, but Kuschelbär makes it so nice and straight!

I highly recommend this electric beard straightener to any man that wants to tame his beard.

I’m so happy that my friend Mike introduced me to this product!

I love to have a beard but the big problem was that I always got sick of it when it got long and untamed.

Kuschelbär heated beard straightening brush now keeps my beard looking great at all times!

Now I’m sporting an epic beard that gets complimented each time I leave my house!

I was not able to let my hair grow out because it was very hard to style and manage. Ceramic straighteners are time consuming and cause too much damage to my hair.

Finally, I’m able to have long beard and style it the way I want it, thanks to this electric beard straightener.

I can make my beard very straight when I brush slowly or softer when I brush it quickly. With slow even strokes my beard end up straight in just a few minutes.

Features of Kuschelbär Electric Beard Straightener

electric beard straightener brush

The brush is a perfect combination of look and function. The design fits the hand perfectly and is super sleek and lightweight. The size is perfect for travel and storage in small spaces.

The brush produces negative ions that allow your hair to be hydrated and smoothed at the same time. This will also prevent heat damage, giving you a healthy, polished look.

Bristles glide effortlessly across the face without harming the skin.

It heats up to 374 F (190 C). It’s dual voltage: 110V in the United States and 220V in Europe and can be used with a converter.

How I Use Kuschelbär Heated Beard Brush

best beard straightener brush

I want to quickly go over and tell you how easy it actually is to use it.

First I put in my beard a little bit of a wax, balm or beard oil.

Then you’re gonna plug your brush in, let it heat up for a good three to four minutes. You’ll feel the back of the Kuschelbär should almost be too hot to touch.

And then I just start in the beard. I’m pushing in kind of firm and going down pretty slow when I brush it.

Since you have a little bit of product in your beard, you’ll see the steam from the product coming off. Nothing to worry about.

If your beard is one of those beards that wants to puff out, what you want to do when you are brushing, is to kind of curve it into the face.

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A lot of guys have a tendency to brush away from the face, which will make it flip out. So I’m kind of following the jaw line and just pushing right in.

If you want it to be really flat, I’ll actually let it cool down underneath my hand. It makes it even flatter to the chin. You will see how straight that gets.

Once I got the hang of it – I can do my beard in about 45 seconds. That actually saves a lot of time in the morning. Otherwise I would be putting product and combing into place.

Some people compare Kuschelbär heated brush to cheaper devices and claim it is not worth the cost difference.

I strongly disagree! You get what you pay for.

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User Review of Kuschelbär Electric Beard Straightening Brush

kuschelbär beard straightener

This brush is not to be confused with the $100 straightening brush that you have seen online, that was ordered from China, slapped a logo on it and then they were selling it for an upcharge.

This is the only bearded straightening brush on the market that was developed by a bearded man for bearded men. It is the only one!

When I received this, I’ll be honest, I was a little bit worried because the teeth were short. I have a long and very thick beard. My beard is very dense and my logic assumed that I needed long teeth to get into my beard to make it work. And I was worried about this until I tried it.

It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to heat up and one thing that I like about it is it’s very simple.

It’s got an on/off button and that’s it. You turn it on, let it sit for about two to three minutes. You can check the back of it – once it gets going, is too hot to touch.

The really cool thing is the teeth are not hot. You can hold them. All the heat mechanisms are inside. It is amazing to not have to worry about your hand, about your skin, or really any damage. So that is a big plus.

My other heated brushes allowed me to set the temperature. In my mind I thought that was a good thing, but it actually was my worst enemy.

If you are like me, I’m a perfectionist and I was spending so many times trying to dial in what was perfect for my beard.

This one is set it and forget it. They’ve done the science, they figured it out for your beard, not for hair where most of those heated straightening brushes come from. This was made by a bearded man for you.

kuschelbar before

kuschelbar after

How I use this product.

A key thing that a lot of people are scared of but with a quality product like this you want to make sure you are going slow and firm, really get into the hair, go down and straighten it.

For me, this is not an everyday tool. If I use it every day, with my long beard, I feel my hairs get too straight. I’d rather use it as going out for a date night or a couple times a week.

I do feel like if you have a shorter beard, one of those business beards, this could be the perfect tool for you, because you want the straighter beards in that type of situation. This will straighten out your beard which is the purpose of it.

I start from the top and then I just go down, taking my time. I’m pushing down in my beard. You may hear some crackling a little bit and you may see a little bit of steam. That is simply from the product that is in the beard, it’s nothing to do with your beard whatsoever and that’s with any heated brush.

You’re not gonna have a heated brush that does not give off a little bit of steam. If that worries you, then a heated brush is not for you. No heated brush would do the trick for you if that was a worry.

So I’m going down, I’m giving the shape that I want, I’m gonna kind of go in a little bit as I go through.

I work hard, I play hard all day, my beard gets a little bit crazy and then to get ready for date night, with a long beard, balm isn’t really helping me. So if I can use something like a straightening heated brush, that’s really gonna help out a lot.

I usually hit my beard with a boar brush afterwards but I can definitely see the difference. The beard is a lot straighter, it’s going into the place that I like it.

So if you are looking to get your beard straightened and you want a quality product that was made for a beard from a beard, this is the one for you.

Is this a luxury tool? Absolutely!

If you can afford it and you want to add this tool to your toolbox, absolutely do it.

This is the best one that I have tried. You get what you pay for, like I’ve said many times. This was developed for your beard. It’s gonna cost a little bit more, if it’s quality, which it is.

Kuschelbär Heated Beard Straightening Brush Review
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