BEST Food Vacuum Sealer Machine (2-in-1 System)

best food vacuum sealer system

Are you looking for a way to save money and eat right? Food vacuum sealer is the answer. Millions of people have discovered the appeal of this kitchen appliance.

They are saving foods from spoiling and locking in nutrients and flavor. However, buying the right model is not an easy task.

Many people have tried different models and judging by their reviews, I can say that this is the best food vacuum sealer system:

FoodSaver V4400 Series Vacuum Sealer

How to Use a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

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The average family of four spends nearly $3,000 a year wasting food and I’m going to show you how to prevent that.

This is the FoodSaver vacuum sealing machine and it looks gorgeous. This is going to stay on your countertop every single day!

If you need a great vacuum sealing system, get this without hesitation. If you already have one in your home, today is the day to upgrade!

This is going to really change the way you are saving food and keeping it fresher longer! Read customer reviews!

FoodSaver V4400 Series Vacuum Sealer

It is two-in-one vacuum sealing system – it combines both a handheld and a standard vacuum sealer. It automatically senses the food saver bag and starts the vacuum sealing process. It applies a virtually air-tight heat seal to help prevent freezer burn and spoilage.

It’s so easy to use it, you are not touching anything, your hands are free. It has an automatic sensor and you just put a bag with your food inside the vacuum channel and there you go.

But first, what is vacuum sealing?

What it does is it removes all the air out of your food. The air is the enemy of food! Air causes mold growth, yeast growth, smelly stinky food and that’s literally money out the door.

Two different ways with one machine to preserve food.

1. Pull out that little food saving attachment that is tethered to the machine by its air hose and the food is preserved in only seconds.

retractable handheld sealer

Zipper bags are the ones that you can open and get into over and over again. They are designed with the zipper closure but they are also designed that you can vacuum pack out the air so you can extend it. Most people throw away half of their lunch meal. So if all you did was use this particular part of the machine for saving your lunch, in five seconds you’ve taken all of air out. It’s now vacuum pack.

retractable handheld sealer FoodSaver

The retractable handheld sealer works with zipper bags, containers, canisters and accessories for fridge and pantry items. No need for additional attachments.

2. You can also food save it the traditional way. This is the long-term storage. All you need to do is to take your steak or anything else you bring home and want to store it, put it in the bag, slide the bag into the machine and you’ll hear it catch and it’ll start the motor. It activates the pump and pulls all of the air out of the bag. It has an integrated roll cutter.

best food vacuum sealer system

Once we take all of the air out and we seal it, that’s a hermetic seal, which means you can’t open that seal unless you cut it open. If you put that steak in the freezer, believe it or not, FoodSaver says that steak will remain fresh frozen, no freezer burn, for three years! This means you don’t have to worry about your food going dead in the freezer and that’s why this machine is awesome.

If the food is cooked it can be used with this and if the food is raw you can use it as well and it will keep it fresher – five times longer than if you didn’t use it!

You can use dry food or wet food to vacuum seal. You can use cheese, you can use berries, you can use cereal. It’s great for travelers, it’s great for campers to keep things nice and dry.

For cheese, you can vacuum seal, and reseal after using some, and it will last so much longer.

The 10-foot roll is included and you can customize your bag size depending on what you’re doing because this is not only for meat, it’s for cheese, it’s for your local produce or your leftover dinners.

Unlike other vacuum sealers, the FoodSaver comes with a full out drawer and patented removable drip tray, making cleanup a breeze and extending the life of your appliance.

removable drip tray

You will definitely get your money back out of this in the next 1-2 months! If you don’t have one of these you need to ask yourself why.

Included items:

  • Vacuum sealer
  • 11-inch x 10-foot roll
  • 3-quart heat-seal bags
  • 2-gallon heat-seal bags
  • 3-quart zipper bags
  • 2-gallon zipper bags
  • Product manual
  • Roll storage and cutter

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How do you store food in your freezer?

Here’s the problem. Most people have a freezer which is a really good idea for long-term storage. We all know that. If you freeze something it will last longer. The problem is that with food, there’s moisture inside of it. So as soon as you put it in your freezer, the cold of the freezer starts to pull the moisture out of the food and that’s why you see crystals form on all of the food. It’s called freezer burn. It destroys the color, the flavor, it takes the weight out of it. It’s just no good to eat anymore. It’s like eating a snowball.

But when food is vacuum packed, you can keep it fresh frozen for a year rather than throwing it away. No matter what you put in there. That’s the power that the food saver gives you. It allows you to store the food that’s already in your freezer and actually eat it later.

vacuum packaging machine

Saving money!

Let’s take a look at buying in bulk. This will show you how much you can save by shopping at the store.

If a family of four on average is spending about $163 a week at the grocery store. If that same family is buying at a warehouse club when food is on sale and the value packs, in one week’s time you’ve saved $70. In a month’s time, $281. But what if at the end of a year someone came up to you and handed your family a check for $3376? Would that be meaningful to you?

But let’s back up to that month for a moment. Let’s just look at a 31-day time period. If you could have an extra $281 in your household budget, would that be meaningful to you? Would that be something you could use? Would that be money you’d put against the kid’s college fund? Would you pay a little bit more than the minimum on the credit card this month? Would that be the extra car payment this month?

There is real money to be saved if you buy smart and you save smart. That’s where FoodSaver comes in.

Stop wasting your food, it’s a shame!

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FoodSaver V4400 Vacuum Sealer box

Other Good Vacuum Sealers

I strongly recommend that you buy FoodSaver model, but if for some reason you want more options to consider, here are a few good alternatives.

Cuisinart VS-100

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It is very streamlined and compact and is made out of brushed stainless steel.

It has three main features on the top: seal only, vacuum seal, which also is cancel and canister only and then on the other side it has the accessory port.

On the sides you’re going to press two buttons and that’s going to disengage the lock. The lock is important because you don’t have to hold down on the sealer when it comes to sealing.

You’ll also notice in the front it says sealing strip. This is your extra wide sealing strip and that’s going to enable you to seal bags, to prepare them before you put the food in them.

There is also the channel where you’re going to put the open edge of the bag in there before you actually go and seal it.

There is also your vacuum bag cutter. It’s removed by just pulling it out and it’s really simple and easy to use.

Cuisinart VS-100

Here is how to use this machine:

First cut some bags. The nice thing about this is when you get a roll they’re not pre-cut. So when you know you’re going to have just a little piece of something, that you’re only using exactly what you need and you’re not wasting any of the bagging material.

Take the cutter; it has a little curve and you’re going to get that curve under the plastic and you just zip it along and you’re going to cut your bag.

You want to seal one end so that you can actually put the food in there. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to put the bag inside, you’re going to close it by pressing it down and make sure it locks because if it doesn’t lock it won’t seal.

Next, hit seal only and what’s going to happen is that seal mechanism will obviously heat up enough so that it makes the plastic stick together and you’re going to end up with a bottom of a bag.

When it’s done, pop it open again and you can see now that you have a completely sealed bottom.

Now, take some of your food and put it in the bag. Take the edge of the bag and tuck it into the vacuum channel. Close it and press down again so you make sure that it’s engaged.

Hit vacuum seal button and when you do this what’s going to happen is it’s going to take the air out and it’s also going to seal the top of the bag.


  • Food sealer
  • Two 11-inch x 10-foot rolls
  • Two 8-inch x 10-foot rolls
  • Accessory port vacuum hose
  • Bag cutter

It comes with enough supplies to keep you vacuum packaging for months. Highly recommended for large families.

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Nesco VS-02

Nesco VS 02 Food Vacuum Sealer Review

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It is fully automatic with a powerful piston pump and a vacuum chamber system.

It features bagged roll storage and an indicator light to show operation. Additional features include extended sealing time for wet items or when sealing thicker bags and an override seal function for delicate foods. The seal only button is used to reseal bags or to create a bag from roll material.

The VSO 2 can accommodate up to 11.8” wide bag. When used to seal foods for freezing, the machine and bag system creates an air-tight heat seal that locks out freezer burn, foods stay fresh longer than it’s stored in their supermarket packaging or in foil.

Nesco VS-02

The Nesco American Harvest bagging material is extra strong with crossed air venting ribs on both sides of the bags for maximum air extraction. These bags can be microwaved, boiled, frozen or refrigerated. The bag material is reusable; just wash, dry, refill and reseal. These bags can be used with other brands of sealers and this sealer works with other brands of bags and rolls.

You can also use your vacuum sealer to protect valuables like jewelry, photos, important documents or metals that tarnish, to avoid leaks and spills while traveling or on vacation, seal toiletries, supplies or clothing, great for sealing items for camping and boating as well.

Unit comes with:

  • Two rolls of 8.66 X 9.8 bag material
  • Five pieces of 8.66 X 11.8 bags
  • Five pieces of 11.0 X 11.8 bags

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Hamilton Beach NutriFresh

Hamilton Beach Vacuum Sealer (78211)

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It has a wide vacuum chamber for easy alignment of bags, resulting in a perfect seal every time.

To get you started, it includes enough heat seal bags and bag rolls to seal up to 82 ports. These bags are BPA-free and have air channels which ensure complete air removal for optimal food preservation.

Features include a seal only mode for fragile items and an extended sealing option for sealing moist surfaces.

You can stop the process at any time to make adjustments by pressing the cancel button.

Hamilton Beach NutriFresh


  • Food sealer
  • Two 11 inch x 20 feet heat-seal rolls
  • Four gallon-size and six quart-size bags

This model works fine and is very reasonably priced. Way better than one can expect for the price.

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BEST Food Vacuum Sealer Machine (2-in-1 System)

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