Best Adjustable Height Sit Stand Workstation (12 Heights)

Best Sit to Stand Up Desk

Our latest top pick:

Autonomous SmartDesk – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk


This SmartDesk is the most affordable standing office desk. It comes with an easy-to-use memory pad that remembers up to 4 different heights. With the tap of a button, the desk will move to your preferred height, using high-performance motor, yet silent.

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By using this standing computer workstation, you will improve your health and your work environment, you will remain physically fit and free from all body pains as well as increase your productivity.

FlexiSpot ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters

This brilliant desk riser consists of two parts – one for your computer and another for your mouse and keyboard. Using a simple hydraulic lift, you can adjust the workstation to 12 different heights.

adjustable desktop riser

By just pressing and holding a lever, you can go from seated to standing in seconds!

height adjustable standing desk workstation

What is so great about this product is that it is focused on comfort: the second shelf is positioned so you can comfortably keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle; there is also a good distance between your face and screen.

stand up workstation

Keyboard tray is wide and work surface is large so there’s enough room for your materials and monitor.

standing desk riser from above

Because this model has a straight up and down movement you will save space with no need to push out. Other similar products need to make spatial accommodations.

Thanks to high quality construction, the workstation supports up to 35 lbs. It was subjected to extensive testing for balance, stability, and movement.

You’ll have to assemble the riser yourself, but it is quite easy; it will take you about ten minutes and all you will need is a screwdriver.

This desk riser is a perfect and easy solution for those who already have a sitting desk that they like. You can move into sitting or standing positions quickly and without having to rearrange things on the desk.

adjustable standing desktop riser

It’s well-built, sturdy, ergonomic, and looks like it can stand up to many years of use. There are four models available for purchase: 27″, 35″, 41″ and 47″ (two colors: black or white).

sit stand desktop workstation

The workstation has a 4.7/5-star rating, with 83% of customers it giving it the highest rating.

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User Reviews

Here are customer reviews of the FlexiSpot standing desk converter which you can use at work or home. It’s really great for dealing with back pain and improving your posture.


FlexiSpot 35" Desk Riser Review

Today I wanted to give you a quick overview of the Flexispot 35 M2B. This is a sit stand workstation that I was sent for review.

I’m always changing up the latest technology that I’m using at work because I have constant back pain and so having a sit stand workstation I have found is amazing. I’ve really fallen in love with this workstation and I’ll show you why.

So most of the day I’m in this position where I can sit, I’m just at my desk, I’m typing, I have both my monitors up here going and I’m just typing like normally.

But I really like to switch it up every two hours into the standing position and this desk makes it super simple.

On each side of the desk there’s two handles and all you have to is just gently grab on the panels and the desk pretty much will lift itself and then guide the desk up.

There’s a whole bunch of different height levels that you can set the desk to. I find this is about the right height for me.

Now also oftentimes adjust my monitors as well to a different height depending on if I’m sitting or standing, but switching from the sitting to standing position using the Flexispot desk is really easy and actually goes higher than this. Let me show you the maximum height. That’s about as high as it will go.

Now to give you reference, I am 5,11 and one of the things you have to consider when you buy a sit stand desk is what is the starting height of the desk you’re putting it on because not only does the maximum height of this sit stand desk that you buy matter but also the height of the starting desk matters as well

But for me as a guy who’s 6 foot, this is perfectly fine. This works great with the setup I have, I’m able to sit, I’m able to stand, I’m able to put this at all different positions and this thing is built like a tank.

It can hold 35 pounds and I have seen very little wiggle when you’re typing on this, there’s no wiggle, there’s it’s nothing, it’s very solid

What’s really cool about this sit stand desk is unlike other desks where when you pull up for the standing position they come out, this just goes straight up and down, which I think also adds to the stability of the desk making it really solid and also saving your space.

So if you’re confined in space like me where I’m in a cubicle, having a desk that just goes straight up is really nice.

Now there’s a few different desk models that you can get of this. This come both in a smaller version where you could have one monitor or this wider version where you can have two monitors and it also comes in black and white.

I’m going to link in the description down below to where you can get this particular model and it varies in price depending on when you get it, but I would say anywhere between $300 to $500 as a good deal on any of these sort of sit stand desks.

If you’re going be working all day at your desk, you want something that is quality and this definitely fits the belt.

So keep an eye out, you can often time skit deals on amazon for something like this, like 375, and I think that’s a pretty darn good deal and definitely worth while investment for your back and your posture.

A couple other notable features about this desk is it actually has a slot up here where you could put like an iPad, I don’t use an iPad or anything like that at work but have a little external number pad that I could put in here if I wanted to.

It also has on iPad holder. It actually got some slots down here so you could run like a power cord for your iPad into these slots and keep it powered.

That’s my first impression of the Flexispot 35-inch desk. I’ve been using this now for a while, I really love it, I think you’re gonna love it too.

Definitely check it out. Very, very helpful desk converter and I hope you guys found this review helpful.


Ergotron vs FlexiSpot Sit Stand Desk Review

I got the Flexispot sit stand desk riser about six months ago, maybe four months ago or something like that. I’ve been using it religiously at home ever since then. Every single day I can pretty much use it and I have to say I like it. I do enjoy it. It’s very nice desk.

The keyboard space that they have here is definitely larger than the Ergotron desk. The whole desk is roughly about the same size as the Ergotron. The actual base up here where the monitor stands is maybe a little bit smaller or almost about the same size. They are really close in size. I’m not going to give you exact dimensions, it is really so close it doesn’t matter.

The only differences between the Ergotron desk and the Flexispot desk is the Ergotron has a monitor mount and you can do one monitor or two monitors.

The Flexispot desk, you actually set the monitor on top of the desk and it works out well. I can put the desk up and down and nothing really happens and I have a big monitor, 32 inch monitor that I use as my primary monitor and it doesn’t really move around too much when I’m doing anything, so it works out really really well for me.

There are some people that might not work out for you, but for me it works out great. I don’t really need mount for two monitors or anything like that because I have one so that’s perfectly fine, I’m okay with that.

So what I like more about this one is the extra keyboard and mouse space that this one has. You have a little bit more room to kind of move out your keyboard and things like that and your mouse if you need to.

Where the Ergotron desk is a little bit more narrow on the inside, it’s actually kind of like enclosed almost, so you don’t really have a lot of room, especially if you have a large keyboard or you’d like to use a lot of mouse area, it’s not gonna work out too well for you.

So Flexispot definitely takes the cake on the length and width for the keyboard and mouse area. Love that.

Biggest thing that I did notice is that I cannot get any of my mice to work on the actual material that the desk is made out of so I had to use a mouse pad. The Ergotron material whatever mouse I use work perfectly fine, so any laser driven mouse or obstacle mouse, works perfectly fine.

I use a a really expensive mouse. I cannot get it to work on this material at all. It will not function, it will not read, does nothing on it. Not a big deal breaker for me. I can use a mouse pad so I have a perfectly fine mouse pad. It’s fine, I can function with that, it’s not, again, deal breaker for me. It’s maybe a nuisance. Some people might not like that, some people may not want to use a mouse pad, so you have that that you have to kind of content with.

Other than that it’s great. It does have a little slot right here in the front where you set a phone, an iPad, any type of tablet you can set right in the front here and it really functions as another slot where you can put any type of phone or tablet. So I tend to put my phone here so I can see any notifications that are going off, anything like that.

I’ll put my iPad up here. I’m kind of going back in between like some excel sheets, I kind of do some excel with my iPad a little bit and go between my computer and that just so I have something else to refer back to because everything on iPad is in the cloud of course.

So I like that. I like that it has a little slot up here, built-in, that you could put a tablet or your phone and it’s really right there at your fingertips, you don’t have to do anything. It has holes at the bottom. You can actually run power cable through the bottom of it, which is really convenient. I really really like that feature a lot. So that’s really cool.

The last and not least thing is the functionality and the way that the desk is driven going up and down it’s all hydraulic based and it really is very, very smooth. You slide it wherever you want it, locks right in place and I love that, it really is very very very smooth.

So whether I’m sitting completely down and doing my work or I’m standing up wherever I need it to go, it really functions really really nice and goes exactly where I need it to go.

I really had not any issue with it that I could really say don’t buy this because of this this, or this.

These might steer you away because they might not work for you. Everything about this desk works for me and I love it.

So if you’re considering a sit stand desk, the Flexispot might be something that works for you.


Flexispot M-Series Standing Desk Converters Review

Today I want to introduce you to our Flexispot M series line of desk converters.

This is one of our favorite lines here at Standing Desk Nation because it just has a great combination of functionality and affordability.

So let’s answer the question what makes the M2 or the Flexispot M series so functional.

First thing I want to point out is that unlike most desk converters, the Flexispot actually adjust straight up and down. Why is that important detail? Does not seem like much.

The reason why this is really cool is that it keeps us close to our desk. So if we’re using the rest of our desk space, either to hold things to write on, whatever the case may be, everything’s still within arm’s reach.

When you have other desk models that articulate out this way, takes you away from your desk and functionally renders that space unusable at that point. So this is a great option for that.

Secondly, the Flexispot series adjust really smoothly. They did a great job of investing in high quality springs, they put the resources where it needed to be and makes it really simple and easy to move up and down and they actually gave it twelve different points of adjustability, between six inches off the desk, all the way up to a maximum height of 20 inches. So if you’re tall, this is a great option for you.

The last cool little thing about the M-series line of desks, are just a few little built-in features that they added.

The first one is this tablet holder, which is a really great spot for you to place your phone or your iPad or whatever tablet you use.

Also in the back of the desk it comes with a spot where you can even attach a monitor arm so if you’re looking for a little bit more of a robust system where you can adjust your monitor in and out, up and down, along with this, you’ve got that option available.

Now if I was going to point out any negatives, if I was gonna nitpick this line of desks, the first thing I would probably point out is that it’s got a fixed keyboard tray. It’s really not a big deal. It’s so large that you can move around quite easily and you can adjust it to your needs, so don’t worry about it.

There’s also just a teeny bit of assembly requirement you get, but again it’s not a big deal. This is a great desk.

This is the M2 in the M series lines of desks. The M2 is 35 inches wide and its most popular model that we sell on the line. There’s also a smaller 27-inch lines, if space is an issue or if you just looking for something a little bit less expensive.

We also have two specialty models which are actually very popular.

The first one is a 47-inch wide model. That’s important because we get a lot of people that are looking for a desk that will fit their laptop, one monitor and a second monitor. So if you need that extra space, the M3 47-inch is a great model for you.

The last one is the M4 which is for those of you that maybe work at a cubicle or have an l-shaped desk. If you like to work in the crevice of that desk where the two sides meet, then there’s a corner option, called M4, the great option we recommend you check it out.

The last thing that we always want to tell anybody that’s considering purchasing sit stand desk, is that if you’re going to maximize your time on your feet, if you’re going to minimize your time sitting, add an anti-fatigue mat to your order.

In this case, Flexispot spot has one of our favorite models, it’s called the Flexispot Wellness Mat. It’s really thick, it’s got about three quarters inches of padding to go under your feet so your feet are not gonna hurt, you’re going to want to stand more, that’s the idea, that’s good.

To make it even cooler, it actually pushes in and out of the way with a simple movement of your foot. So if you imagine, in most cases if you want to pull your chair in and sit down, you might have to bend over and pull an anti fatigue mat away. This one you can simply slide back and forth with your foot. It’s a really great way to make that easy on you.


Flexispot Sit-Stand Desk Riser - Unboxing and Review

In this video I’ll be unboxing and reviewing the 35 inch Flexispot M2 which is a height-adjustable sit-stand desktop workstation.

So I do a lot of business out of my home office and it gets pretty annoying when I start dealing with lower back pain from sitting most of the day.

I recently decided that I wanted to start standing more as I do my work during the day and with the new apparel company it just makes sense.

Instead of sitting and standing every 30 seconds as I print orders, then go fulfill them, back and forth all day, I could just print, stand, walk and do everything and it’s a lot more fluid.

So I took some time, researched online and found the perfect solution for me, from a company called Flexispot.

So I reached out to them and explain what I’ve been going through, what i was looking for and we came to the conclusion that the 35 inch Flexispot M2 desk riser would be perfect for what I’m looking for and they graciously sent me one right here for me to review for you guys.

Now they offer a super high quality sit-stand desk riser that allows me to turn any flat surface such as a countertop, a table into a sit stand desk in seconds.

Now I’m super excited to show you how awesome this thing is.

Like I said, I’ve done a ton of research, watched million videos, read a ton of articles, and Flexispot seems like the go-to.

So I’m going to unbox it for you guys. I kept in the box because I wanted to kind of bring you along with the journey.

I know some of my other reviews, I just, you know, I toy with it before I make the video and this is going to be live, but it’s a desk riser, right so it’s not like super technological piece of gear.

It’s built for a purpose, that purpose is giving you the ability to have a sit stand desk. That’s what this thing is made for, so let’s get it out of the box and see what we’re dealing with.

As you can probably tell from the package size, the unit comes almost completely pre-assembled. All you have to do is add the keyboard tray with the screws that they provide in the box, so in less than five minutes you’re up and running.

Now I chose to go with the black version but they do offer the same riser in white.

I love the fact that it’s portable in the sense that you can just add it to the top of an existing desk or if you’re limited on space you could turn a kitchen countertop into a functional home office space.

For this demo I wanted to show you how I could take a cheap table from IKEA and turn it into a functional sit-stand desk.

It’s pretty heavy duty to being able to hold up to 35 pounds so you can use it with a simple setup like I have here with just a laptop or with a couple of 24 inch monitors. You could put, you know, office supplies, whatever, a small child if you choose, it’s going to be able to hold it.

When it comes to monitors, they also offer a dedicated monitor mount for this thing which is super slick.

So before I wrap up this review, there’s a couple other features that I want to talk about the Flexispot M2 35 inch sit stand workstation.

One being the ergonomics. I pulled it out of the box and it was like instantly I knew where the handles were because they are located where they should be, right here.

I know other models of sit-stand desks where the handles are like a pullout or you have to reach in and it’s just the pain in the butt and these are right where you would expect them to be – the gas struts super high quality and it’s very very easy to push down even with no weight, I mean, it’s laptop, doesn’t weigh anything.

It has locks you could hear it clicking, you could probably see that, and I like it. I mean it’s sturdy, I can lean on it, there’s very little play, it’s on a cheap desk or it’s on a cheap table I should say, but I could sit here, you can tell, and putting my weight into it and I don’t feel like it’s going to fall apart or spring up and hit me in the face.

Another feature I want to talk about real quick is the finish. This is the black but it’s almost like a matte black, it has a little sheen to it but I mean, I’ve been touching it now for over half an hour and there’s no fingerprints on it’s like blowing my mind honestly, because I’ve had studio desks that are black, I’ve been o other studios, you know, with my music production background, that have fingerprints all over them, whether they’re glass with a glossy black and is so annoying to try to keep wiping the smudges up every single time you touch it or put the soda down or whatever. I do recommend coasters anyway.

So like I said, I’m going to put the link to this particular model in the description box below, you can check it out and from there you can check out all the Flexispot’s different product offerings, the different finishes, the different sizes, the different accessories.

They actually have full-on standing desk, motorized standing desk, really cool stuff, so the link is in the description box below (or use this link) and as always guys if you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’m gonna do my best to answer each and every one of them.

If you have a super technical question however, I would recommend going to the link, hitting up their website directly and either seeing if their website has that information for you or contact them directly via email or phone call because let’s face it, they’re the experts when it comes to technical information here.

As always I appreciate you watching the video, if you haven’t yet please subscribe and I want to take one quick little second, just a little second, to thank Flexispot one more time for sending me this awesome workstation to be able to do a review on.

I really look forward to incorporating this into my workflow, in my everyday life to be honest.

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Mobile Sitting or Standing Workstation

This sit to stand computer work table is outstanding and looks awesome!

You can use it at home, in an office, within a system environment, college or anywhere you need a height adjustable desk.

The ergonomic desk moves silently up and down in seconds! Thanks to an innovative counter-balance mechanism, you can instantly and effortlessly make height adjustments, making the transition from seated to standing positions amazingly simple!

adjustable standing desk

A smooth, silent pneumatic lift allows you to elevate the work surface to 41” H or lower it to 27”. You can also lock it into place at any height in between.

The work surface is 27 ½” wide by 19” deep, providing enough space for your laptop and mouse, writing implements, small electronics and other stuff.

sit stand workstation

You can easily relocate the workstation with four smooth-rolling casters and lock them for optimal stability.

The desk has a durable, high-pressure laminate top and sturdy metal base.

height adjustable desk

So why should you get this sit to stand desk? Here are 7 reasons:

  • sturdy construction
  • large working surface
  • attractive design
  • space saver
  • easy to move
  • easy to clean
  • easy to assemble

Best uses: larger offices, smaller offices, lobby and bedroom.

Workpad Height-Adjustable Laptop Table

Available in several different colors.

Click here to buy it with lifetime guarantee!

My thoughts

I have this adjustable height table for about a month now and I just love that I’m able to raise the desk and take pressure off my lower back. Being able to go from a sitting to a standing position is fantastic when I get exhausted of sitting.

It’s small enough to not crowd my room, and large enough to hold all kinds of things.

It’s made sturdy, the surface area is really spacious and the materials are high quality.

I love the style very much. It fits my modern environment really well. Everyone who uses it in my home really likes it.

Some people complain about wobble. I found that this is because they assembled it slightly incorrectly. If you seat the cylinder correctly, the desk is stable – no wobble.

Overall a great investment in good health! I wish I had found this years ago!

Click here to buy it!


stand up desk

Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

This is what you need to know about this really great product.

The lift mechanism is powered by two motors, providing smooth height adjustments (drinks on your table will never spill, while the desk is moving up or down). This also results in much better stabilization. The best part is that very little noise is generated while running. As a matter of fact, noise level is under 50 dBs!

sit to stand desk

There in awesome all-in-one keypad. It has three programmable presets. This allows you to save your preferred seated, standing, and underdesk cycling heights. 7-button digital display handset shows your exact desk height. It automatically goes dark to reduce power draw when the desk is not moving.

best standing desk

Another incredible feature is the sit/stand time reminder system. It will alert you when it’s time to stand. You can turn the system on or off depending on your work flow.

People also like that the desk has sturdy and stable frame that provides maximum structural integrity. The frame features double steel tubing so maximum stability is guaranteed even at its highest height. Wires are organized with practical cable management system. Cables are placed inside a spacious groove of the frame.


There is plenty of leg room thanks to the crossbar-free design. This allows you to use an under desk bike.


  • Available in three colors: white, black and grey.

adjustable standing desk frame

  • Height adjustment (without top): from 28.5″ to 48.4″
  • Frame width expands from 41.3″ to 63″

standing computer desk

  • Fit top size from 47 1/4″ to 70.9″ in width and 23.6″ to 31.5″ in depth
  • Height adjustable weight limit up to 250 lbs


  • Made of medium density fiberboard with high-pressure scratch-resistant laminate.
  • Available in three colors: maple, black, mahogany.

adjustable height desk

  • 1″ thickness
  • Size: 55.1″x 27.6″

You can buy both the frame and the desktop or just the frame. You will get a 5-year warranty on the frame, controller and switch and a 3-year warranty on the motor, electronics and mechanisms.

Best Sit to Stand Up Desk

With the push of a button, this electric, ergonomic office desk can move from sitting to standing!

This high-quality adjustable height desk should be an integral part of every ergonomic workstation.

If you searched for the perfect electric standing office desk and grew frustrated at the available products, you will love this ergonomic model.

Unlike other models that are aesthetically too bulky, or the features are lacking, or the price is too high, this model has everything you will need:

  • Dual motor for smooth height adjustment with very little noise while running.
  • The movement is so stable that your drinks on the desk will never spill.
  • 20 inches of height adjustability.
  • Energy-saving display shows your exact desk height.
  • With programmable presets, you can save your favorite seated and standing heights.
  • Sit/stand reminder system alerts you when it’s time to stand.
  • Frame width expands for 23 inches, accommodating different desktop sizes.
  • The design has no crossbar, so your legs have more room.
  • Cable management system allows you to place cables inside the frame.

This model is great in design and functionality, and most importantly, its quality is excellent.

This ergonomic, electric standing office desk is meant for intensive, daily use.

The desk was designed so you can make both standing and sitting a natural part of your work day.

It is a simple solution to the adverse effects of being sedentary. By easily switching between sitting and standing, you will boost your mood, energy levels and concentration. As a result, you will be more efficient, naturally.

Overall, the desk feels very solid, is really comfortable and blends-in beautifully with a surrounding modern design.

Ergonomic Standing Office Desk

Click here to buy + free shipping this extraordinary electric, ergonomic standing office desk!

Three Major Types of Standing Desks

In this video you will find what you need to know about standing desks, including the three major types of standing desks.

Standing Desks: Everything You Need to Know

The first thing you need to know is that there are three main types of standing desks. There’s the traditional or fixed standing desk, there’s the riser and then there’s the adjustable height standing desk.

The fixed standing desk or rig is any setup that allows a person to stand or be upright but doesn’t give them the option to sit down.

Along with the traditional standing desk, this category also includes some desks that were designed to keep you active while you work, including the treadmill desk and even elliptical desks.

Besides the full desks, there are also rigs that let you raise your computer and monitors to standing height. This type of desk is kind of an easy DIY project. It’s not so hard to make. There are also dozens of commercially available options in the marketplace today but in just a minute I’m going to explain why this isn’t the type I would necessarily recommend for standing at work.

Next up are desk risers. Risers are in addition to your existing desk. They give you the option to quickly go from sitting to standing or vice versa. These come in a wide range of options, colors and sizes. They’re really not the easiest ones to DIY but it is possible.

Last up is the adjustable height desk. Much like risers, these can quickly go from sitting to standing height but on these desks the entire surface of the desk moves up and down, either electronically or manually. Like risers these can be complex to do as a DIY project but a lot of fun to do as well. I did find one motorized version of this that comes in a price of just two hundred and fifty dollars.

Tons of research has been done on the effects of sitting vs standing. I’ve read through dozens of articles on the topic and one of the best resources I found on the effects of sitting vs standing at work is a study done by Cornell University on the topic of ergonomics.

The study concludes the following four points:

1. You shouldn’t sit all day. Sitting for more than one hour at a time leads to fat build up and is related to heart disease risks. Sitting for eight or more hours a day for years on end like many of us do is extremely unhealthy.

2. You shouldn’t stand all day either. Extensive standing increases the risk of varicose veins and it’s harder on the circulatory system especially for the legs and feet. Standing at work makes us about 20% more fatigued than we would otherwise be and it also decreases our ability to perform tasks that require fine motor skills.

3. Sit stand desks, standing desks in general, they’re not the answer by themselves. People with sit-stand desks tend to spend all of their time sitting at those desks within about a month of getting them and when they do stand it’s usually only for about 15 minutes.

4. Most importantly, there is a recommended balance.

The pattern I’m about to introduce you to changed my whole attitude about sitting and standing for two reasons. One, it just makes sense. It’s something that actually seems logical and two, it’s easy, anybody can do this, this is not a difficult requirement.

And here’s the advice that again I’m going to read the exact quote here:

“Sit to do computer work. Sit using a height-adjustable downward tilting keyboard tray for the best work posture then every 20 minutes stand for eight minutes and move for two minutes.”

That my friends is the key right there. You sit for 20 minutes, we stand up for about eight minutes, which is really easy to do, and then we get some motion going for about two minutes – walk around, go get some water, whatever it is you need to do.

If you try this, you’ll find that it’s actually super easy to do and the times are just really short and easy to work with and the sit stand desk makes this totally possible.

Alright so now that we know that we should be standing and moving around some of the time, here are a few tips to make the most of the time that you do spend standing.

First thing, posture. Your posture is as important as standing itself. While you’re standing, your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. Your monitor should be within arm’s reach and at a height where you can comfortably see them without craning your neck.

It’s important to change your posture while you stand, so lean on different feet, don’t leave it all, use a stool I think is very helpful to put one leg up and then put one leg down. Switch legs, just keep moving so your body isn’t stagnant.

Finally avoid leaning over on your desk or doing anything that would put stress on your back or neck.

Number two, mats are critical. Buy a decent mat or two to for work and it’ll make standing way easier Costco sells a pretty decent $20 mat that helps the tone or you can get a nicer anti-fatigue mat for about a hundred dollars. You can also double up using two or more mats, which is what I do at work.

Number three, footwear matters. Wear comfortable shoes if you can. Choose shoes that are supportive and that won’t bother you after several intervals of standing. If wearing comfortable shoes isn’t an option, don’t wear shoes while standing. When you’ve got a good mat, being barefoot or just in your socks is actually really comfortable.

Number four, use a tool or a app to keep track of the time you’re spending sitting and standing. Now I’ve tried pretty much every kind of desktop software, phone app, even watch apps to try to find out an accurate representation of when I’m sitting and when I’m standing and honestly I haven’t been that thrilled with any of them.

What I found that works best, what I’m using right now is an interval timer, something that can set for 20 minutes and then gives me ideally an eight minute and then a two-minute interval. I’ve just found one that does 20 minutes and then a ten-minute interval so as soon as I get to that 10-minute section I stand for eight and then move around that last couple of minutes.

If you’ve got some sort of device that you found that works awesome, we’d love to hear about, so leave a comment share it with everyone.

So that’s it, that’s standing desks in a nutshell. Hopefully you’ve learned a few things and found some ways that standing desks can be helpful and can reduce the amount of time that you spend sitting, whether it’s at work or at home.

Buying Height Adjustable Desk

Sitting all day is killing you! It takes years off your life.

Humans are designed to be moving around all day. They are not adapted to the office work.

One way to deal with this problem is to buy a standing desk.

This means that instead of sitting you will be standing up.

The stand up desks are now very popular and you can find many options for this type of furniture.

Here are a few tips when considering buying this type of table.

It is recommended that you get a standing desk that you can easily convert back to a sitting desk.

This will be very helpful for the first few weeks when you begin using the standing desk.

You can get very tired and because of that, the ability to go back to sitting will be extremely beneficial, especially at the end of the day.

From time to time, you will be too tired to stand all day or may feel sick, and in these cases you will be grateful that your desk can be lowered to a sitting position.

This is possible with height adjustable desks so you can keep them at different levels. There is another reason why you want this type of desk.

It is well-known that sitting too much is harmful. However, standing all day long is not good as well.

Standing for hours can cause extreme fatigue and cause some other complications.

The best solution is to stand when you are full of energy, and then sit when you get tired. For most people, it means to stand at work in the morning, and then sit during the afternoon.

Keep in mind that it can take several weeks to get used to the standing desk. Once you are comfortable with it, you won’t even notice you are standing anymore.

In general, you should avoid a fixed height desk because not everybody is of the same height. Making a desk functional for different people with different heights, the best standing desk comes with height adjustability option. Choosing a fixed height desk and saving a little money is not a good idea.

A very good alternative to sit to stand desk is a stand up desktop workstation platform.

It is a very good choice for people that move frequently or work from different office locations. These stands usually elevate computer monitors and laptops to make standing more comfortable.

Top Reason Why You Should Use Adjustable Height Desk

Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health. There is no question about it.

A huge number of Americans spend most of their day sitting – at work, a commute, at home – time spent sitting adds up, together with health problems.

For this reason many people are now choosing standing desks to work.

They are very good option to effectively combat risks associated with prolonged sitting.

However, not all standing desks are good!

The reason is very simple.

Standing all day is also not good! Nurses, teachers and other professionals often complain of back pain and other problems associated with being on their feet all day (varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis).

If you have heart problems, standing all day can be tough on your heart, cause it has to pump blood up from your feet.

That’s why you need adjustable height desk to alternate between sitting and standing.

Too much of either position can have bad consequences!

When you trade sitting still for hours with standing still for hours, you are really just trading one set of problems for another.

Once more, that’s why you should get sit to stand desk. There are studies that show that people who use these desks, reduced their sedentary time throughout the week by three hours. They also report feeling better, happier, that they have less fatigue and their productivity increased.

So there are obvious benefits of sit stand desks!

If you are just standing, you will become very exhausted at the end of the day. In addition, it can be really hard to work when you’re feeling the pain in your legs, when you’re trying to force yourself to stand.

So how to best use adjustable height desk?

Many people who were very enthusiastic about the new way of working, got frustrated and ultimately left a standing desk because they’ did not know how to correctly utilize it.

Start a couple hours on your feet since you usually feel more energized in the morning. Once you start feeling a little tiered, sit down for a few hours. Keep alternating between the two positions till the end of your working day.

Just make sure to listen to your body and making sure that in both positions you are well adjusted to your height and your stands.

Another very important thing to keep in mind. When standing or sitting, do not do it statically. Your body wasn’t designed that way. Keep moving.

For example, when you’re standing, use a foot rest to take the weight off of one foot and then the other.

When you’re sitting, recline so your legs and torso form a 135-degree angle – the healthiest seated position.

So, go from sitting to standing and vice versa frequently throughout the day.

This will completely eradicate any of the risks associated with sitting or standing!

Standing Desk Health Benefits

There are many standing desks on the market and most of them are excellent. I really love this height adjustable desk because you can lower it down and sit when you are really tiered, feel some pain or maybe injured. (Also see this amazing desktop workstation!)

Some people wonder whether a standing desk can do any good. They believe that standing motionless can be just as bad as sitting. Such fears are unfounded.

For the majority of people, this is simply not the case and standing desks are the way to go.

When you buy this type of desk, you will typically stand for several hours a day. But you don’t stand still!

You move from leg to leg and change your body posture quite a lot. That weight-bearing and adjustment of weight-bearing creates a number of physiological benefits to the musculature, the visual cortex, and the whole body.

Another good thing is that you will walk more, especially if you need to talk to your coworkers. This also means that you will become more social. More interaction reduces stress and helps you feel more relaxed. Your mood and energy levels will also be improved.

According to a study, bus conductors have half the risk of heart disease-related deaths as compared to drivers. This is a very obvious link between prolonged sitting and developing heart disease.

Another huge benefit of using standing desks is that it can help lower blood sugar levels, most especially after lunch. People with lots of sedentary time have 112% greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

If you standing for at least six hours a day, you may reduce your risk of obesity by 32 %to 35%. If you are man and you are standing 12 hours a day, you may reduce your risk of obesity by as much as 59%.

In women, standing a three-quarters of the time each day, can cut their risk of obesity by 57%.

More office workers suffer from back pain. After using standing desks for just 2-3 weeks, they experienced a significant improvement in lower back pain.

The extra movements your body gets by standing keeps muscles active, blood circulation boosted and feeling of alertness increased.

The biggest benefit is increased life expectancy. You will live longer if you stand more and sit less!

More energetic and active people usually live longer than people who are lazy and inactive.

All this should tell you that standing desks are a better choice than the traditional desks.

Always keep in mind this proven fact – too much sitting has a mortality rate similar to smoking! And we all know how many people are killed by smoking each year – tens of millions!

Do You Really Need Sit to Stand Up Desk?

Here is what famous Dr. Mercola said:

“I used to sit for 12 to 16 hours every day and I eventually developed a very painful low back pain that did not respond to chiropractic, massage, strength exercises, stretches, laser, inversion tables and many other treatments. The only thing that worked was to virtually eliminate my sitting!”

“Once I started standing throughout my day, every day, my back pain simply vanished. And it’s still gone… over a year later.”

That’ not the worst thing that can happen to you.

About 10,000 publications reveal that 24 different chronic diseases and conditions are now associated with excessive sitting!

Dr. James Levine, co-director of the Mayo Clinic, sums it up like this:

“Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

And here is the worst part! Even if you exercise 30 to 60 minutes every day, you can’t erase the damage caused by long periods of sitting!

Recent studies have found that sitting 6+ hours per day increases your risk of death within the next 15 years by 40%!

The Good News

You CAN change your health! You CAN start reversing the damage! It’s never too late to start standing!

Your body changes all the time by creating new cells. You can make things right!

Sit less and stand up more!

A height-adjustable standing table is a great way for adding movement into your workday.

You can work standing for a few hours or longer and then lower the desk to sitting height to take a break.

Another good news is that studies have found that when people stand more during their work hours, their productivity goes up!

So let me ask you, isn’t your health and productivity worth investing in this product?

Don’t go another day sitting longer than you should!

Take control of your health and productivity.

Order your height adjustable standing desk today!

Why Your Chair Is Killing You?

Inactivity due to prolonged sitting can cause premature death and disability even if you are incredibly fit!

More and more studies suggest that sitting is a root problem of many of chronic health problems. As a matter of fact, some 10,000 publications have revealed that sitting is very harmful to your health.

man sitting at desk

This problem is affecting the health of millions of people around the world.

The good news is that, unlike so many other things, you can do something about it – just stand up!

A vital thing to keep in mind here is that exercising on a regular basis does not protect you from the dangers of prolonged sitting.

Even if you go to the gym every day and you are really in good condition, it is still not enough to counteract the long hours you sit during the rest of your day.

The hours of inactivity can cause changes in the molecular mechanisms at the cellular level and these changes are linked to weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and other harmful effects.

Doctors have found that at least 24 different chronic diseases and conditions are associated with too much sitting.

How standing can help you?

90 seconds after you get up, the muscular and cellular systems at a molecular level are activated. These systems process blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholesterol, all with the help of insulin.

In other words, crucially important molecular mechanisms are activated simply by weight-bearing; by carrying your body weight upon your legs.

The human body is designed to be active and moving constantly. You are not supposed to be glued to a chair where all of vital cellular mechanisms get switched off.

Evidently you must rest from time to time. But that rest should only serve to break up the activity. It’s not supposed to be your way of life.

Sitting posture is not only harmful for your back, wrists, arms and metabolism. It switches off the central fueling systems.

As a result, blood sugar levels and blood pressure are high, the cholesterol metabolism is interrupted, and toxins that can lead to cancer are elevated.

The solution? Stand up! If you are an office worker, use a height adjustable desktop workstation!

It has been found out that the average office worker in the USA sits for 13 to 15 hours a day. On the other hand, people in agrarian villages sit for just three hours a day.

According to experts, such a Dr. James Levine, you should stand up at least 10 minutes out of every hour.

Are you ready to give up your chair?

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