BEST Car Seat Cushion For Long Drives (Invented by Scientists)


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GSeat – All Day Portable Gel Seat


This gel seat cushion relieves point-of-contact pressure and reduce lower back pain to enhance comfort while sitting in a car.

The WonderGel advanced car seat cushion is invented by scientists to relieve pain and discomfort for people who sit for many hours. This is why truck drivers on their long drives can’t stop raving about it!

The technology was first developed to provide relief for people confined to wheelchairs. But now you can enjoy the same comfort in your car/truck.

best car seat cushion for long drives

The main function of this technology is to eliminate pressure and distribute weight evenly. Honeycomb shape provides hundreds of relief points.

When there is too much pressure at one spot, the gel buckles so that encircling areas can cradle that spot.

Compare this to other cushions – they just push back harder on this spot, causing pain, discomfort, numbness and even sores to develop.

Other cushions restrict blood flow; this one improves it!

With this car seat cushion your weight is supported and distributed evenly throughout the whole cushion, preventing some parts to carry more weight than others. Medical experts call this pressure equalization.

Even your keys or a fat wallet will be accommodated with the WonderGel!

The gel itself is a very stretchy material that is both soft and firm at the same time depending on how you’re touching it.

truck driver seat cushion

If you press down on the cushion with just your fingertips, you’ll find that it’s very soft but if you lay your hand flat across it and press you’ll find that it’s actually quite firm and supportive.

So what this means when you sit down is the pressure points that would experience pain from sitting too long will actually feel like they’re free floating down in the gel because the walls will buckle underneath those pressure points and pass the weight to the surrounding walls.

So the fleshy part of your body down your thighs, that will be supported firmly keeping you in good posture. The cushion is actually so good at isolating pressure points and redistributing weight that you can sit on a raw egg without cracking it:

WonderGel Shows How to Sit on an Egg Without Breaking It!

Its elastic gel construction won’t develop permanent depressions, and it immediately reclaims its original form when you get up, unlike typical foam cushions.

In this video you will see how WonderGel car seat cushion reduces road shock and vibration:

See How WonderGel Reduces Road Shock and Vibration!

As you know very well, driving the car/truck for long periods of time can cause a sore bum. This is caused by the road shock and vibration that naturally occur. WonderGel significantly reduces the road shock and vibration as you can see in the video above!

The bucket of water and beads on the left is placed on the cushion and you can see that there are no vibrations! The bucket on the right is placed on a regular cushion and vibrations are clearly visible.

Another very important thing is that your posture, focus and well-being will also be improved. You will be amazed at a difference of proper spine and body alignment. You will notice this difference immediately.

The gel used in this car seat cushion is ultra-soft, ultra-strong, long-lasting, extremely durable (won’t wear out like foam, memory foam or other cushioning), breathable (won’t make you feel hot), environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic.

It is two inches thick and long-haul truck drivers prefer this cushion over every other cushion. They are blown away at how much those pressure points just disappear into the cushion.

It’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you want!

You won’t find this luxury and comfort anywhere else. Seriously, I can’t say enough good about this thing. The first time I used it, I sat six straight hours with no problems at all. This truly feels heaven-sent.

It will allow you to sit comfortably no matter how difficult it has been. You must try this before trying all the other pads, pillows and donuts, which just feel like your sitting on a rock.

Includes a very good washable polyester and spandex cover (one side has a no-slip texture to prevent the cushion from slip-sliding when in use) and a sturdy, integrated carrying handle.

Dimensions: 18″ L x 16″ W x 2″ H. (5 1/4 lbs.)

driver's seat cushion

Three Key Tips For Correct Driving Posture

Do you know that the way you sit in your car could be contributing and even causing a lot of your neck and upper back pain? Here are three critical things to get right to make sure that your posture is in the correct alignment and the two checks that you need to do to ensure that it stays that way.

The first is the seating position in terms of how much forward and backward travel the seat has. The knee joint angle should be at about 45 degrees and the feet should be flat on the ground. So not too far forward and not too far back.

The second factor is seat back support and you don’t want that completely vertical, you want it slightly inclined backwards and if you get that right it means that the low back is under minimal stress and strain.

The third and the most important factor that most people get wrong is the head position and arm position. Everything follows the head. So if you have the head forwards it puts far more stress on the neck muscles, on the joints, on the connective tissues and it means that you create instability through the upper neck region and also the mid-back region.

So a key point is to have your head touching the backrest. It ensures that the neck is loaded properly and you’re minimizing the stress on those structures.

When it comes to arm position, you want it to be relaxed, you don’t want your arms to be upright and you don’t want your arms to be fully extended. There should be a nice gentle curve in the elbows.

The two checks that you need to do on a consistent basis to make sure that this stays right, relate to the headrest and the mirrors. So when you stop at a red light, make sure that your head is touching the headrest.

The other really critical check and particularly if you’re doing lots of long driving is what’s happening in the mirror. So if you look at the rear-vision mirror and you’ve slumped forwards and your posture hasn’t been maintained, you’ll pretty soon see that what you see in your rear-vision mirror is not what you saw at the initial setup.

That’s a really easy check to make sure that you’ve got your correct posture and that you’re maintaining it.


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BEST Car Seat Cushion For Long Drives (Invented by Scientists)
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