Battery Operated Water Flosser (Rechargeable)

This is the portable, battery operated water flosser that helps you keep your teeth clean when traveling.

This rechargeable device will not only clean between teeth, but it also removes plaque, fights gingivitis and gently massages the gums.

It’s really good for removing trapped food particles and the gums feel so good and clean afterward.

The water flosser is safe for use on various dental works, including bridges and implants.

battery operated water flosser

It has five pressure settings from 20-110 PSI.

The device comes with 5 nozzles, a rotating head for hard-to-reach teeth, and a built-in water reservoir.

It charges via included USB cable. You cannot directly plug it into an outlet A full charge lasts up to five hours.

About the size of an electric toothbrush, it fits easily into a carryon.

It’s a really great battery operated water flosser. After using for some time after every brushing, I can confidently say that it’s far better than the Waterpik.

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It does a great job of reaching areas where I’m not able to floss real good.

It sure beats the regular floss, which sometimes cut my gums. No more gum cutting or bruising.

The unit is effortless to use on a daily basis. It’s a little bigger than you might expect, but it’s still very easy to use. It’s great that you can hold this device like an electric toothbrush. That’s so convenient.

So handy without cumbersome wires attached. There are no batteries to be replaced, just charge the product.

rechargeable water flosser

What I really like are the different levels of speed that you can set it to. I have a couple teeth that need less pressure. Overall, good pressure. The pressure is more than powerful enough at the highest setting.

I must fill it up twice to get around my teeth once, but that’s because it is portable and battery operated. I like the fact that I can see the water level in the chamber.

Another thing that I like very much is the fact that the device is waterproof and can be used in the shower.

To tell the truth, the rechargeable feature is what sold me on this water flosser.

This is a great, practical item, especially when you travel. It is easier to use than the countertop model that has big tank.

The water flosser sits nicely compact on my sink top and takes up almost no room.

Keep in mind that you must remove all the water from the water reservoir. Otherwise mold will build up, which is not healthy.

This portable, cordless battery operated water flosser makes dental hygiene super easy.

It does exactly what I need. Does an amazing job of cleaning my teeth.

I paid a visit to my dentist and I got a 5-star for how good my teeth are. The dentist could really notice the positive impact on the gums around my teeth.

I wholeheartedly recommend the portable rechargeable water flosser.

It costs just $59.95.

How to Use Battery Operated Water Flosser

The number one complaint I hear get about water flossers is that they are messy.

So let’s find out how to use your one properly so your bathroom doesn’t turn into a messy wet water fountain.

Don’t get discouraged if this has been happening to you. When we were kids and we first started brushing our own teeth, we probably made a huge toothpaste mess too.

Shen you learn a new skill, it takes time to gain the proper technique. You’ll get good at water flossing in no time.

So let’s get started.

The goal is to clean your teeth and to keep our gums healthy by stimulating them with high pressurized water.

Begin by filling up your water basin with warm water.

Next, select the best tip for yourself. I’m using the default regular tip, but there are additional options for braces and other things.

Talk to your dental provider and they will help you decide which tip is best for you. Generally anyone can use the regular default tip.

Insert your tip into the unit and decide which pressure setting you’re going to use.

Some units don’t even have a dial. I wouldn’t recommend using a unit without some kind of dial, whether it’s 1 through 5 like this one, or low, medium and high. You just don’t want only one pressure level option.

I usually recommend it starting in the middle, like three. But if it feels too gentle and you want more, turn it up. But if it’s hurting you, if you feel like you are power washing your gums, then turn it down.

You should never use a setting if it’s hurting!

Everyone’s gums are different, everyone needs a different setting. The best advice I have is to use a setting that feels like a comfortable massage.

Once you’re ready, tip is inserted, press the on button.

As you floss, close your lips enough to prevent splashing. Don’t stare at yourself in the mirror with your mouth open, because water will go everywhere. You have to just feel the pressure.

For best results, feel where your gum line is, feel where your teeth meet your gums, and aim the tip around 90 degrees at the gum line and walk it around.

Follow it around the gum line from one tooth to the next, pausing for a second in between each tooth. You pause for a second in between where you would traditionally use string floss.

That’s where you should be pausing for a second and then keep going on to the next tooth.

It’s usually easier for me to start with the back teeth and move forward and then do that throughout your whole mouth.

Once you’re done with all the front’s, you’re welcome to do all the backs.

Remember your gums like to be stimulated. As I mentioned earlier, use a pressure setting that is comfortable for you. You never want your gums to hurt, it should feel nice during and it should feel nice after, because the goal is to remove plaque and reduce inflammation, which are both things that should make you feel nice.

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Battery Operated Water Flosser (Rechargeable)
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