Best Device to Prevent Snoring (Non-invasive Solution)

Snore Prevention Device

Here we’re going to meet Smart Nora, the best device to prevent snoring. It is a non-invasive solution that promises to restore peace and quiet to your bedroom.

How does this device work to prevent snoring and does it actually work?

Keep reading to find out.

Before I show you how to set everything up, let’s just take a quick look at everything.


device to prevent snoring

All components of your Smart Nora come inside a felt case.

This felt case is actually the base of your device and will live right beneath your bed.

Inside this case, you will find the Pebble, which is the super sleek and, frankly, adorable device that detects the sounds of snoring.

The pillow insert, which receives the message from your Pebble that you are snoring, and gently inflates and deflates in order to stop the snoring.

We’ll get into more about that in a moment.

A charger for your Pebble, a charger for your base, and an overhead mount if you want to mount your Pebble on the wall, rather than on your bedside table.

Now that we’ve seen what we’re working with, let’s talk setup of this non-invasive solution.


First, plug the air tube on your pillow insert into the base and plug your base into the wall.

Then, turn the base on by pressing the power button.

Connect your Pebble to the base using the USB cable.

Then slide the pillow insert into your pillowcase.

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Keep in mind that the insert is going beneath your pillow so you’re never going to feel it directly against your skin.

Then, turn the Pebble on by pressing the power button. You’ll notice a little white light turns on.

The folks at Smart Nora suggest mounting the Pebble on your wall about 10 inches above your head for the most accurate detection.

device to prevent snoring

You can feel free to put it on your bedside table if you prefer.

Just be sure that your Pebble is no further than three feet away.

Now, everything is officially set up and ready for action, but I suggest you test it out before you go to sleep.

You can do this by putting your head on the pillow and pressing the Bluetooth button on the Pebble.

As you can tell, setup is pretty quick and easy.

It will take you about five minutes total.

If you ever get confused, just take comfort in the fact that every purchase does come with this very easy to understand step-by-step instruction.

Additionally, I want to say, don’t be intimidated by all the wires. These are just charging the Pebble and the base.

Once everything is fully charged, it’ll have enough juice to last for about a week. I always suggest that you keep everything charged when you’re not using it.

Now let’s get into the fun stuff and see how Smart Nora device actually works to prevent snoring.

Best Snore Prevention Device – Smart Nora Review

How It Works

snoring aid that works

Like I said earlier, the Pebble detects any sounds of snoring.

When it does detect that you’re snoring, it activates the pillow insert to gently inflate and deflate, which causes your head to subtly rise and fall.

It’s not going to shake you awake or anything.

It’s a very slight movement, but it’s just enough to activate your airways and get you breathing normally again.

Keep in mind that non-invasive solution is not a medical device. It shouldn’t be used to treat sleep apnea or even serve as a permanent fix for the cause of your snoring.

When we sleep, especially on our backs, our throat muscles relax, our airways narrow, and that’s when the snoring starts.

Smart Nora is simply a noninvasive way to stimulate those airways by gently raising and lowering your head, which is meant to stop you from snoring without ever waking you up.

As someone who sleeps beside someone who snores, I can tell you that this device is just as much as for those who sleep with snorers as it is for those who actually snore.

Speaking of which, let’s go ahead and take an even closer look at Smart Nora so you can decide whether or not it’s the right fit for you.



There’s a lot to like about Smart Nora device.

First of all, setup, super easy. It’s really just a matter of turning things on and plugging things in.

I have to say, for those of us, myself included, who are a little intimidated by tech in the bedroom because of complicated setup, take comfort in the fact that this took me about five minutes.

Another thing I think is really working for Smart Nora is that it’s totally noninvasive, which means that nothing gets affixed to your head or strapped to your nose or, really, any part of your body.

Another feature I think is pretty handy is you can actually adjust the sensitivity setting on the Pebble itself.

For example, if you live in a noisy neighborhood or you’ve got pets that are making noise throughout the night, you can turn the sensitivity down so that the inflatable insert is not reacting to every little nighttime noise.

Conversely, if you sleep in an environment that’s generally silent and you want to make sure that the Pebble is picking up even the faintest snore, turn the sensitivity all the way up.

Another thing that I really appreciate about the inflatable insert itself is that it’s totally silent.

It doesn’t make any noise as it’s rising and falling, which is obviously a perk, especially for those of us who are light sleepers.

Lastly, I think that couples will probably benefit the most from Smart Nora, as it’s working to keep your sleep environment quiet and calm, so you can both get a full night’s rest.

That said, I am not a snorer, but my partner is.

I have to say, after testing Smart Nora, I’m very impressed and also very grateful.

Typically, throughout the course of the night, I wake up at least three times because of his snoring.

With Smart Nora device in the room, I slept soundly through the night.

Does Smart Nora Really Work? (Customer Reviews)


Of course, there are some things to consider about Smart Nora non-invasive solution before you make your purchase.

First of all, it does take a little bit of getting used to.

The folks at Smart Nora say that you should give it about a week to really get used to having the insert beneath your pillow.

I will say, in my experience, I barely noticed it was there because I use a very lofty pillow.


Another thing to consider, of course, is the price.

At $359, obviously, this isn’t going to be in everyone’s price range.

Keep in mind that it comes with free shipping, free returns, a 30-day trial period, and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Click to buy + free shipping to U.S. and Canada + 30-day money back guarantee:

That’s it for me. I do hope you found this review to be helpful.

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Best Device to Prevent Snoring (Non-invasive Solution)
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