Does Laser Light Really Help Hair Growth?

In this article you will find out does laser light really help hair growth. You will discover what people are saying about this therapy.

One of the best products in this category is HairMax. It offers laser combs, laser bands and laser cap.


The HairMax laser has been studied in seven clinical studies and 460 men and women at some of the top medical research centers including the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami and the University of Minnesota.

These studies have found the HairMax laser really works. Over 90% of participants in the clinical studies saw significant hair growth after about six months of use.

FDA clearance means a device has been shown to be safe and effective to use.

For patients who’ve had hair transplantation, the HairMax laser is complementary to enhance hair growth.

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I see HairMax is a significant evolution in the treatment of hair loss. It’s safe and effective in both men and women.

The HairMax is using low level laser therapy to actually stimulate the follicle. It’s a much lower energy, it’s not hot and it’s really meant to increase the blood supply to the follicles as well as decrease inflammation and also increase the energy supply to the cells in the follicle.

I highly recommend HairMax for anyone who’s experiencing hair loss and wants to do something about it.

I recommend HairMax to people who are looking to reverse the thinning process without the side effects of medications and with an excellent safety profile.

HairMax is recommended on the basis of the data, which has been very well presented and actually been well studied.

So for people who think there is no hope and that the march towards baldness is inevitable, it’s nice to be able to offer them a tool and something effective like the HairMax that can really try to improve and halt that process.

Here is what people are saying.

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“After HairMax I started seeing more hair. After 6 months of using HairMax I got hair. I can comb to one side or to the other side. I can do whatever I want because I have hair. their permits he’s the real deal.”



“My mother had very thin hair at the end of her life and I think I have inherited some of that gene, because before I was diagnosed with cancer, my hair was so thin. Many bald spots showed on my scalp and I was dreading getting older because I knew that I was losing all my hair. It’s not a fun thing.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, the first round of chemotherapy caused me to lose about 50 percent of my hair. My cancer returned two years later, and that 6 months of chemotherapy treatment was different because it caused me to lose all of my hair. I was absolutely devastated, I was so depressed, cried all the time, refused to allow any pictures to be taken of me.

I knew from my prior experience that low level laser therapy was effective in hair regrowth. I saw the ad for the HairMax laser.

After doing extensive research and looking at the clinical trials that have been performed. the peer reviewed literature. and looking in the medical advisory board, I knew that this was a product that was scientifically sound.

It is been wonderfully successful product for me. My hair has come back thicker, I have much more body than I ever did before, it has come back darker, I don’t have near the amount of gray that I had before.

For 4.5 months worth of use, I’m thrilled that I have hair! Thick hair, beautiful hair!

I have fought aging all the way. I’m not going to go into it gracefully. I’m gonna go into it finding anything that I can do to help myself feel younger, and maybe look a couple of years younger. You can age gracefully and successfully and I think hair is a big important part of that. Hair can make the difference in looking our age or looking just a few years younger. I opt for looking a few years younger for as long as I can get away with it. And the Hair Max laser is definitely part of that routine.”



“Hair loss was something that was very difficult to deal with. I saw myself getting there and I knew that with the genes in my family, ultimately one day it was going to happen. Being a young man and about to get married, negative side effects were not an option for me. HairMax was the best solution. It was either I was going bald or take drugs, which I was not about . There was nothing else out there on the market that I could find to use, until HairMax. After the first few months, I saw a noticeable hair growth in the back of my head, new hair growth in the front part of it, and I’m very happy with it.”



“I was just always pretty sad because I could never get that glamorous thick hair I wanted. And then going into getting a little older and dyeing my hair gradually and styling my hair, I started to see a dramatic deterioration in my already poor hair quality and having a lot of hair come out of my brush, having problems with my scalp in certain areas.

Always trying to tease and cover, and then using more product, and more product means more damage. I never really knew what I could do to counteract it at all.

One particular problem with my scalp where I found in my problem spot in the back of my head I developed almost like psoriasis looking patch of really unhealthy dry skin where actually the hair sort of stopped growing in one section of the back of my scalp, which was absolutely terrifying, because the thought of losing any more hair from what I already had was just absolutely horrific.

So I started using the HairMax laser just actually a few weeks after I had noticed the scalp irritation and the hair falling out.

Within two weeks of using the HairMax laser, I saw that my scalp already was clearing, was looking healthy and that within a month that scalp irritation was completely gone.

And then another month and I saw new hair growth from where previously no hair was growing in that area, and I saw the hair that was coming in was actually coming in denser.

So after the success that I attained with HairMax laser, I go out and I’m able to style my hair however I want. I don’t have to worry about covering up my scalp. I can focus on curling it, pulling it back, not worrying about it. It’s just incredible to be able to focus on everything else around you and enjoying your life instead of worrying and having this anxiety in your head.

I’ve had great success with the HairMax laser. It’s been my solution to healthier, denser, fuller, thicker hair and it’s a long-term solution that works for me. It fits perfectly into my daily routine, and with it being drug-free, I have no concerns. All of my problems were really answered in one product.”

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