HairMax Laserband 82 Hair Growth Device Results


In this article I have the results of six months of using a laser hair growth device.

The device I’m talking about is the HairMax LaserBand 82. This is a laser light device that promises to help to regrow your hair if you have male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.


Did you realize that up to 2/3 of postmenopausal women experienced some form of hair loss?

I think it’s fairly common that women notice as they age that their hair gets thinner and it’s something that we want to do something about, because if my hair doesn’t look good, I don’t look good.

What I had noticed about a year ago is that I wasn’t liking how my hair looked when I pulled it back anymore. I used to wear my hair back all the time. I loved wearing it like a half up or a full ponytail or whatever and every time I would put it up I would notice that my forehead is getting so wide. It was really starting to scare me.

So I started trying to style my hair, I cut some bangs so that I could hide it and then after a while I was like ‘you know what, I would really like to do something about this’.

The first stage in my journey was that I went out and I got some minoxidil.

I tried a 2% minoxidil first, then I tried the standard 4% minoxidil. I used those for about six months. I did have some decent results with those.

I felt like my hair was starting to regrow, but I really hated using it, because you had to use it every day and stuff you put it in, it made my hair feel dirty all the time and it made it really flat, so it never looked good.

Even though I did like the results of it, I was looking for something else, and about that time I found company HairMax.

I took a look at it and I always have to look at the science behind things, so I also looked up to see if there were any studies involving low-level laser light technology for hair regrowth.

There have been number of studies that were done. They are not a hundred percent conclusive but it does make a compelling case that low-level laser light can work to help stimulate hair growth.

So I said what the heck, I will give it a try.

I’m always looking for things that really work, because I want the results for myself.

So let’s talk about the HairMax LaserBand 82 a little bit.

Laser Headband For Hair Growth


It is expensive, it retails for $799 and it is FDA cleared.

The LaserBand contains 82 little laser diodes and the difference between this and a lot of other laser hair growth devices is that this one is all lasers. A lot of them will swap in some LEDs, some red lights, so this is all lasers and there are 82 lasers.

The lasers are supposed to last for 15 years. This also has a six month money-back guarantee and it comes with a two year warranty.

The way HairMax device works is it’s got two different cycles for you to choose from.

One is a 90 second cycle. You turn it on by pressing the on switch once. All the lights come on. You put it in the front, leave it there for 30 seconds. It will beep and vibrate when it’s ready for you to move on to the next section.

Then you just push it back to the next section and then in another 30 seconds you push it back to the crown and it pretty much covers everything from your ears and then all the way back in the 90 seconds.



You do that every other day and that’s what I have done, that cycle every other day, for the entire six months.

It also has another program where you press the button twice and then you get the four second four minute program.

In that one, it beeps every four seconds and so you have to move it every four seconds for four minutes. I did try to use that cycle once, but your arms are up in the air for the entire four minutes and I gotta say my arms got a little tired after a while.

Anyway whichever one you choose to use it on, it does have the two different things, then you turn it off and you’re done for the day.

I found using this to be so quick, so easy. I loved it. It didn’t make my hair gunky or greasy looking or dirty looking.

I would use it pretty much when I would get out of the shower or if I didn’t shower I would use it on dry hair. Either way it was easy and great to use.

It does come with a recharging cable. In the first six months I’ve only recharged it once.

One thing that I have noticed is that I feel my hair has grown longer using this than it normally would have. Every summer I just don’t go see my hairdresser at all. I let my hair grow, but I feel like my hair has gotten so much longer this year, than it usually does.

My hair just seemed to have that thing where it would just stop growing at a certain length and that would be about all the length I would get out of it.

This year it’s gotten so much longer, I’m really happy about that. I can’t say a hundred percent if that is due to the HairMax but that really is the only thing that I’ve been using.

LaserBand-82- ComfortFlex

I have not been using any kind of biotin or any hair growth supplements. I didn’t use any minoxidil or any other hair growth or scalp revitalizing shampoo while I was doing this experiment.

I like to keep it pure so that I can see the results from this and not muddy up the waters with other things.

Another thing I wanted to talk about briefly.

A couple years ago I had bought another hair growth helmet thing and maybe you want to know how do I compare HairMax to that.

Really there is no comparison for me.

It’s a popular one, it’s expensive, it’s about the same price as this one. I could never even use it, it was so tight on my head and I have a tiny little head. You had to use it for 40 minutes, three or four times a week.

It had these pads, there’s a pad that sat in the middle of your forehead, a couple over your ears. The ones over the ears, I felt like squeezing my brain and giving me a headache. One on my forehead would actually leave a dent in my forehead, so I would have a dent in my forehead for hours, three or four days a week.

So after a week, I was just like ‘forget it, I am NOT using this thing’.

Unfortunately I don’t have any comparison to give you on that one except to say that it really sucked to use it.

HairMax device is so quick and easy. In literally 90 seconds you are done!

I see the new growth at the sides, my hair is getting longer overall. I’ve been really happy with it. I like using it, which is the main thing that will keep you using it. Because like everything, the second you stop using it, that’s when the results go away.

So for something like this, you got to keep using it forever.

Before & After HairMax LaserBand 82


I do notice that my is thicker and fuller and it’s definitely growing. I noticed that the little baby hairs up along the top of my hairline are a little bit longer.

I had a little hole in my hair that was pretty pronounced and didn’t really have many little hairs growing in it. And the hairs that were growing in that little patch were very thin and very short.

After six months, those hairs have all grown so much I was actually blown away. I can definitely see a difference, there’s definitely a huge amount of hair growth that I can see.

I am very happy with the results. I can see the difference in my hairline.

Where I can especially see the difference is when I look in the mirror on a day-to-day basis, when I pull my hair back, I feel I can wear my hair back in a ponytail and it looks really good.

HairMax LaserBand 82 device really fits into my lifestyle, it’s so quick, it’s so easy to use, it’s so painless. I just love it!

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HairMax Laserband 82 Hair Growth Device Results
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