Best Laser Comb For Hair Growth (Results)

electric comb for hair growth

This HairMax Ultimate 12 laser comb is FDA cleared device that you’re gonna use for eight minutes, three times a week and achieve spectacular results.

best laser comb for hair growth

That is regrowing hair, real hair, your own hair that you can swim in and shower in.

You’re gonna see hair growth results in as early as 16 weeks. All you need to do is get this home, try it and commit to it.

Who does this laser comb work on?

It works for men and women with early to moderate stages of hair loss.

It works on hormonal hair loss, female pattern hair loss, male pattern hair loss, as long as you’re over the age of 18.

It really grows your hair back, which is phenomenal.

fda approved laser comb

This device is the most powerful handheld electric comb because it has 12 therapeutic lasers.

What I love about it is you don’t feel anything. It’s just the light.

It’s so easy to use and you’re using it in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

All you do is listen for the beep and when you hear the beep, you move it about a half an inch and you do this for eight minutes and only three times a week. It’s not even everyday.

These before and after pictures have been taken by the doctors that did a clinical research. They didn’t just do these research down the street. They did them at places like the Cleveland Clinic, University of Miami, University of Minnesota, some of the top clinics in the world to prove this technology can regrow your hair.

laser comb results

Look at the person on the left. This woman has diffuse hair loss at the top of her scalp and she was absolutely an emotional wreck about that hair loss.

She didn’t want to go outside, she didn’t want to go to birthday parties, she didn’t want to have photos taken with her grandchildren.

Look at that after picture. This is after 26 weeks, but like I said, you’re gonna start seeing results in 16 weeks.

Look at those results. Her hair is growing back in. She tried wigs, she tried scarves, she tried hats. She gave them all up and regrew her hair back in.

Look at this guy.

laser comb before after

How happy do you think that guy is with that hair.

Looks at this woman.

hairmax ultima 12 laser comb before and after

This particular woman lost her hair during menopause. Menopause can change woman’s hormonal balance and can trigger this type of hair loss.

If you want to know if this therapy is for you, here are some graphics I want to show you.

Doctors use charts to describe women’s hair loss. Female pattern hair loss looks like this:


Try to determine if you’re in that gray area, that middle row or that bottom right hand corner.

Is your part getting wider, can you see through your hair down to your scalp or is your ponytail thinner? How many of you back in your 20s, you couldn’t put a rubber band once around that big, thick ponytail. But now that rubber band goes around three or four or even five times.

You’re losing that hair down the sink, you’re losing it on your clothing and your brush and with hereditary hair loss it’s all not growing back.

This is for the gentlemen:


There are so many guys with a receding hairline or that spot in the back.

It’s 50 million men and 30 million women suffering for this type of hair loss. It’s the most prevalent cause of hair loss out there.

I like this chart because guys I want to be very honest with you.

If you’re on that bottom row, shiny and bald, it’s not gonna work for you. I want to be right upfront and honest. I’m gonna tell you don’t even try it.

All medical devices have to be tested on different skin types.

They were able to test it on very white through brown. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for the darkest brown or black skin types. They just did not have a chance to test it for these skin types.

The good news is that you have 5 months to try it, regardless of your skin tone, and see if it will work for you.

Look at this picture:


It shows that you get 129 new hairs per square inch. What the doctors did, they measured one square inch of the scalp, they counted the number of hairs before and then the number of hairs after using HairMax.

There’s an average of 129 new hairs!

Think about that. That’s incredible. That’s per square inch. You’ve got dozens of square inches across your scalp, so you’re literally growing in thousands of new hairs.

Who doesn’t want thousands of new hairs?

Again, it’s less than twenty five minutes a week. It is eight minutes, three times a week.

How the device works

It activates and stimulates hair follicles that have grown tired and dormant over time. As we age, our body gets a little more tired, a little more dormant. That happens with your hair follicles too.

Here’s how to use it.

To turn on the Ultimate 12 laser comb press and hold the power button until the blue light on the bottom turns on.

Next press the laser button. You will see the red lasers turn on. The device is now ready to use.

Place the laser comb flat on your scalp, making sure that both rows of teeth are touching the scalp.

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electric comb for hair growth

Gently glide the laser comb over your scalp, moving it about a half-inch every 4 seconds without lifting the device off your head.

The comb will beep at four second intervals to let you know when to move the device to the next area for treatment.

To deactivate the beep, simply press the laser button once. To reactivate, press the laser button again.

The information display on the front panel of the Ultimate 12 laser comb shows the elapsed treatment time. The outer circle represents the number of seconds of use and the number inside represents the number of minutes of use.

Move the laser comb slowly from the front of the scalp to the back of the head and then repeat the process. This time starting at one side of the head and combing through to the other side. Repeat these steps within the recommended eight minutes of treatment, three times a week.

To turn off the device, press and hold down the power button until the indicator light turns off.

Place the laser comb back into the charging cradle for easy storage and to keep it charged for the next use.

It is important to use the Ultimate 12 on a clean scalp. Any buildup of gels, sprays or oils can block the light from reaching your scalp.

Some people ask will this comb make fine hair thicker. They didn’t actually test for fine hair or thickness. One doctor did a study and he measured that the strength of the hair has increased.

The huge advantage of using this comb is that you can spot treat the troubled areas. If you troubled area is up in the front along the sidelines, you get right in with that laser comb and stimulate hair follicles there.

Why use Ultimate 12 laser comb versus other alternatives?

laser comb hair treatment

First of all, it’s drug free. You don’t have to worry about any potential side effects. You’re not putting a lotion on your head or on your scalp, you’re not putting a pill in your body.

Secondly, it’s a one-time purchase. Those drugs and lotions, you have to buy them month after month and over time that’s a lot of money.

You have the option to try it for 150 days. It is a long time to try it. You’ll see something in four months so you’ll know before you even have to return it whether or not it’s working for you.

Hair loss is such an emotional issue. If you are losing your hair or you’ve lost your hair, you know that. A lot of people do a lot of different things to hide the fact that that’s happening.

They sit into certain levels and rows, not in front of people, maybe you’re wearing hats, maybe you’re wearing scarves.

So if this can help you regrow your hair, imagine how you’d feel having the hair and not feeling so self-conscious of it all the time!

When you start to lose your hair, what happens is you start to look old. If you are not ready to look old, get Ultimate 12 laser comb.

HairMax is the leader, the innovator and the pioneer in light technology for hair growth.

To prove that it is safe and effective, they’ve conducted seven clinical studies with over 460 men and women.

The seven clinical studies were done at some of the leading universities and hair resource centers in the world.

They were done at places like the Cleveland Clinic, at the University of Miami, University of Minnesota, where they found the top dermatologists in the hair loss field to do this research so they could see firsthand that the HairMax is safe and effective.

Through 15 years of research and development, they have engineered a medical device that has been FDA cleared and clinically proven to treat hereditary hair loss and help promote hair growth in both men and women.

The technology is very advanced although the way it works is really quite simple.

The laser comb uses laser light to energize the hair follicles and stimulate the hair growth. It reverses the thinning process and restores the natural hair growth cycle and best of all, you can use the HairMax laser comb right at home.

The comb seems to extend the period of time that hair is in the growing cycle so this has a huge effect on self-esteem. When hairs are allowed to grow for a longer period of time and that’s extended, then not only can the hair get longer, but hair can also get thicker and it also can have more pigment in it.

Use of the laser comb has been observed to decrease hair fall, to increase hair growth and to improve hair quality.

The laser comb has exclusive patented hair parting teeth and they move hair aside, they let that light energy get right down into the scalp. Without these teeth to move the hair aside, the light energy wouldn’t reach the scalp.

Your hair is a photo protectant. It’s on your head so that it blocks the sunlight from burning your scalp. Therefore these patented hair parting teeth are necessary to move the hair aside to allow that light energy to regrow those hairs, those dormant follicles on your scalp that are no longer growing a hair.

The HairMax works through a process known as photobiostimulation. Light is energy. Your hair follicle is able to use the energy to activate it for stronger growth. It also increases the blood flow bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the hair follicle and reduces the inflammation.

The way they went about doing their clinical research is they actually use very sophisticated camera technology to take close-ups of the scalp.

In the before pictures, they used software that counted the number of hairs in those images. 16 weeks later they revisited the same spot. They counted the hairs and then again at 26 weeks.

From the results obtained, they concluded that it stimulates the mitochondria and the ATP production, therefore stimulating the cell cycle and that the hair cells are rapidly dividing.

There have been seven double-blind clinical studies with 460 men and women conducted at some of the top medical research centers in the United States.

The numbers really speak for themselves.

93% of the clinical study participant experienced significant hair growth and the average increase in hair count was 129 additional hairs for square-inch after six months of use.

Think about that.

So if you’ve got a thinning area on your scalp and you’re able to grow new hairs that are filling in a thinning areas, new hairs that are making your hair not just look fuller, thicker and healthier, it is becoming fuller thicker and healthier.

One of the terrific aspects of this particular study is the fact it was a multi-centered study. In each center, a significant number of patients were enrolled into this study and each of the studies showed statistical significance in terms of improvement in terminal hair growth during the twenty six week duration.

Due to the results of clinical studies, the laser comb is a very good option for people who are not tolerant to pharmacotherapy of hair loss or as a proponent of multi targeted treatment of hair loss to add it on to topical minoxidil or oral finasteride to enhance efficacy.

They have conducted more clinical research on laser light hair growth than any other company to date. They are out there to prove that this technology works so that you can have a safe and effective treatment at home to treat your hair loss and to help regrow your hair.

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Best Laser Comb For Hair Growth (Results)
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