Best Home Exercise Equipment For Beginners & Weight Loss

If you’re just starting to get active or need to lose weight, home exercise equipment can definitely give your routine a punch and help you hit your goals faster.

If you are one of those people with a very busy day to day schedule, being able to exercise at home will be one of the best options for you. Choose when, how and for how long without having to adapt to the schedules of a gym.

If you are not sure which equipment to buy, here we list the best home exercise equipment for beginners that is worth investing in.

Seated Whole Body Pedaler

Seated Whole Body Pedaler

Foldaway Upper and Lower Body Exerciser

Foldaway Upper and Lower Body Exerciser

Compact Core Exerciser

Compact Core Exerciser

Low Impact Foldaway Strider

Low Impact Foldaway Strider

Walker’s Foldaway Treadmill

Walker's Foldaway Treadmill

Ultraslim Treadmill

Ultraslim Treadmill

Foldable Rower

Foldable Rower

Space Saving Rowing Machine

Space Saving Rowing Machine

Tri Plane Toner and Balance Enhancer

Tri Plane Toner and Balance Enhancer

Instant Setup Resistance Gym

Instant Setup Resistance Gym

NASA Compact Resistance Trainer

NASA Compact Resistance Trainer

Compact Elliptical Trainer

Compact Elliptical Trainer

Power Assist Pedaler

Power Assist Pedaler

Complete Pilates Home Gym

Complete Pilates Home Gym

Low Impact Cardio Climber

Low Impact Cardio Climber

Muscle Toning Fat Reducing Belt

Muscle Toning Fat Reducing Belt

How To Make Exercise Fun and Easy

A lot of people often ask me how are you so motivate to work out all the time.

The truth is, many years ago I wasn’t like this. I actually used to hate exercise, I used to make fun of people that lift weights and run all the time. I was like why would you want to do that, it’s exhausting.

Somebody finally talked me into it and I exercised. I felt so energized and happy and I committed to making exercise part of my routine.

It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

When you think about exercise, first thing you should ask yourself is why do you want to exercise, why it’s important to you.

Do you want to lose weight, so you can run around with your kids and play with them, do you want to lose weight because you want to boost your confidence because right now you’re struggling and you feel your confidence is not there.

You feel like if you lost that weight, you’ll stand taller, you’ll feel better.

Whatever that is for you, you really need to figure out why! It all starts with why.

If your why doesn’t make you feel like you wanna cry, your why is not strong enough. So your why gotta be really strong.

And then exercise is just a habit. You have to develop that habit.

The stronger the habit is that more likely you gonna follow through. How do you develop habit is with consistency. You’ve got to be consistent. Once you decide that you gonna exercise, you gotta be consistent at least for 3 to 4 weeks, until it becomes a habit.

The next point is that you should choose exercise that is fun and enjoyable and it should start small.

So what do you enjoy?

Do you enjoy running, walking, biking, going to gym lifting weight? Whatever that is, choose what do you enjoy the most because if you’re not enjoying it, you’re not gonna do it and you’re gonna fall behind.

And then the other part is start small.

I know a lot of people, especially guys, they get just such a macho, they are like ‘I’m gonna go and do this and do that,’ and then after a few days or weeks, they give up, because it was just so much for them.

Start small whatever you do. Just don’t stop.

If you feel you have so much weight to lose and it’s hard to run for you, start walk,. Just short walks every morning and then you’re gonna get better and then you can start running.

The next point I want to say to make exercise easy is prepare the night before.

When are you gonna workout? Is it gonna be morning, is it gonna be in a lunchtime or is it gonna be evening.

For me for personally I huge fan of mornings, because I exercise the first thing in the morning, it gives me energy for the whole day.

But if morning doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s lunch time, maybe it’s evening, as long as you do it. Prepare your gym bag, put your shoes, put your pants, put everything you need and put it by the door so you cannot forget it.

The last thing I’m gonna share with you is find an exercise buddy.

Find someone that is just as committed as you are. And keep each other accountable because there will be times that you don’t feel like getting out of the bed, you don’t feel like working out.

Home Workout Mistakes

Here are the three most common home workout mistakes.

A lot of us are working at home and I’m seeing three mistakes so many people are making.

I want to bust them very quickly so you know how to actually see progress with your workout.

1. Working Out Without a Plan

Mistake number one is people who are doing home workouts are not using a set plan with a set workout schedule. They’re just going into their workouts doing whatever they feel like for the day,

The reason this is a problem is because when we’re at home, we’re in our normal environment, and it’s so easy to do your
workouts poorly, to do a couple of exercises and then get out of there in ten minutes and really have not a very effective workout.

With home workouts it’s even more essential than when you’re in the gym and you have more equipment and you’re in a different environment than your house, it’s even more important to have a structure.

What I want you to do is have a plan going into your workout: when you’re gonna do your workout, the space and location where you’re gonna do your workout, have a dedicated space in your house, in your basement, out in your backyard, someplace that is your workout space.

I want you to know exactly what you’re gonna be doing, the motions, the reps, the sets, before you start your workout. That’s gonna give you a lot more focus, you’re gonna be able to bring a lot more intensity and you’re not gonna do one of these poor exercises where you don’t know what you really did today.

It’s a big mistake, it’s going to shortchange your progress.

So have a plan, have a structure, have a set location. That is the key.

2. Not Knowing Progressive Resistance

Mistake number two is not following the rules of progressive resistance.

When it comes to strength training and even fat loss, it is a truism that the body needs progressively greater challenges to improve.

You’re not going to continue to grow your arms or your butt if you keep on curling or doing squats with the same weight.

When you hit, let’s say, ten reps with a given weight, you need to use a heavier weight.

With home workouts this is even more important. I know we don’t have a lot of weight equipment, some of us barely have some bungees or maybe just body weight, we don’t exactly have everything we may have in a gym, but you still need to focus on progressive resistance.

If you normally are doing a workout, you can progress resistant on time. Let’s say it took you 45 minutes to get this workout done. Try to do the same amount of volume, meaning same sets and reps in 40 minutes. That means you had more intensity because you got more work done in less time.

That’s one way to progress.

If you do have adjustable dumbbells at home, if you’re using a particular weight and you hit your rep targets, bump the weight up by two and a half pounds.

A little bit of incremental progress leads to huge gains over time, particularly if your goal is to build muscle and strength.

You got to progress and what that often means is you need to track your workouts, you need to know what did I do today. Mistake number one is not having a plan, so we have a plan, we know this is what I’m doing, my reps and sets and my time and then two, you track your performance.

Get a little workout Journal at home, it’ll help you avoid mistakes number one and two.

3. Doing Bad Motions

Mistake number three is just doing bad motions.

When we’re at home, we don’t have our normal machines that we might be using at the gym or we’re just using what we have with minimal equipment, a lot of people make the mistake of going away from the fundamental exercises that are most effective.

Just like if you had access to a gym, guess what the most fundamental effective exercises are: squats, pull-ups, deadlifts, presses in in horizontal plane, rows, presses in the vertical plane. These are foundational body movements.

When it translates to at home workouts, what does it mean? You should be working on your single leg squats, one leg up behind you on the couch. You should be working on your push-ups, you should be working on things like handstand holds.

Don’t make the mistake of getting little cables at home and just thinking you’re gonna do 3 sets of 10 shoulder raises and have a great workout.

It just doesn’t work like that.

Get back to the classic calisthenic exercises, push-ups, squats of all varieties, hip hinging deadlifts, pull-ups and chin-ups if you have a bar, shoulder presses or handstands if you have a wall. These are the exercises that actually give you way more bang for your buck than doing some cable curls with a little cable thing.


To summarize these three mistakes.

You got to have a plan, you got to know what that plan is before you workout and have a set location for your workout.

You need to use progressive resistance, either in doing your workout quicker or actually using more weight when you hit rep targets.

Doing bad exercises and doing these silly exercises like a single leg kick back with a cable. Do some squats, do some deadlift varieties, do some push-ups, do some pull-ups and chin-ups. Do the foundational movements that your body is meant to do under resistance and you will see the best progress.

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