Does Smart Nora Really Work? (Customer Reviews)


In this article you will find does Smart Nora really work. You will find out what people are saying about it.

The Smart Nora is a product that is designed to reduce snoring for you or your partner.

And, it does it without any nose strips, no mouth guard, nothing that goes on your face. It’s literally just something that you slide into your pillow.

When you’re laying down and you’re sleeping, and your throat starts relaxing, and you start snoring, the device that’s in your pillow is going to just slowly raise up and then lift your head up a little bit, and hopefully you’ll stop the snoring.

And, then when it’s done, it comes back down.

Best Snore Prevention Device – Smart Nora Review


But does Smart Nora really work? Let’s see what people are saying.



“I want to talk to you a little bit about the Smart Nora and the great experience that I’ve had with it. Before trying the Smart Nora we had tried many devices. I had tried the anti-snoring strips, the anti-snoring, mouth guard, anti-snoring pillow.

I had tried the nose rings that you insert into your nose, I had tried home remedies that people had suggested to me, doing nasal rinses before bedtime, propping my head up on pillows and hopes that that might at least reduce the noise in snoring.

Nothing helped. I even had a sleep study done to make sure I didn’t have sleep apnea. which I don’t.

So finally we gave up and decided to start sleeping in separate rooms because we’re not getting enough sleep and we’re getting up very sluggish and unrested. My husband has a very physical job so it was very important that he get a good night’s sleep.

So for about five or six months we slept in separate rooms and then we decided we wanted to try to tackle the snoring problem again.

That’s when I started reading online about the Smart Nora and all the great reviews. I also liked the 30 day money back guarantee, which essentially gave me the opportunity to try it with no risk.

I took the plunge and i ordered it. And I am so glad I did. It has changed our sleep. We’re back sleeping in the same bed. We sleep through the night. I don’t get nudged, I am not tossing and turning.

My husband is not getting woke up multiple times in the evening and overall we are waking up feeling rested and not sluggish like we were.

We’re very very happy with the results. My husband has said things like it’s amazing and I can’t believe how well this machine works. And why didn’t we try this sooner.

My advice is give it a try. It’s a game changer. If it works for you, it’s going to give you a great night’s sleep and it’s something important to do for you and your health and your relationship.

I don’t think you’ll regret it. Give it a try.”

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“I’ve been married for 16 years and like many people, we have very busy lives. We both work full-time. We have young kids at home and so for us sleep is something that we really value.

In the last few years sleep had become a little bit more challenging, because my husband had started to snore. It had become a real disruptive part of bedtime to the point where my husband was having to go sleep in the den because the snoring was really obtrusive.

He had tried nasal strips and he would try sleeping on his side, but it just didn’t seem to matter. Nothing was really working.

So I was scrolling through social media one night and I saw an ad for Smart Nora and it really caught my curiosity.

I read up on it a little bit. I read the reviews and I thought at this point I was willing to try anything to help improve things and hopefully get my husband to sleep back in the bedroom.

I bought the Smart Nora and it came really quickly in the mail. It was really easy to set up. It’s not intrusive at all. It’s very quiet and it makes no noise.

I noticed immediately an improvement in my husband’s snoring. I would say we have about a 90% success rate with the Smart Nora.

We are at the point where we bring it with us when we travel.

I would definitely recommend the Smart Nora.

If it’s important to you to be able to sleep in the same bed and have an uninterrupted sleep, you would buy it.”



“A few years ago I developed a snoring habit. It came on gradually. My husband would poke me and wake me up and I would just change positions or try propping myself up on pillows.

Eventually it just kept getting worse and I would wake up and find out my husband would had slept on the couch all night because of my snoring and I would just feel guilty because I chased him out of the room with my snoring.

It got to the point where we’d take turns who was going to be on the couch.

Eventually we we just were lacking sleep and my mood was terrible and we’re just losing patience and getting irritated throughout the day because of our lack of sleep.

It got beyond just joking that I was snoring.

I did discover Smart Nora and I thought I’m willing to invest this money if this solves my problems.

Ii started using it and within probably about a week, we started noticing a difference. There came a point where neither one of us left the bed at night and we actually woke up rested.

Now I use it consistently and anytime he leaves the couch, it’s usually due to something else not my snoring.”

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“Like many of you, I am one of those disruptors of sleep, when it comes to disturbing family. I was one of those people who really snored so much.

Right before Smart Nora, I was using a whole lot of different products, like the nose strips, some recommendations on how to sleep on a certain side to prevent the loud snoring. And many others that I have tried over the years and they haven’t really helped out that much.

Once I started Smart Nora there has been a tremendous improvement with my sleeping patterns. I have decreased my sleeping habits in terms of waking up in the middle of the night, my snoring has tremendously dwindled down.

I want to thank Smart Nora and the team, especially for their customer service, for helping me out. I’m really glad that I have discovered this product. I totally recommend this product to family and friends who are looking for better sleep solutions.”



“My Smart Nora story is not just about me. It’s about my husband. Over the last few years, his snoring has gotten so much worse.

Every night I’m either moving into the guest bedroom, or I’m having to tap him repeatedly on the shoulder to roll over or shift.

We have tried everything. He’s gone to the doctor, he couldn’t sleep with a CPAP machine, he has tried breathe right strips, other things that fit on or in his nose.

He even had this contraption that fit over his shoulder strapped on and you stuck cans of food in the back to prevent him from rolling over. It was a monstrosity.

It worked for a little while but eventually he got used to it and was right back to where he was before.

So when we heard about Smart Nora we were both a little skeptical of this miracle cure for snoring, but we went ahead and ordered it.

Thank goodness for their 30-day money-back guarantee.

After the first night I was shocked. I woke up as he started snoring and I waited for a minute to see if the pad would inflate. And sure enough it did, he rolled over, stopped snoring and the next morning he did not even remember having that experience.

We continued using it and three nights went by, it was still happening. I didn’t have to go into the guest room. After a week still no change, so we are incredibly excited to have found Smart Nora.

It has changed our lives. We’re both happier in the mornings when we wake up and in the middle of the night, I’m not constantly poking on him. It’s been awesome. I would recommend that you try it.

Check out their 30 day money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose.”



“The Smart Nora snoring solution has really changed our lives. We’re both in our 50s. My husband is a
powerful super snorer, like buzz saw and I’m a really light sleeper. Trying to sleep together was just a battle all night.

He would be quiet for the first couple of hours and about midnight I would start hitting him with pillows and pushing him to roll over and ultimately kicking him out to go to the spare bedroom.

We’ve tried everything. He was on a CPAP machine, we’ve used the the nose devices and nothing was really working.

I stumbled across an ad for Smart Nora and thought I have nothing to lose, let’s try it. and I really expected it to just be another gimmick.

We got it and oh my goodness, life-changing!

In the first two nights he slept like a rock, didn’t snore, maybe once or twice and they were really minor, little tiny snores.

What I love about this solution is it’s very quiet, so i don’t hear the machine running next to me. It’s very gentle movement for him.

We have been using it for about a month now. He gets better sleep, I get better sleep, because I’m not awake all night punching him with the pillow. We’re both in better moods the next day.

It’s really helped our relationship because every night getting kicked out of bed isn’t a fun thing. He feels more alert and more productive during the day at his job.

So needless to say, we are really happy that we came across Smart Nora. It seemed like a large investment for something that potentially may or may not have worked, but we are super happy about it.

It’s been a really nice thing to solve this problem and best money we ever spent on a snoring solution. I would highly recommend it.”



“I am a registered nurse and I am a Smart Nora user. Around 2005 I was diagnosed with a deviated septum. At that time I’ve been told by one or two people that I snored but I really didn’t think much of it, until about a few years ago. My partner told me they were up all night, they had insomnia and they said it was from my snoring.

I didn’t believe them. I downloaded an app online, they recorded my snoring and I listened to it the next day. And they were right, it was pretty bad.

So i tried everything, nasal strips, a new pillow, try losing weight, tried showering at night, tried eating earlier, pretty much everything i could think of. nothing really seemed to help.

I saw an ad for Smart Nora online and I saw the risk-free 30-day trial and I said why not. So I got it and the first night my partner said it was better. You’re still snoring but it was better.

I kept adjusting it and I checked with them every morning how did it go. After about a week, I knew I had the right settings when I asked them how last night go and they said i don’t know, I slept all night.

The next night same thing. I don’t know I slept all night.

I tried the app again, tried to record myself and it was just so much better. My score went from being like a 35 to like a 95. Huge change!

Definitely those peaks, those little recordings they did, were not nearly as horrific sounding as they were that first time around.

The other thing I’ve really noticed with the Smart Nora is the great restorative sleep that I get. The one or two times I haven’t used my Smart Nora, I felt really fatigued during the day, especially in the afternoon um. I just get really foggy.

As a registered nurse and a full-time worker and a brand new mom, I know how precious and truly priceless your sleep is, so I would recommend a Smart Nora truly to anyone.

It’s worth a try, especially with that 30-day trial they have. What you have to lose. It worked for me, I’m pretty sure it’ll work for you too.”



“I’m a satisfied Smart Nora user. Smart Nora has helped provide restful sleep for me and my partner, but it was not always this way.

Some time ago my snoring was so loud, my wife would poke me to try and wake me up and to get me to stop. This rarely works, so she’d just leave the room and sleep elsewhere.

To help me, we tried using different pillows, essential oils, breathe right strips and the list just goes on. Nothing worked and we continued with restless sleep, until our son gave us the gift of a Smart Nora.

It’s completely unobtrusive, it’s easy to set up and most importantly is that it works.

Should you have any questions, sales support is just amazing and they keep working with you until any issue you have is resolved.

If someone’s snoring is causing you or your partner to have a disruptive sleep, the simple and effective solution is a Smart Nora and you won’t be disappointed.”



“The folks at Smart Nora asked if I would share my story with you. I’m kind of a big guy and I snore and my wife has compared my snoring to the cries of a lovesick walrus. Our neighbors have heard it a couple times.

That’s not just embarrassing that my neighbors could hear me snoring. That also shows what my wife was enduring.

I tried everything, I tried those breathing strips, I tried specially shaped pillows and throat sprays and the only thing that ever worked was me sleeping on the couch.

That’s not a solution, that’s just getting behind.

A friend of mine said that he had a Smart Nora and his wife loved it and so I figured I’d give it a try.

It was easy to set up next to the bed, it was quiet, I tested it out and you could barely hear it when I was awake.

I gave it a shot and the next morning I woke up I was refreshed. My sinuses didn’t hurt, they weren’t stuffed up from snoring all night.

And my wife woke up refreshed and happy. That’s that’s what I needed.

If you are more like me, get a Smart Nora, your wife’s gonna love it.”



“I want to talk to you about the Smart Nora system for snoring management, I’m not an actor, I’m just someone who’s had a good experience with this product, so I want to tell you about it.

People are surprised when they find out that my wife snores. I don’t know if there’s some stereotype that she doesn’t fit for what a snorer should look like.

I’ve worn ear plugs to bed every night for years and that wasn’t a big deal. I got used to it. But from about three years ago till now, that’s just not been enough.

Our nighttime routine turned into us getting ready for bed together, going to bed in the same bed, hanging out a bit watching a little TV or whatever, and then she would drift off to sleep and I would get up and go out to the couch and sleep there where it was quiet.

I wouldn’t say it was endangering our marriage necessarily. It just really sucked and we weren’t content with that to be our normal.

So we started looking for solutions. I remember this one thing she ordered. It was like this brace thing that went in her mouth and basically it mitigated snoring by prohibiting her from falling asleep because it was so uncomfortable. That wasn’t gonna work.

Fast forward to about two months ago, we ordered the Smart Nora system and oh my gosh, from the first night we plugged it in, I’ve not had to leave our room once. What an improvement!

I wouldn’t say it 100% eliminates the snoring, but it minimizes it so much that I’m able to sleep through the night just fine.

It’s so nice to go to bed together to cuddle up, sleep together and wake up together in the morning.

I recommend this product. Thank you to the smart Nora people whoever you are.”

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Does Smart Nora Really Work? (Customer Reviews)
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