Best Telomere Support Supplement (Slow Aging, LIVE LONGER)

Best Telomere Support Supplement

Why Swanson Rejuv Cyclocell Telomere Formula is the best telomere support supplement?

Best Telomere Support Supplement

Why These Pills Are The Best?

These pills are top longevity product for three reasons:


It addresses the root cause of aging at the cellular level. In order to promote longevity, you need to support healthy telomeres.

The traditional Chinese herb astragalus has been proven to support telomere structure and function. Rejuv supplement contains two powerful astragalus extracts: Cycloastragenol and Astragaloside IV.



Other astragalus-based supplements on the market cost up to $600 for a one-month supply. This supplement is much, much cheaper!


Most importantly, Rejuv Cyclocell Telomere supplement is the best because it really works! Here are just two customer testimonials:

“I have been taking the formula for the last 8 months. I am 84 and feel 34. I have never felt any other formula has ever given me so much energy.”

“More energy. Look younger. Feel better. Excellent product. Highly recommend.”

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About Astragalus

Astragalus membranaceus grows about 2 to 3 feet tall but only the roots of the astragalus are used to produce medicine and these are harvested when the plant is about 4 years old.

astragalus root

There are different kinds of astragalus in Chinese medicine and most people will use what is called northern astragalus. It comes from Mongolia originally. It’s not indigenous herb in China.

They already knew 2,000 years ago that it makes people live longer if you eat it consistently. Many people have written about astragalus giving a lot of what is called Chi or the vital force to people.

So if somebody is tired or they get sick and they don’t recover quickly enough or they get depressed and they don’t have enough Chi or vital energy moving around, they used astragalus.

In the ancient book, astragalus was on top of ginseng. People are now buying ginseng to feel strong, but astragalus was above ginseng. It gives that much energy to people and also in terms of promoting longevity, it is a lot stronger.

“Several different extracts from the Astragalus membranaceus root have been documented to activate telomerase activity in human cells.” (source)

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About Telomeres and Anti Aging

Scientists have discovered how to not just slow down or stop but reverse the aging process. The key are telomeres in your genes. All people have them. They’re the tips or caps of your chromosomes.

But as you age, the telomeres become shorter and damaged and they stop working. As a result, we experience different health problems, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Scientists say that by turning your telomeres back, you can revers the aging process. They point out that the longer the telomere, the longer you live.

So the primary cause of aging is really pretty simple. We age because our cells divide and our telomeres get shorter. The 2009 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded for breakthrough research on telomeres and their effects on aging.

What’s a Telomere?

Every cell contains a nucleus with genes and chromosomes. The chromosomes are made up of DNA molecules that are a hundred million bases long. They are long, repetitive sequences of DNA at the end of each of our chromosomes. These sequences are called telomeres.


When a cell divides, the genetic material inside that cell needs to be copied. This is called DNA replication. During this process enzymes that replicate a strand of DNA are unable to continue replicating all the way to the end, which causes the loss of some DNA in the end where the telomeres are.

At birth we have about ten thousand bases, but as we age and our cells divide again and again, we lose those basis and at five thousand bases we begin to die of old age.

The bottom line is this. When cells divide, telomere shorten and bad things happen when telomere get short.

As an analogy think of DNA as a long row of bricks and of DNA replication as a bricklayer walking backwards on top of a brick wall, laying a new layer on top of that row. When the end of the wall is reached, the bricklayer finds themselves standing on top of the bricks he’s supposed to replicate. But since he can’t put down a brick, he steps back and falls off the wall, leaving the very end of the wall there. As a result, the new copy of the wall is shorter.

Just like this brick wall was copied imperfectly, our DNA is unable to copy itself perfectly. When a strand is replicated, the new strand is shorter than the old strand.

Initially scientists thought there wasn’t anything they could do to effect the aging process. Now they know there are some things they can do, like some lifestyle changes, specifically decreasing toxins in our body, addressing obesity and improving our nutrition, plus reducing physical, mental and oxidative stress, which are all key to slow down the aging process.

The good news is there are strategies that you can immediately employ to provide telomere support that may slow the aging process.

The first step to improve your chances of living longer and healthier is to control factors that are known to affect aging such as toxicity, obesity, poor dietary and exercise habits and oxidative stress.

The next step is to assist the body with science-based targeted nutrition to provide telomere support, such as using the best telomere supplement mentioned above.

Lifestyle Changes Lengthen Telomeres

Dr. Dean Ornish president and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute and clinical porfessor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco about a study in The Lancet Oncology.

In our study we looked at telomeres, which are the ends of the chromosomes that control cellular aging. They’re often likened to the plastic tips on the ends of our shoelaces that keep the shoelaces from unraveling.

The telomeres help to keep our DNA and our chromosomes from unraveling and as our telomeres get shorter, our lives tend to get shorter and the incidence of the most common diseases like heart disease and cancer goes up.

In the study we found that the telomeres actually got longer by almost 10% in the group that made these lifestyle changes, whereas they got shorter by about 3% in the control group. We also found that the more people change their lifestyle, the longer their telomeres got at any age and that’s a very empowering finding and also one that helps give us more confidence in the validity of our findings.

What are the lifestyle changes that are the most important to be made?

In all of our studies we use the same intervention. It wasn’t like there was one set of lifestyle changes for your heart and a different one for your prostate or your diabetes or your telomeres. It was the same for all of them and they included what we eat, in this case a whole foods, low-fat plant-based diet, moderate exercise in terms of walking 20 or 30 minutes a day, stress management techniques including yoga and meditation and more social support and love and intimacy.

How is telomere length a predictor of biological age. Would you characterize this finding as the Fountain of Youth?

No, it’s not the Fountain of Youth but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Until now we thought that only telomeres could get shorter. Now we found that they can actually get longer.

Other studies have looked at one moment in time and found, for example, that people who run a lot tend to have longer telomeres or people who smoke cigarettes have shorter telomeres or women who are chronic caregivers under chronic emotional stress of taking care of parents with Alzheimer’s or kids with autism tend to have shorter telomeres. But they were just looking at one moment in time.

In our study we actually intervene. We gave people a lifestyle program. We had a control group to compare to and we found that overall the telomeres got longer in the group that made these lifestyle changes and shorter in the group that did not.

The study found that the greater the lifestyle change participants made, the longer their telomeres became. How do you interpret those results?

We found that the more they change, the better they got and that’s a finding that we found in all of our studies the last 36 years for other conditions.

We found that more people change their lifestyle, the more their heart disease reversed. For the first time we’re able to show that. We showed that the more people change their lifestyle, the more it slowed or stopped or even reverse the progression of prostate cancer or change their gene expression. So these findings are giving us more confidence that what we observed is real.

Why did you choose patients with prostate cancer? Are the findings relevant to other diseases?

I think they are relevant to other diseases because we were looking at their blood not their prostate tissue. In an earlier study we looked at their tissue to look at their changes in gene expression and because these were men who needed to be biopsied anyway for reasons unrelated to the study, that was one way to do it.

But even then we were looking at the normal parts of the prostate not those that had cancer. But for the telomeres study, we were measuring the white blood cells in their blood stream and so I think these findings are relevant to a much larger group of people.

This is the first study to indicate that changes in lifestyle may beneficially affect the chromosomes that affect cell aging. Why has this been so hard to demonstrate until now?

This is a very new technology. It was developed by dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering telomerase, which is an enzyme that lengthens and repairs telomeres. Because our findings, our studies were done in her laboratory, they have great credibility.

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Best Telomere Support Supplement (Slow Aging, LIVE LONGER)
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