Best Inversion Table For Back Pain (Up To 350 Pounds)

inversion table for sciatica

If you are looking for the best inversion table for back pain, you will find this article very helpful

The IronMan Gravity 4000 inversion table has been engineered for performance and durability and can help you reduce your day-to-day stress through inversion therapy.

inversion table for back pain

Ironman athletes use this table to increase stamina, strength and endurance and to produce an overall feeling of well-being before and after their races.

This system is an easy way to achieve disc decompression, it can realign your spine, reduce nerve pressure and relax your muscles naturally by simply using the Earth’s gravity.

The inversion table is designed with so many high-end features at a price you can’t find with any other brand of inversion table.

Here are some of the outstanding features of the Gravity 4000.

Features of Inversion Table For Back Pain

Extra wide tubular steel frame for high-capacity weight supports up to 350 pounds. Most other inversion tables can only support 300 pounds on smaller frames.

A tough mark-resistant powder-coated finish prevents surface scratches.

inversion table for sciatica

Foam-covered, extra-long safety handles will help you return to the upright position after finishing inversion.

Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers will prevent the inversion table from moving while inverting and give you a feeling of safety and security.

A 2 inch multi-layered memory foam backrest with a water resistant vinyl cover, along with double stitching, will provide years of comfortable use.

The Gravity 4000 will invert up to a full 180 degrees so the expert user can get the full benefits of inversion therapy.

There are three starting inversion angle adjustments for your selection, depending on your preference.

A comfortable removable lumbar pillow will support your lower back if needed.

The comforter ankle holders prevent any pinch point pressure while inverting.

A unique, patented quick-release, palm-activated ratchet gear system for easy and safe ankle locking adjustments with no back bending or pulling required .

The Gravity 4000 can be folded for storage when not in use.

An easily adjustable safety tether strap controls the maximum angle of inversion.

The height of the inversion system adjusts for users up to 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Safety vinyl side covers are provided that will prevent any finger or hand pinching when using the Gravity 4000.

The best part is that the IronMan Gravity 4000 offers you more features at a lower price than any other comparable inversion table.

So get your back healthier, feel better and start relieving that stress and lower back pain at the same time with the IronMan Gravity 4000 today. Read over 500 reviews!

Customer Review

best rated inversion table

This inversion table has adjustable height. It adjusts anywhere from six feet six inches to four feet nine inches, so you should be fine to use the table.

It’s easy to adjust the height. You just pull back the pin, find where you want, lock it in and you can screw it in the back to really secure it.

It’s also got a strap to control the level of inversion, the intensity of inversion. It can go to full inversion, completely upside-down or you can adjust to something a little bit less.

The ankle restraints are quite comfortable, very secure, easy to lock down. You just pull down the bar and to take them off, you just pull up and push out.

Easy to unlock, easy to lock, very comfortable, very secure feeling.

The table itself is also very secure. It’s not really wobbling, you feel pretty secure the whole time you’re on the table.

It’s got a lumbar support pad that you can take off or leave on. It’s pretty comfortable.

Once you set the right height, it’s easy to adjust the inversion just by lifting your hands.

The strap will hold you so you don’t completely invert if you don’t want to. The inversion is very smooth and you feel like you’re in control the whole time.

Another nice thing about this inversion table is the arm bars that you can use to help you come back upright when you’re ready to finish with your inversion session.

A super great feature is that you can break down this table and store it because you can fold it away for storage.

One thing to remember is that it’s heavy. It’s about 60 pounds all in all, the entire unit.

You can break it down, it doesn’t break down real small for storage but you can fold it away.

Because it is so stable, you’re kind of giving up store ability for stability, so you can decide which is more important for you.

Inversion Table Benefits

big and tall inversion table

When you think about the fact that every single day we’re in an upright position for hours and gravity is weighing down on us, it’s compressing our spine. You’ll notice as people get older, they have a tendency to get short.

It’s that weight of the body but it also becomes a postural issue too.

But the wonderful thing about decompression therapy and hanging upside down is that you can start to reverse some of that by hanging upside down.

Instead of gravity drawing down on you in one direction, you’re opening everything up in the opposite direction.

You’re creating space between all those discs in your spine, which can be extremely therapeutic.

The discs between our joints don’t get very much blood and oxygen flow and so by doing inversion therapy you’re actually start to open up that space. It makes more space for the discs, it allows for more blood flow, more oxygen flow into those areas, which can create a lot of healing.

And that’s a pretty amazing thing.

There are some really impressive benefits of inversion therapy and hanging upside down.

It increases the blood flow in your body. It actually increases the circulation, so it can improve your circulatory system.

It can alleviate some of those varicose veins that we have on our body.

It’s really great for reducing pain, such as pain in the spine, back pain, minor and moderate herniated discs. It can really help with even some of the severe cases because when that disc is being compressed and it’s pushing out in some direction causing pain on the nerves, this helps to open up that space and it allows for that disc to kind of slide back into where it needs to be.

It can be great for the chronic neck pain. It can be great for sciatica, if you’ve got scoliosis.

It can even help osteoarthritis to help open up some of the joints.

Just by switching up the direction that your blood is flowing in and allowing for blood flow to get into other areas, it kind of flushes out your organs. So it can actually help with your digestion as well.

It improves the lymphatic system. Our lymph system is similar to the blood system but it’s a different kind of fluid that flushes through our whole body and things can get really stagnant. We get stagnant with a lot of fluid in the lower body because it takes a lot more effort for it to come back to the heart and recirculate.

By hanging upside down, you’re flushing everything out of the lower body into the upper body and you’d come back upright and everything recirculates again.

It can help boost your immune system. It can help improve your mental health because more blood and oxygen flows to your brain.

I’ve met some people who have actually seen an increase in their height. It can make you taller again by lengthening your body.

Some people even claim that there are some beauty benefits, where you can actually see your skin looking younger and healthier from reversing that blood flow, by getting more flushing through the face.

Those are just a few of the wonderful benefits of doing inversion therapy and hanging upside down.

It is normal to feel a little lightheaded, a little dizzy when you come up from hanging upside down and it’s something that you want to gradually work up to. The more consistent you are with your inversion practice, the easier it gets and the longer you can hang upside down.

If you practice regularly and you’re doing it every week, you can actually hang upside down a lot longer. I’ve done up to eight minutes myself comfortably at home.

A couple of contraindications, some things to look out for before you start doing any kind of inversion therapy.

If you have any recent muscle strains, any joint sprains, if you twisted something, recent surgeries, you really want to be careful and let those wounds heal depending on what is.

If you’re really congested, you’ve had a recent cold or flu and your sinuses are blocked, it may feel pretty uncomfortable; you already have enough pressure in your head.

Be aware if you’ve got something like vertigo, any kind of fainting, seizures, epilepsy, those kind of things. You really want to be careful with doing your inversion therapy and make sure you’ve got someone with you.

If you have glaucoma, if you’ve got any blood vessel issues in the eyes, it’s probably not good to be upside down for an extended period of time.

Other things include trauma, brain injuries, extreme high or low blood pressure, hernia, blood clots.

So there are some issues that you just want to be aware of when doing inversion therapy. They may be okay for partial inversion therapy. That should be okay for most of these contraindications.

But always talk to your doctor about these contraindications.

If you think that you can benefit from this types of therapy, I strongly recommend that you buy the best inversion table for back pain or any other issue that you may have.

Best Inversion Table For Back Pain (Up To 350 Pounds)
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