Best Nasal & Sinus Irrigation Systems (Breathe Easier)

nasal sinus rinse

Nasal irrigation is successfully used by many people to relieve congestion, alleviate cold and allergy symptoms, and improve sinus health.

Here are two devices that you can use at home to safely irrigate your sinuses and nasal passages.

Naväge Nasal Irrigation System

Relieve your sinus congestion with Naväge Nasal Care!

Naväge is unlike any nasal care irrigator you’ve ever seen before! It’s clean, it’s effective, it truly is going to be the number one sinus relief product you’re gonna find anywhere in the industry.

What it does is different and better than anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s the cleanest, easiest, most effective, drug-free relief from sinus pain and pressure.

This is really all about cleaning out your nasal passages, it’s about making you breathe easier, feel better!

I’m sure there are many of you out there right now who are suffering from sinus congestion. Maybe it’s from a flu or a cold or pollen or dust or dry air.

Naväge is all about helping you breathe easier, helping you breathe better, it’s all about nasal irrigation!

Nasal Irrigation System Navage

You are gonna clean those passages without any drugs, 100% natural. It’s nature’s decongester which means there’s no limit to how often you can actually use the Naväge cleanser.

It’s really about warm saline solution coming from the top tank being drawn into one side of the nose, going around the back, coming out the other side and everything is being collected in the bottom tank.

Naväge Nasal Care 3D Animation of Nasal Flush

Everything coming out of the nose, from inside the nasal cavity, is just collecting all in the bottom – all those microorganisms, those allergens, pollen, dust, everything that’s causing you discomfort, is going to be down in the bottom tank.

How to use it

You get amazing salt pods already mixed, you don’t have to be bothered mixing it yourself. It’s the perfect amount of saline solution every single time.

You’re going to put one salt pod into the crushing chamber and close it down. Now you’re ready – eight ounces of saline solution.

The unit has a miniature vacuum pump. With a neti pot, the waters are dripping out of your nose, they are going into the sink, you can’t see what’s coming out, it’s messy. With Naväge, you can do this in a dress or suit!

nasal sinus rinse

Nose pillows are going into the nose. Make sure you fit them in so there are no gaps. Turn it on halfway so you can feel that suction, because this is all about gently powered suction, completely different than a neti pot or squeeze bottle that pushes fluid in. Now push it in all the way and keep your mouth open.

You will see the tank at the top, the waters going through into the nose and into the bottom of the tank.

It takes about 15 to 30 seconds and it feels awesome, there’s no discomfort. It’s like a vacuum, so gently suction it out.

Naväge Nasal Care Instant Demo

This is a revolutionary technological breakthrough!

What oral hygiene was in the 20th century is what nasal hygiene is gonna be in the 21st century!

With Naväge, you are moisturizing, you’re bathing, your are flushing nasal passages. When you create an area in your nose, when you create that whole environment to be nice and hydrated, you can breathe easier, you can take that wonderful deep breath and you are going to feel instant relief.

When you do that, you’re creating a healthy environment where you’re hydrating the inside of the nose so you can breathe easier, you’re reducing sinus congestion and stuffiness from nasal allergy or cold. And what about reducing congestion from snoring and being able to have a more sound and deeper sleep.

Because the truth is when you can breathe easier you feel better and life is better.

You know that feeling when you’ve got a cold and you’re going through a cold seven to ten days. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you can actually breathe better, sleep better and get through that cold in a much happier way?

For so many of us, sinuses are a regular recurring issue. That’s stuffiness, that clogged up, that blocked feeling is no more when you’ve got this nature’s decongestant and it’s different than any other nasal irrigation system out there.

There’s nothing out there that uses that combination of salt pods with that wonderful high-powered miniature vacuum pump. It makes all the difference in the world!

There’s nothing to plug in, it’s battery-operated so you can take it on trips. It uses batteries because you don’t need that much power and energy to run a little water through your nose. Plus, it makes it portable!

Doctors agree that Naväge cleaner will be one of the biggest breakthroughs in nasal care since the neti pot. They say that Naväge has quickly become the favorite method of nasal rinsing among their patients.

Dr. Howard Levine, a nose and sinus physician:

“Bathing and flushing the nasal cavity with salt water called saline is a time proven therapy for reducing congestion. What’s more, nasal irrigation does this completely naturally without drugs, simply by flushing and moisturizing the nasal passages. Until recently nasal rinsing is relied on devices like the neti pot, the squeeze bottle that use pressure to push saline through the nose. Naväge brings new technology to nasal care. Naväge uses powered suction to pull the saline through the nose, washing out allergens, pollen, dust, environmental irritants.”

A friend of mine made it a part of his morning routine, and swears it is preventing the sinus headaches and pain he often gets during the day. He especially likes that he could “see” what comes out. The first time he did it, he didn’t even know what it pulled out…looked like a foreign object was stuck in his sinuses. Now he blows his nose less often and he hasn’t had thick mucus collecting in his nose since he first used this machine.

Did you ever go to the beach and get that salt water in your nose? You kind of clean yourself off. That’s what this is like!

This will become your best friend because it makes you feel so good, you will love doing it, you will look forward to doing it every day because you know you’re going to have that relief from that congestion.

If ever there was a product that I could say try it, this is the one because I’m telling you, the feeling you will get it’s gonna be something you never felt since you were born!

best sinus irrigation system

This system comes with three sets of different sized nose pillows that let you find the best fit and 50 salt capsules. Two included AA batteries provide power for several months of twice-daily use.

Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal and Sinus Irrigation System

Grossan Hydro Pulse Review and Demonstration

This device was specially designed by an ear, nose and throat doctor Murray Grossan to get rid of your sinus and allergy problems fast. In just three minutes this nasal irrigator will be clearing up your sinuses and getting rid of those allergens, dust and nasty germs.

It works by helping your body’s own natural defenses – the nasal cilia to work better and get rid of the bad stuff all day. It does it without pills, doctors or surgery.

The old way of doing this (neti pots) was very messy and complicated. With the Hydro Pulse it’s just a lot simpler, cleaner and better. It is so simple and pleasant a child can do it.


How to do it

First add a pint of warm water to the basin. Then add one teaspoon of Breathe-ease XL to the water and close the lid.

Press the start button to turn on the Hydro Pulse. Use the convenient on and off switch on the handle for easy control.

Use the pressure control dial to adjust the stream to almost one inch high. A one-inch stream is gentle and effective.

Lean into the sink, place the nasal tip into the left nostril and start rinsing.

Change sides and irrigate the other nostril.

hydro pulse

It’s really important to emphasize that Hydro Pulse (featured in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions Report.) is not just a cleanse or rinse. Clinical tests have shown that the pulsating action makes your sinus cilia – the body’s first line of defense against contagions, pollen, and foreign matter – work better.

It really helps clear your nasal passages when there is stuff that is clogging you up. It can also prevent colds and sore throats if you can catch it in time. It helps control cold symptoms so you are less miserable.

One person said that she went from having sinus infections once a year that would last eight weeks to not having sinus infections at all!

The device needs some maintenance if you want it to last longer. Because salt is corrosive, I suggest flushing out the salt water inside of the irrigator by running some clear water.

Over a quarter of a million people, including children, have used the device.

About Nasal and Sinus Irrigation

Michael Kaliner, MD, Institute for Asthma and Allergy:

“We recommend nasal irrigation in one form or other to every single patient we take care of. So 100% of the patients I take care of wash their nose. I use a saline spray to wash out the secretions and pollen in patients who are having sneezing, itching, runny nose, congestion.

But those patients who are having symptoms that involve their sinuses, for example headaches, loss in sense of smell and post nasal drip, I have them irrigate their nose and sinuses.

We use an 8-ounce irrigation system that irrigates much more deeply than does the saline spray. Bottom line I use a saline wash of some form or other as part of the treatment in every patient I take care of.

There have been very few claims that washing can lead to sinus infections. There have been enormous observations and studies showing that washings reduce the frequency of colds and sinus infections. So you have a tiny amount of evidence about potential danger and a huge amount of evidence of a health benefits of sinus washes.

So I’m totally convinced that we have less colds, less sinus infections, less allergies and some of the symptoms we have get completely controlled just with the washes. Many of my patients think that irrigating their nose is the most important part of their treatment and they wouldn’t skip doing it any more than they would skip brushing their teeth.”

Best Nasal & Sinus Irrigation Systems (Breathe Easier)
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