What Are the Best Quality Bath Towels to Buy?

best bath towels sets

Pleasant to the touch, drying without scratching, beautiful and decorative!

All this and much more is what we should ask of our bath towels.

Here are the most important things to know when buying best quality bath towels with full success. Also, tips and tricks to keep them as they were the first day.

how to buy bath towels
These antibacterial bath towels kill 99.9% of bacteria! These antimicrobial, silver infused bath towels, have maximum absorbency and take about half the time to dry as standard towels.

It is the first thing we look at when purchasing a new set of towels for the bathroom.

These are the two basic qualities that any towel must meet and are strictly related to its manufacture. The satisfying effect of wrapping yourself in a soft, fluffy towel is directly related to a fundamental element in the equation: its basic weight.

The higher this is, the higher the quality of the towel and, consequently, its absorption capacity. We can easily find this information on the labels of towels.

2. The Base Weight of The Towels

Experts consider that a good quality towel should have a base weight of between 450 and 500 grams / m2. This figure may be somewhat lower in the case of bathrobes and large pieces, in order to lighten their weight on the body.

3. The Right Material

When it comes to choosing our towels, we tend to stick the basics: buy top quality 100% cotton towels.

But, did you know that you should always choose certified quality cotton and avoid polyester or fiber blends? Your towels will dry better and last a lot longer.

But, cotton is not the only good thing, although this natural fiber has a high absorption capacity. Today there is a wide range of new materials that little by little are demonstrating the advantages they have.

Do not be afraid to try towels made from other natural fibers like bamboo or microfiber. Besides being highly absorbent, their hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties are very appealing to many buyers. And they are a much more environmentally friendly option!

Best Antimicrobial Towels, Silver-infused

4. Linen Towels, an Excellent Option

Being a natural fiber, this fabric is also much more environmentally sustainable, as well as breathable and resistant to damage that can be caused. It absorbs the water just as well as a traditional cotton towel, without sacrificing its softness, and it is pleasant to the touch.

In addition, from a decorative point of view, this material will add a much more elegant touch to your bathroom, since linen towels are very aesthetic and fit in with any type of material and / or style. Linen towels will give your bathroom a much more innovative and fresh look!

best bath towels sets

5. Other Materials

There are also towels made of artificial fibers such as modal or, as we have mentioned before, bamboo.

In addition to being hypoallergenic and antibacterial, these materials are much more thermo-climatic, without losing that extremely soft touch.

Modal, although not a well-known material in towels, is capable of absorbing moisture 50% faster than a cotton towel. In addition, its texture is similar to silk and gives a lot of shine to bathroom garments!

6. Softness Above All

If you are looking for softness in your towels above all other characteristics, we recommend one of the “velor” type or better known as velvet.

These are pieces in which the terry on one side have been cut to create a smooth and soft surface.

Although this type of towel allows for very original and decorative designs, it must be noted that they are less absorbent than conventional ones. But, without a doubt, these towels are the ones that feel most “loving” on the skin.

7. Stylish Bath Towels

From an aesthetic point of view, you have thousands of options to choose from. Plain and neutral colors are one of the most recurring options, because they blend in with any environment.

Choose them all white or in the same color range. If you are looking to give life to your bathroom, you should know that there are towels of all colors and designs. Just keep in mind that any colored fabric that has been dyed is more susceptible to fading and losing its original tone over time.

This will make them look old and unkempt, even if they are still as absorbent as they were originally.

We recommend knowing well what the current décor of your bathroom looks like, since the color of your cloths should match the current tones.

For example: if your bathroom is predominantly white, go for towels that follow this monochromatic effect. And if your bathroom is original and colorful, avoid colors that conflict with other parts of the bathroom. In general, the trick is to find the most cohesive look possible!

8. Customizable Towels

Yes, like our grandmothers did when embroidering the initials on the body of each towel. This option is once again back to give a cozy touch to the bathroom. If you want more current versions, go for different, fine fonts, with neutral colored threads.

9. How to Make Towels Last

Good quality towels have a long life span and can last a long time if they receive some simple care. By this we mean adopting certain laundry habits to avoid regular damage, bad smells, loss of color or stains on light towels. To do this, you must follow these towel washing tips:

Wash them separately from the rest of the clothes. In a separate wash, the towels will not pick up color and lint from other clothes.

Put them together by colors. As in any type of garment, wash the light towels with the light ones and the dark ones with the dark ones. In this way we will avoid color transfers.

Use little detergent. Usually they do not tend to get too dirty; just dissolving them in a little water before adding it to the washing program will be enough.

Avoid fabric softener. Towels do not need fabric softener, as it can make them smell worse or lose their usual color.

Each tone with its own temperature. It is important to know that the dark colors in the towels should be washed with cold water, while the light tones should be washed with warm or hot water. Different fabrics react differently to different temperatures and can cause opposite effects on our garments.

10. How to Store The Towels

Store towels by towel sets. You will find what you are looking for much faster and save time.

Fold them well in their drawers, so that they are much more ventilated. And, although it looks very attractive, if you have little space, do not store the rolled towels! The spa effect can be very attractive, but it is not the best way to keep them in the long term. And finally, put scented sachets in the drawers. You will get a feeling of freshness and cleanliness!

Cotton towels are the most popular, but if you are into eco and a one hundred percent natural and healthy home, you will be delighted to know that in recent times products have been developed with new compositions that seek to enhance certain natural aspects.

This is the case of towels made with bamboo fibers, which provide a softer touch, are highly absorbent and have hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

If we add to this that it is a natural fiber of rapid growth and sustainable development, it is not surprising that more and more products mix bamboo in their composition or are even made entirely with this raw material.

So if in addition to softness and effectiveness, you think about the environment, these are your towels.

best bath towels to buy
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How Many Towels Should I Have?

Two sets of towels for each member of the family is more than enough. If there are three of you at home, for example, the ideal is to have 6 large towels, 6 for bidets and 6 for hands.

Also, keep two more large towels in case you have visitors at home and things like that.

Another expert tip: buy towel sets that are all the same, white and plain. This makes them easier to combine, and if part of a set is damaged, the other part can still be used.

Towel Sizes

Today you can find individual towels or in sets of different sizes. Sometimes we choose one that is too small for the bathroom, so it is good to remember the standard sizes that exist.

  • Toilet towel, the smallest: 30 x 50 cm
  • For hands and face: 50 x 100 cm
  • Shower: 70 x 140 cm
  • Bathroom, the largest: 100 x 150-160 cm

Bath Towel Buying Guide – How to Buy a Good Bath Towel

Where to Buy The Best Quality Towels?

What Are the Best Quality Bath Towels to Buy?
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