Bath Towel Buying Guide – How to Buy a Good Bath Towel

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In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about buying bath towels.

If you are thinking about buying a new set of bath towels, in this guide we will help you choose the highest quality models on the market.


When choosing towels for your home, you should not only take into account their design. Other aspects such as fabric or weight directly affect its main function, which is drying ourselves comfortably when getting out of the shower or when washing our face or hands.

If you have ever made a mistake when choosing a towel, you will notice it right away. Low density towels do not have good absorbency, making them uncomfortable and even useless.

Therefore, when buying bath towels, you should not only look at their price and / or their design.

The towels have to be soft and absorbent, and this is achieved with a high level of quality, which has to do with the weight (number of threads) and the composition (material).

The quality of the towels depends on several factors:

  • The type of terry, the weight of the piece and the density
  • Its absorption capacity
  • The ease of drying
  • The softness and texture of the fabric (the feel of the towel)
  • The design, the color and the quality and richness of its details (embroidery, lace or ornaments)

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The Best Fabric For Towels: 100% Cotton

The first requirement that a towel must have is the following: it must be made of 100% cotton. Take a good look at the label and avoid fabric blends.

100% cotton towels are more resistant, thicker, fluffier, pleasant to the touch and with a great absorption capacity.

Regarding the fabric and the type of terry, it is better if it is double yarn. In double yarn, each yarn is made up of two strands: the quality is superior, the fabric is softer and more absorbent.

When the terry thread is of a single end, we speak of American terry, while if the terry thread is of two ends we speak of conventional terry.

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Egyptian and Turkish cotton

Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton are the most used in the manufacture of bath towels.

The world’s highest quality cotton in towel making comes from Egypt. This cotton, which grows in the Nile Valley, is the most appreciated thanks to its high absorption capacity per square centimeter.

A 100% density in Egyptian cotton means the highest quality in absorption, durability and strength.

Turkish cotton, on the other hand, is highly valued for its quality and extra softness. Like Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton has long fibers, stays in optimal condition over time, and helps create thick, fluffy towels.


The higher the grammage, the greater the absorption capacity.

The term grammage refers to the weight of the towel and the amount of cotton yarn per square meter. The higher the weight of a towel, the higher quality it has.

If a towel has a high weight, its absorption capacity will be better. From 400 grams, it is considered an acceptable quality, although the ideal would be from 500.

Good towels also have a hydrophilicity level 4, which is the highest on the market. This level measures the absorption capacity and the degree of dryness that a towel reaches.


The most used towel designs:

  • Sculpted towels: they usually have designs all over the cloth, thanks to which the piece gains visual interest and texture. They are usually woven with high and low fiber loops.
  • Lurex: it is a border that is sometimes placed on towels, giving a subtle shine to the fabric.
  • Dobby: A dobby is the classic decorative border woven into the edges of the towel. It’s a detailed, textured pattern that adds style and personality.
  • Embroidery: Embroidery brings elegance and a classic touch to any towel. The more work and details the embroidery takes, the more value the fabric will have.

More Tips For Buying Bath Towels

Bath towels may seem like a simple item, but they are more important than some people realize. They are more than just an item used to dry your hands and body.

Bath towels are normally classified according to their size as washcloth, hand towel, body towels. In addition to this categorization, towels can also be classified according to their density as light, medium, heavy and very heavy towels.

A bath towel should be absorbent, soft, quick-drying, and hypoallergenic. When buying a set of bath towels you should consider these 3 important factors.

Hydrophilicity or the quality of water absorption is the most important factor that determines the quality of your bath towel. Your towel must have a high absorption capacity.
The degree of softness must be high because it comes into contact with your body during daily use.

It is important to select quick-drying towels, because if your bath towel dries quickly, it will have minimal chances of harboring mold and therefore any kind of unpleasant odor.

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Types of Bath Towels

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has long staples. These long staples have a better absorbent quality. They are very soft, durable and comfortable. As the name suggests, cotton is produced in Egypt. As Egyptian towels can guarantee luxurious sensations, many reputable spas use them as their favorite bath towels.

Organic cotton

From its name, we can guess that organic cotton is produced in the most organic way. Only ecological and organic materials are used for its cultivation. Consequently, these towels are hygienic. They have no harmful effects on our skin and body. These cotton bath towels are healthy, soft and durable.

Pima cotton

Like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton towels have long staples. It is very good and of high quality. These towels are known throughout the world for their superior absorbency and luxury. Pima cotton is produced in the southwestern states of the US. It is less expensive than Egyptian cotton, but the quality is about the same.


These bath towels are made of synthetic material instead of cotton, often referred to as a microfiber towel. Unlike Egyptian towels, Pima cotton, and organic cotton, synthetic towels are less soft and luxurious. However, they are available in various designs and colors.

Bath towels give your bathroom a fresh and clean look and feel great when you choose the right one for your needs. Take a few minutes and look at the different options to learn a little more about the types of materials used to make towels and the options you have.

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How to Make Towels Last Longer

For the towels to maintain their softness, you must take into account some basic care:

1. Before using them for the first time, wash them in the washing machine on a short program with little detergent and, above all, without fabric softener.

2. In the subsequent washes, use suitable programs, mild detergents and not too high temperatures. In this way, the fibers will be preserved correctly and we will prevent them from deteriorating. You can substitute the fabric softener with white vinegar. This will ensure that towels maintain their absorption power. Vinegar will also be useful to remove lint from new towels and the musty smell.

3. You have to wash them once a week and, above all, avoid that they accumulate humidity. Always leave them lying down,. If it is possible, make sure that the sun does not touch them directly, otherwise they tend to get stiff. Moisture on towels will not only make the towel smell bad, it will also be infected with bacteria. We can disinfect them with half a cup of baking soda. It is important that in the same wash we do not mix the vinegar and bicarbonate. Use them in separate cycles.

4. The use of the dryer is not a problem, since the dryer usually leaves the towels very fluffy. You have to use the appropriate program so that they are completely dry.


How to Buy Bath Towels

What Are the Best Quality Bath Towels to Buy?

Bath Towel Buying Guide – How to Buy a Good Bath Towel
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