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If you are looking for the best place to buy bath towels, look no further than this website.

When it comes to bath towels, not many companies can compete with Miracle Brand.

This place sells some of the best bathroom towels around.

best place to buy bath towels

What makes these towels so special is not the fact that they use silky-smooth long-staple cotton, making them one of the nicest bath towels.

What makes them unique is the fact that they are infused with silver, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria from your towels!

This is confirmed by an independent agency that conducted several tests and over 100 washes. Each time Miracle Brand towels came out 99.9% free of bacteria.

This means that musty towels are a thing of the past. You’ll spend less time doing laundry!

They aren’t the cheapest around, but as you know very well, you get what you pay for! Nevertheless, they’re insanely affordable for the quality you’re getting.

You can buy:

  • Miracle Towel
  • Miracle Hand Towel
  • Miracle Washcloth

They are made with natural silver infused premium cotton that stays fresh 3x longer than other bath towels.

At the time of writing this article, Miracle Towel has 468 five-star ratings out of 529 reviews. There are also 50 four-star ratings.

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best bath towels sets

How to Choose Your Bath Towels

If for some (strange) reason you do not want to buy Miracle Brand towels, here are some tips on how to choose the home towels wisely.

1. What factors must be taken into account when choosing towels?

  • raw material
  • type of terry
  • level of hydrophilicity
  • grammage

Let’s take a look at the specifications of each one.

Raw Material

The raw material is always the first thing to evaluate when buying a new set of towels. 100% cotton is top quality. Did you know that you should always choose certified quality cottons and avoid polyester or fiber blends? Your towels will dry better and last a lot longer.

Look at the label. A good towel should be made of 100% cotton. No mixing. Egyptian and Turkish cotton are the most used in the manufacture of towels. The former is the highest quality in the world and has a unique absorption capacity. The second is valued for its softness.

Antimicrobial, Silver Infused Bath Towels

What about the linen fouta towels?

Although its use is not so widespread, linen is another of the materials used to make a towel. It is a natural, breathable and resistant fiber. It perfectly absorbs water and its touch is soft and delicate. Plus, it dries fast. If you opt for this material, make sure it is 100% linen.

Type of Towel Terry

The three most common types of terry used to make a towel are conventional terry (the simplest and most economical), American terry (the terry is twisted and gives volume) and low-twist or untwisted terry (soft to the touch and long fiber).

Hydrophility Level of a Towel

It is the ability of a towel to absorb moisture and achieve an optimal degree of drying. Its main enemy is the fabric softener since it waterproofs the terry because it is a paraffin.

Best Antimicrobial Towels, Silver-infused


A high grammage guarantees good drying. But it is not everything: a high grammage is of little use if the material is not of good quality. What would be a good grammage for a towel? Between 450 and 500 grams / m2.

In addition to knowing the theory, it’s a good idea to touch the towels.

We always insist on the importance of touching the towels when you buy them. The sensation you experience is very useful to know which one you like the most to the touch.


Once a towel meets all these fundamental requirements, we can look at aesthetics, that is to say, the color and design. They can be plain with just a single border, have a design all over the cloth, textured edges or a pattern (called a dobby), or be embroidered.

Towels, like any other household linen item, also have different qualities. When choosing a set of quality towels we have to think that we are investing in its durability and that, in reality, it is a guarantee that the towel will perfectly fulfill the function of absorption and drying.

As we have seen, a good towel for the bathroom is one that combines several factors, although it is paramount that the raw material is of high quality.

Our advice with towels is to go for 100% cotton and quality. 100% Egyptian cotton or 100% Turkish Aegean cotton are always the best.


Household clothes must be taken care of and, in the case of towels, we use to make a mistake with the use of detergent and softener.

Expert tips on washing towels:

  • Towels should always be washed separately and do not mix colored towels with white towels.
  • Pay attention to the amount of detergent: more detergent does not mean that the towels will be cleaner. Use a neutral detergent (less abrasive) and wash at low temperatures with long programs to restore softness.
  • Do not overload the washing machine so that it spins well, and do not spin too much so as not to rub the fibers.
  • Be careful, the softener is a paraffin and it directly waterproofs the material. In other words, too much softener causes the towel to lose its water repellency.
  • Using too much detergent or fabric softener means that there will most likely be residues in the rinse and when the towel dries it hardens, which is annoying and prevents the towel from drying well.

If the towels are air dried, never expose them directly to the sun because it is a natural abrasive. They do not need to be ironed. And if you have a dryer and you give them a heat stroke with it, they will be perfect. When they are dry, by whatever procedure, stretch them with your hands, fold them and put them away. No more work.

When it comes to storing towels, you can make rolls with them and place them by size. This way they will take up less space and it will be easy to get the one we need without messing up the rest.

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Best Place to Buy Bath Towels
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