Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Heads Explained


The range of Oral-B brush heads can be quite confusing, and deciding which one is right for you can be extremely difficult.

In this article, we hope to make that a lot simpler for you by explaining the key differences between each style of brush head, as well as giving our recommendations on which brush head is more than likely most suitable for you.

Before we explain the key differences between each Oral-B brush head, we want to give some important information, which we feel is more valuable than understanding the key differences between each brush head.

You’ll get more positive effects and benefits from brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day with the correct technique than you will from any of the brush heads that we will cover in this article.

So, really, don’t worry or panic too much about the particular style of brush head.

Worry more about how long you’re brushing for, how frequently you’re brushing, and what technique you’re actually using.

Believe it or not, there is a difference between how you use an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush.

Therefore, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the correct brushing technique so you get the maximum benefit from each time you use your electric toothbrush.


Are Different Styles Necessary?

Many people ask whether the different styles of brush heads are really necessary, or whether they are just a bit of a marketing gimmick by manufacturers to encourage us to spend more money.

The short answer to this is that it would be a little bit harsh to suggest that they’re just a marketing gimmick, but there is very limited evidence to suggest that any one brush head is necessarily better than another.

However, there are many variables, often personal, and the reality is, the differences are often negligible.

Recommended Brush Heads

So, we’ve come up with our recommendations for what we deem to be the best or most suitable brush heads in particular circumstances.

There is no one best brush head, but for most people, opting for the CrossAction or the Sensi UltraThin, also known as the Pro GumCare brush head, are the better options, in most cases.

For those with sensitive teeth or gums, opt for the Sensi UltraThin, Pro GumCare, or Sensitive brush head.

For those looking to whiten their teeth, opt for the 3D White brush head.

For those with braces, you’ll want to opt for the Ortho brush head, although any of these brush heads will clean braces.

We’ll now explain each brush head, what makes it different, and why you might want to use it.

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The CrossAction head is designed as an everyday brushing solution.

The bristles are angled at 16 degrees, and are designed to disrupt plaque, bacteria, and debris that may exist on the teeth and along the gumline.

The brush head can remove up to 100% more plaque in comparison to a manual brush.


The FlossAction brush head is designed to provide a superior deep clean, in comparison to a manual toothbrush.

The larger yellow- and green-tipped bristles get deep between the teeth and clean more effectively in the interdental spaces.

This is not designed to be a replacement to other interdental cleaning techniques, such as using floss or interdental brushes, but it may help you clean deeper between the teeth than some other brush heads.

Sensi UltraThin

The Sensi UltraThin brush head is also know as the Pro GumCare brush head.

This has super-soft bristles in a round petal shape to give the gentlest cleaning experience. It is suitable as an everyday brush head.

Sensitive Clean

The Sensitive or Sensitive Clean brush head has extra soft bristles for a gentle everyday cleaning experience.

The bristles are all of the same length, and gently brush along the teeth and the gums to clean away plaque and debris. It is designed to be a daily brushing solution.

3D White

The 3D White brush head is inspired by dentist tools. The rubber polishing cup in the center of the brush head helps remove surface stains from the exterior of the teeth.

It is a more specialist-style brush head.

Precision Clean

The Precision Clean brush head is designed to remove up to five times more plaque along the gumline in comparison to a manual toothbrush.

It has bristles of different lengths, and is designed to cup the teeth and give a good overall clean, and this is suitable as an everyday brush head.


The TriZone brush head, also known as the DeepSweep brush head, provides up to two times deeper clean between the teeth compared to a manual toothbrush.

Unlike most round brush heads available from Oral-B, this is the only brush head to have a more oval or traditional-looking toothbrush head shape.

There are three parts to the brush head. There is the PowerTip at the top, you then have the sweeping white bristles, and the pulsating blue bristles. This is designed as an everyday brushing solution.

Ortho Care

The Ortho brush head is designed specifically with fixed orthodontic appliances in mind, so braces.

For brace-wearers, this is a great brush head to clean around your dental appliance, cleaning gently, removing the plaque off any of the fixtures and fittings of your teeth, and provided a good overall clean.


The Interspace brush head is a specialist’s brush head, designed for those who have implants, bridges, or crowns.

The bristles are specifically designed to get into the hardest-to-reach areas.

Oral-B Kids

This brush head, as the name implies, this is a brush head designed for the younger generation. Typically for children aged eight years or below.

The brush head is still small and round like other Oral-B brush heads, but the brush head is slightly smaller still. The bristles are also nice and soft, and they’re gentle on the teeth and gums of little ones.

You don’t tend to find they have fading indicator bristles built in, so you do need to remember when it is time to replace the brush head.

Often, they’ll have stickers attached to the shaft of the brush head. This is because it is linked to the theme of the kids’ brushes.

OxyJet Nozzle

This is designed for Oral-B’s range of water flossers.

We are including it to make you aware that it does exist, and some do class it as a brush head attachment.

The nozzle will not fit to regular electric toothbrushes, only to water flossers.

Just below the top of the nozzle is a gray switch, and this allows you to choose between how the water flows out of the nozzle.

You can have a continuous and more powerful jet of water, or you can have a softer and more gentle rotational flow of water from that nozzle.

But it does only work on Oral-B water flossing products.

Indicator Bristles

Most Oral-B brush heads have what is known as indicator bristles.

These are bristles that are usually blue in color, which will, over a period of time, usually three months, fade. They will fade from their blue color to a very pale blue or a translucent or almost white color.

These bristles are designed to act as a reminder to you to replace your brush head.

As a general rule, dentists recommend you replace your brush head every three months. Using your brush head for longer can potentially cause damage to your teeth and gums, and by replacing your brush head, you’re also making sure that the brush head is providing the optimum cleaning experience.

Now, individual circumstances can potentially mean that the brush head will wear sooner, so if you notice any particular wear on the bristles, maybe they’ve become deformed, they’re splaying or fraying, then it is certainly time to replace that brush head, and you should do that sooner than three months if you notice any of those things occurring.

Interchangeable Heads

It’s important to know that Oral-B brush heads are designed to be interchangeable.

With very few exceptions, brush heads will work on any Oral-B brush handle and on any of the cleaning modes.

It’s also important to know that in this article we are referring to what are the current Oral-B electric toothbrush heads. It may well be that you are aware of different Oral-B brush heads.

They may be older brush heads, or they may be newer brush heads. These brush heads are always subject to change.

I’m also referring to each brush head by the most common names that they are known, but please be aware that in different parts of the world, a particular brush head may not be available or they may have a slightly different name.

The likelihood is, they are going to be very similarly named, but just be aware there may be some regional differences.

Recycle Brush Heads

When you do come to replace your brush head, if you can recycle it, that would be great.

There are many schemes operating around the world, so check locally to see if you can recycle your brush head, as obviously, that’s better for the environment.

Hopefully, we’ve answered the main questions. We do really hope you found this article useful, and you’re now wiser on which Oral-B brush head is most suitable for you.

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