4 BEST pH Balance Pills (Ultimate Alkaline Supplements)

best alkaline supplements

Do you want extraordinary health and wellness?

The following products provide you with a daily dose of alkaline supplementation to promote ultimate well-being.

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Top Supplements to Alkalize Your Body

1. Vaxa Buffer pH

ph balance pills

This is a homeopathic (vegetarian) systemic alkalizer for buffering an acid pH. It also helps weight loss. Take on an empty stomach, 1 hour before meals.

These pills get results fast. People always feel better after taking this amazing supplement. Even people who have never believed in Homeopathy say this product really works.

Some say that after taking these pills for just 10 days, they were able to start eating anything they want. It’s excellent at preventing heartburn.

It works by safely and effectively balancing an excessively acid or excessively alkaline system by buffering excessively acid and alkaline residues. It than removes these residues from your body as well as helps in dissolving toxic laden plaque.

As mentioned above, the supplement also aid weight loss. A user reported that he has lost 5 lbs in one week of taking Buffer pH. He also saw improvement in skin and energy.

A woman, Tara, said that this product has saved her life from pain due to IC bladder inflammation. She claims that Buffer pH is the only thing that can relieve her of all of her symptoms!

This product was proven more effective than pharmaceutical drugs. It keeps pH levels at the perfect alkaline level.

VAXA Buffer pH is a doctor-formulated medicine and it has been VAXA’s number one selling product since 1987.


2. Theramedix pH Balance

ph balance supplements

This formula is a synergistic blend of minerals, enzymes and herbs that is invented to help support healthy pH balance. It is also formulated to enhance the effectiveness of enzymes throughout the body.

This product also supports digestion and increases metabolism. Recommended usage: one or two capsules before bed or one hour before or two hours after meals.

The pills are enteric-coated so they can bypass the stomach and be absorbed in the small intestine.

It has taken two years of research to come with what many feel is the most effective alkalinizing supplement on the market.

The supplement contains the same minerals often depleted in an acid environment. There is also an organic super food Hydrilla, which is naturally alkaline. It is one of the richest plant sources of many trace minerals and amino acids. Marshmallow and papaya leaf extract are present to help soothe acid reflux.

3. Alkalife pH Booster Drops

alkalizing supplements

After two decades, this pH water booster continues to be one of the leading brands of alkaline enhancers and remains one of the top choices of health enthusiasts around the world.

One bottle creates 360 glasses of alkaline water with a pH value of 10. Just add 3 drops to a glass of water. If you take it five times daily, the bottle will last more than 2 months!

Alkalife reduces excess acid in the body by adding alkaline buffer (bicarbonate) to the blood.

One user said: “Three days of taking this in water, my heartburn was gone!” Another one said: ”I haven’t had a single episode of reflux in two months since I started using them.” Incredible!

I really love this stuff, because you can have alkaline water anywhere you go.

4. Enzymedica pH-Basic

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This formula is a synergistic blend of enzymes, minerals, superfoods, and herbs. The pills are enteric coated to bypass the acid environment of the stomach.

For maintaining pH balance, take 1 capsule before bed. For digestive distress, take 1 capsule on an empty stomach one hour before or two hours after a meal.

People who struggled with acid reflux for decades, a couple of months into using this product and their acid problem was gone.

A woman, Suzanne Sousanon, experienced amazing results with this supplement. She suffered full body rashes for years and doctors in the US and in Europe were not able to treat the condition. After reading a book about the need for acid/alkaline balance in the body, she started using these capsules. She have not had another full body rash ever since.

In order to evaluate your pH level, you will need a way to test it every day. You can use Doctor’s A-Z pH Testing Tape.

ph testing tape

It tests both saliva and urine. A color-coded, easy-to-read chart makes it easy for you to get a fast, accurate reading. You get 15 feet of testing tape.

Talking About pH Balance

How important is the whole pH balance in the body and what do we need to do to get it to where we should.

Naturopath and nutritionist David Getoff:

The pH balance in the body is exceptionally important. Most of people that talk about pH don’t know what they’re talking about. So somebody will say you’re too acid. But what do you mean by she’s too acid or he’s too acid?

Do you know what the pH scale is? Do you know it goes from zero to fourteen? Do you know what seven is? They may know seven is neutral by definition.

So if seven is neutral by definition, then you do not have acid until you’re below seven. So if you tell that person they are too acid, are you saying that their blood is below seven? The person who is ignorant says yes. That’s not true! How do you know? They’re not dead!

If you have a below seven pH of your blood, you’re dead! So people use this term without knowing enough about it!

So yes pH is very, very important. It seems from the experts that the blood of a healthy person, the blood itself should have a pH of 7.40 to 7.6. But very few labs are testing blood pH.

The body will do everything within its power to keep the blood pH in the range it wants to be in, because everything works better.

For example, if there are too many acid forming foods coming in, because somebody happens to love coffee, which is a phenomenally acid food or tomatoes, which aren’t necessarily bad for you, but if you eat a lot of them, they’re very acid-forming, or sodas, they are extremely acid.

So somebody ingest some of these, brings in more acid than the body can handle and the body says well, we’ve got all these alkalizing systems but they’re not working well enough. So we’re going to take one of our own buffers, calcium and we’re going to pull it out of our bones, causing osteoporosis to buffer some of the acids.

Osteoporosis is often looked at by the holistic people as possibly, even predominantly, a disease of pH, because the body is pulling out calcium to buffer. There are lots of other causes also, but that’s one of them.

We have two other fluids that get tested. One is saliva and the other is urine. Your saliva pH should be similar to the blood pH but as a general rule, the saliva pH should be between 7.0 and 7.5 all day long.

But if somebody’s saliva is below seven, their body isn’t doing a good enough job of getting rid of acids. That’s the best way to look at it. The urine is totally different. Everybody misunderstands urine pH. Somebody will say that urine pH should be seven and a half or eight.

Urine pH is eight in cancer patients! A study was done at the Livingston Foundation Medical Center on pH many years ago. Every morning they tested every patient’s first morning urine. They also tested their saliva and their blood.

Their blood was always below optimal, their saliva was below optimal and their urine was alkaline! Why is this?

It means that acids are building up in the body. Where is the acid supposed to come out? The urine is how we get rid of excess acid. Cancer patients are unable to get rid of excess acids. So instead of their urine being acid, like it’s supposed to be, the acid is building up in their cellular structure and making the cancer cells happy and it’s not getting out in the urine.

So when somebody says what should urine pH be, it’s hard to tell. It depends on what the person is eating. If somebody is eating a lot of the wrong things, their urine pH could be four and a half because we got to get a whole bunch of this acid out. If they’re eating fairly healthy, it should be five and a half, maybe it should be six or six and a half. But it shouldn’t be seven and a half.

So unless we’re giving them alkalizing pills or salts to help alkalize the body, which will of course change the urine, the urine should not be above seven. It should be below seven.

Now if you change that question and you say but how about populations that never get cancer. We don’t have too much that around anymore on our planet but we did a long time ago. The original Eskimos never saw any cancer. The doctors never saw any cancer until they veered from their traditional diet of a hundred percent animal protein and animal fat as far as fish. They never ate any vegetation.

In other parts of the world they do eat vegetation, but when they’re eating everything the land is giving it to them, nothing is coming out of packages, really eating their traditional diets and therefore they don’t have coffee coming in, they don’t have soda pop coming in, they don’t have over cooked meats coming in, which make lots of acid, whereas the rare or raw meats don’t, what would their pH be if everything was being done right?

We don’t know. The guess is since our metabolic process produces acid wastes, that it’s still probably going to be below seven. But maybe if you’re eating so many vegetables that are alkaline, maybe it’s still going to be able to be seven or above and it’s still getting rid of some, we don’t know.

But it sure as heck is not going to be super low because they don’t have all these extra acids that we have to get rid of nor is it going to be super high because the body has acidic wastes that it has to get rid of. So it would be an interesting study to study traditional populations.

best alkaline supplements

So if we know that our body is acidic or too acidic, how quickly can we turn that around and change that?

Dr. Robert O. Young:

The body is very forgiving. In fact, in the world of epigenetics, you can change the expression of genetics by simply changing your lifestyle and diet and it only takes two weeks.

A lot of the sugar cravings and most folks don’t realize that sugar is a metabolic waste product, it’s a dietary waste product of metabolism and a food that’s breaking down, sugars increase. These sugars if they are not eliminated, can build up and cause destruction within our bodies.

So the body is very forgiving. For someone who’s in the first four steps or stages of acidosis you can resolve this within a few weeks up to 12 weeks. If you’re dealing with a degenerative condition like a stage 4 metastatic cancer, that may take a few months, maybe six months up to a year but it depends on your particular condition and how fast the body is beginning this process of eliminating its own waste products.

But it’s more than that. It’s not about just eliminating your waste products. It’s building the most important organ of the human body and that’s the blood!

The blood is a living liquid organ that is our life and our health is in direct relationship to the health of the blood. So eating a raw green plant-based diet is the best diet to begin building healthy blood and then restoring the organs and the tissues.

There are many ways to get our body more alkaline. What are some of the first steps somebody should go through to start that process?

The most dynamic way that we can improve our health is simply change the water that we’re drinking. That water must be clean, must be purified, it must be functionally structured. What I mean by functionally structured? I mean water that is not clustered together.

Water has a tendency to cluster together. We know the molecule H2O, but when you’re drinking water, you’re not drinking H2O, you’re drinking 20 to 40 H2O molecules that are all clustered together. For people who have problems drinking water, it feels heavy when they drink. It is because it’s all clustered together, can’t permeate the cell, can’t permeate the membranes.

So you want to have a functionally structured water where we split the water apart into a mono molecular state, where you’re drinking maybe three to five molecules of water for each glass of water. It’s all broken apart. At that time also we need to drink water that’s saturated with what our bodies run on and that’s electrons.

Our bodies do not run on carbohydrates or proteins or fats or calories. They run on electrical energy and those electrons are loaded in alkaline water. In fact that’s what makes water alkaline. It’s saturation of electrons. What makes water acid is when it’s saturated with protons and that’s the duality of life.

We pull life force energy from the foods. We absorb that electrical potential from the Sun. We know that Sun can be converted into electrical energy. It’s called solar power and the biggest solar panel of our body is our skin. It literally absorbs that light force, converts it into electrical energy and our body’s run on it.

So we are a solar panel that runs on electrical energy and we convert electrons into that electrical energy. In fact that is the life force. That is the reason why I eat raw foods, for its electrical potential. I also eat raw foods for its chlorophyll content because that’s the primary molecule that builds healthy blood.

So drinking alkaline water that’s saturated with electrons – so now you’re doing something positive for your body. You’re recharging the body but you just can’t drink any water. It has to be functionally structured. In order to create functionally structured water you may need an alkalizing machine or apparatus.

You’re not going to get it out of your tap water or out of your fridge filter or a bottle of water.

And because of Chernobyl, because of Fukushima, what we have in our water is radioactive iodine. We have cosmetics, we have pharmaceuticals, we have chlorine, we have fluoride, we have all these poisons in our water. We’re drinking water now that’s polluted.

So you’re literally forced to be conscious about the kind of water you’re drinking.

Can someone tell the difference if they go into an alkaline water regimen for a couple weeks versus tap water, will they be able to tell that?

When you taste alkaline, functionally structured water with electrons, you’ll feel a little tingle in your mouth. It actually has a very smooth taste. Amateur and professional athletes crave this kind of water.

4 BEST pH Balance Pills (Ultimate Alkaline Supplements)
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