Healthiest Spices – Huge Health Benefits of Everyday Spices

In this video, Dr. Steven Gundry discusses the health benefits of everyday spices, emphasizing five specific spices and herbs:

The INSANE Health Benefits of Everyday Spices | Dr. Steven Gundry

  1. Fermented Long Pepper for Blood Pressure:
    • Dr. Gundry introduces fermented long pepper as a traditional Chinese spice/herb with positive effects on blood pressure.
    • Piperine, a compound found in long peppers, is highlighted for its role in enhancing the absorption of bioactive compounds, similar to turmeric’s BioPerine.
    • Fermenting long pepper is emphasized as a method to increase the bioavailability of polyphenols, making them more effective in reducing blood pressure.
  2. Rosemary’s Cardiovascular Benefits:
    • The discussion shifts to rosemary, citing a study on the people of Acciaroli, Italy, known for their longevity and high consumption of rosemary.
    • Rosemary’s beneficial compounds, such as rosmarinic acid (a potent antihistamine) and carnosic acid (which dilates blood vessels), are highlighted.
    • Additional benefits include cholesterol reduction, a mild diuretic effect, and overall support for heart health.
  3. Basil’s Heart-Healthy Properties:
    • Dr. Gundry explores basil, a member of the mint family, emphasizing its role in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
    • Basil’s rich content of vitamin K and potassium is highlighted for its significance in regulating blood pressure and heart rhythm.
    • The prebiotic fiber in basil is discussed as beneficial for gut health, producing compounds like nitric acid and hydrogen gas that impact heart health.
  4. Garlic’s Impact on Blood Pressure and Plaque Reduction:
    • Garlic is introduced as a crucial component for heart health, particularly in managing high blood pressure.
    • A 2019 study is mentioned, indicating that garlic supplements can lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • The discussion extends to aged garlic extract, which has been associated with an 80% reduction in soft plaque within arteries, potentially preventing heart attacks.
  5. Optimizing Turmeric Benefits with Black Pepper:
    • The focus shifts to turmeric, highlighting its polyphenol-rich composition, including curcumin.
    • The importance of pairing turmeric with black pepper (BioPerine) for optimal absorption is emphasized, referencing studies on improved memory in individuals who consumed curry.
    • Turmeric is discussed for its mitochondrial support, thermogenic properties aiding in weight management, and its role in converting white fat to beige fat for improved health.
    • Additional benefits include potential mood improvement, joint support, and studies suggesting turmeric’s inhibitory effects on cancer growth. Dr. Gundry provides practical tips on incorporating turmeric into daily meals for maximum benefits.
Healthiest Spices – Huge Health Benefits of Everyday Spices
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