Front Door Security Devices to Stop Kick-ins!


Did you know that 85% of burglars come right through the front door?

We are talking home security devices in this article.

We are going to have a look at Door Armor by Armored Concepts.

Small package, big opportunity.

We’re talking about steel plating to reinforce your front door, back door, shed, garage door, whatever you got, whatever you need.

Three things that stand out about this product right off the bat:

It’s an economical option for hardening your home defense.

It’s a made in America product, which goes a long way for a lot of people.

And finally, it’s police tested.

It’s built tough and it’s built to withstand someone trying to kick your door and pry your door open.

Front Door Security Devices

So let’s take a moment and talk about content.

door armor set

There are a few pieces and we want you to look at everything just so you get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

The two smallest are your mini door shields. These are designed to reinforce the door, to stop it from cracking and splitting when someone tries to either kick the door in or use a pry bar to break in.

door shield

The next two pieces are your hinge shields. These are actually gonna be drilled to cover your hinges, reinforce the hinge to assure that’s not going anywhere.

hinge shield

The final piece is the big guy, it’s designed to shield the door jamb.

jamb shield

Just a few screws in each one. It really comes down to lining them up.

It comes with the screws. You get a two and a half inch screws for the mini shield. They go over your locking mechanisms.

Three and a half inch screws for the rest.

And then they also send you a square attachment because that’s what all these screws are.

That’s the full extent of what we’re dealing with.

This product is designed to make your door virtually impossible to kick in by the average person.

Installation of Entry Door Security Devices

The first step in installing the kit was to install the door shields. This was a fairly straightforward process of installing these door shields over the door knob and the deadbolt.

All you have to do is pre-drill the holes and put in the screws.

The next step was to put on the hinge shields. This required the removal of two screws from both the middle and the bottom hinges on the door. We then positioned the hinge shields, pre-drilled the holes and put the screws in.

The last step in installing the Door Armor was to install the jam shield. We started by removing some of the existing hardware.

Then we checked the fitting on the jam shield and removed the plugs that we needed removed so that the lock mechanisms would work.

After that it was just a matter of pre-drilling the holes and putting in the screws.

As a final step, we just checked to make sure that everything worked and that the door opened and closed nicely and it did.

Why You Need Door Armor Security Devices?

When it comes to home defense, we’re worried about deterrence. We want to deter people, we want someone to have to kick and kick and kick at the door, wake you up, you got lights turned on, you got neighbors waking up from the noise.

That’s how you win the battle of home defense.

If someone gets into your home and have to engage them, that’s a failure. That’s not gonna be good for anybody.

Door armor is one of the most affordable and effective deterrence that we’ve seen to date.

Police tested, 100% steel, fortifies the door in a way that is very impressive.

Probably one of the best options out there for residential property owners. Something you can install on your property and know when you leave, that property is gonna be safe.

A phenomenal option for an isolated location that you’re not gonna visit all the time to keep people out.

And of course your home, your four walls!

You want to have reinforced doors to protect what’s most important to you.

One truth that everyone should know is that no home is completely secure. If someone really really wants to get into your house, they can find a way to do it.

But simply having some security may decrease your chances of that happening.

By upgrading the security of your home, a would-be thief is probably just going to move on to an easier target.

If you’re interested in buying your own Door Armor, there are several different packages and also you can get different finishes on the steel itself.

Our overall impression of the door armor devices is very positive.

  • The components are very high quality.
  • The installation was very easy, it probably took us about 30 to 45 minutes to get this all done.
  • It has increased the security of our home.
  • Door Armor has made a significant difference in the security of our home!

And now for the question of the day.

What are you doing to increase the security of your home?

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Why Do I Need Door Armor?

  • An invader can kick in your door in less than 10 seconds. Alarms and cameras merely serve to notify you that someone is present. They do not bar anyone from entering! Intruders are deterred by Door Armor, giving you time to call for assistance or prepare to defend your family.
  • It’s armed when you lock the door. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Door Armor is always there to protect you. Power outages are never a cause for anxiety.
  • Kick-ins are covered by a $500 Lifetime Guarantee from Door Armor. They will pay up to $500 toward your insurance deductible if your door is kicked in.

Why Alarms Don’t Work?

Your alarm system will not deter an attacker from breaking into your home! Your alarm goes off. All it does is that. Many communities have police response times of more than 40 minutes, and most places have response times of more than 20 minutes.

Home alarms aren’t high on the police priority list because more than 90% of them are false. With that said, if you can afford it, we believe an alarm should be part of your home security system. Just keep in mind that if someone manages to get inside, an alarm is your second line of protection. Did we mention that alarms only work when someone has entered your home?

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Front Door Security Devices to Stop Kick-ins!
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