Best Inflatable Paddle Boards 2023

best inflatable paddle boards

Here you will find out three series of the best inflatable paddle boards in 2023. They are:

  • NeedleNose
  • LongBoard
  • Hybrid

NeedleNose Inflatable Paddle Boards

inflatable paddle boards

These are by far the best SUPs in the world! They are the fastest and sleekest inflatables that can go where others wouldn’t dare! They are best for racing, bays, lakes and flatwater rivers.

There are three models you can chose from:

best inflatable paddle boards

  • NN116
  • NN126
  • NN14

Inflatable Paddle Boards Comparison

Why NeedleNose is so different from any other inflatable stand-up paddleboard?

The patented razor-sharp, wave piercing design of bow, combined with a straight-line hull, asymmetrical shape, is what truly sets it apart from the rest.

The bow mold is made from rigid ABS plastic and no other inflatable stand-up paddleboard has this patented mold.

They cut through the waves, wind, current and water, tracking straight and true, minimizing the need to switch sides during paddling strokes, increasing your speed and efficiency.

The patented design allows you to shift from first, second and third gear.


First gear is located at the center of the board, from front to back and side to side. It’s the most stable position and great for beginners who want to start off nice and easy. The board rides on the water with the nose slightly released in this position and the board turns quite easily.

Second gear lowers the front of the board and reduces drag while increasing the planing surface area of the board. Great position for those who wish to go faster. Besides the increased speed, the nose begins to slice through the water.

Third gear fully engages the NeedleNose from front to back, optimising maximum speed and performance. Here you are really cranking away. Why?

inflatable SUP

Because the full effect of the wave piercing design is being optimized. The nose remains engaged the whole time, slicing through the water with a full waterline length of the board being utilized, reducing drag and enabling a much greater maximum speed. This is also the most narrow portion of the board and forward paddle strokes are most efficient here, propelling you the fastest.

The boards are made of super rigid, high pressure, lightweight drop stitch material. This enables SUPs to be inflated to a much higher pressure (15 psi), increasing rigidity while maintaining amazing light weight.

The NeedleNose can be paddled from sitting. It can also be paddled from kneeling and it can also be used as a true fishing SUP with the optional swivel seat fishing rig.

inflatable paddle board with kayak seat

Another great feature is the diamond surface deck pad that displaces pounds per square inch of pressure evenly along the pads of your feet while introducing air voids. This is like standing on the cloud. This allows you to paddle longer, further and faster without suffering from achy feet.

The NeedleNose is inflatable, lightweight and portable. Inflation and deflation is quick and easy and it even comes in its very own backpack. You can stow it in a closet, put it in a car trunk or check it on an airplane.

The NeedleNose is simply put the best open water inflatable SUP out there. If you truly want the best ride, choose the the NeedleNose every time.

All three models come in 5 discount packages, including those with kayak seat and swivel seat fish rig.

LongBoard Inflatable Paddle Boards

wide inflatable paddle board

With these LongBoard SUPs, you can sit, stand, surf, fish, tour or perform yoga! They are best for ocean, yoga, bays, lakes and flatwater rivers.

Two models available:


  • LB11
  • LB126


These SUPs have extraordinary buoyancy, rigidity, and stability. Thanks to these and other attributes, LongBoard Series can be used while sitting, standing, surfing and touring!

Made of super rigid, high pressure, lightweight drop stitch material, they have:


  • 4″ nose rocker that makes surfing waves entry much easier
  • 2″ tail rocker so you can do advanced tricks and high performance maneuvers such as 360s and quick turns
  • continuous rocker throughout to prevent nose diving
  • custom performance kick tail that prevents you from slipping off the tail and helping you with blind foot placement
  • the tri-fin configuration makes them track extremely well while allowing you to turn on a dime

Other key features include:


  • full length EVA foam diamond deck pad offers great traction and maximum foot comfort
  • front grab handle to easy to get your LongBoard anywhere you want
  • front bungee cord storage attachment to easily secure items such as a life jacket, water bottle or almost anything
  • world’s first SUP paddle pocket allows you to slide your paddle blade into the paddle pocket and quickly get it when you need it

Both models come in 5 discount packages, including those with kayak seat and swivel seat fish rig.

Hybrid Inflatable Paddle Board


A great all-around hi-performance inflatable SUP. Perfect for both beginner and expert alike. Best for ocean, whitewater rivers, bays, lakes and flatwater rivers.


Available in 5 discount packages.

Inflatable Paddle Boards vs Regular

If you’ve been struggling to decide between an inflatable and hard stand-up paddle board, you are not alone.

There are five key factors you’ll want to consider when deciding between an inflatable and a hard paddle board:

  • portability
  • storage space
  • durability
  • performance
  • ease of use

Inflatables are super easy to transport. You don’t need a large truck, SUV or van because when these boards are deflated, they roll up into a convenient carry backpack that makes them easy to take on any adventure, even on an airplane.

With a hard board, you’ll need a car, truck or SUV that can transport a large piece of gear and if you can’t fit it inside your vehicle, you’ll need to strap it to your roof.

The area you have to store your board, should be a deciding factor between the two options. With hard boards, you’ll need ample storage space that’s at least the length of your board.

With inflatables, all you need is room for the hundred liter backpack. The backpack can be thrown in a hallway, closet, attic or even under the bed.

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Inflatables are constructed with a durable material that can withstand daily abuse and drops. Hard boards are also strong and reliable but should still be treated with the utmost care, the same way you’d handle a traditional surfboard.

Hard boards perform with more glide and less drag than inflatables but the difference is smaller than what you might think. In a speed comparison test a hard board will be about 5% faster than an inflatable. So unless you plan to cover long distances or race with your board, you probably won’t notice the difference.

Hard boards have virtually no setup. Once you get to your destination, just grab your board and go. With an inflatable, you’ll need to unpack, set up and inflate your board to the proper psi before getting on the water.

To summarize, an inflatable paddle board will be ideal if you have minimal storage, travel often and want to take your board with you or if you’re an adventurous paddler who needs a durable board to withstand daily abuse.

You’ll want a hard paddle board if you want optimal performance, agility and speed when paddling, want to go SUP surfing or compete in a paddle board race or if you are load-and-go paddler who doesn’t want to set anything up after you arrive at your paddling destination.

Benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Paddleboarding has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and if you’re considering taking up this exciting water sport, you’ll likely come across the option of choosing between a traditional hardboard and an inflatable paddle board. While both have their merits, this article will focus on the benefits of inflatable paddle boards and why they may be the perfect choice for your paddleboarding adventures.

Portability and Convenience

One of the primary advantages of inflatable paddle boards is their portability and convenience. Unlike traditional hardboards, which can be bulky and difficult to transport, inflatable paddle boards can be easily deflated and rolled up into a compact size. This makes them incredibly portable and allows you to take your board anywhere you want. Whether you’re traveling to a remote beach, exploring a serene lake, or simply heading to your local waterway, inflatable paddle boards can be conveniently transported in the trunk of your car or even as checked luggage on a plane.

Storage Space

Another significant benefit of inflatable paddle boards is their storage efficiency. If you live in a small apartment or lack ample storage space, an inflatable board can be a game-changer. Once deflated, these boards can be neatly folded and stored in a compact bag or even a closet. This eliminates the need for dedicated storage racks or garage space that traditional hardboards often require. Plus, their deflated state also makes them easier to protect from potential damage or extreme weather conditions.

Durability and Resistance

While some may worry about the durability of inflatable paddle boards compared to their rigid counterparts, modern advancements in materials and construction have made them remarkably sturdy and resilient. Inflatable boards are typically made from high-quality, durable materials such as military-grade PVC, which is resistant to punctures and abrasions. This means that you can confidently paddle through rocky areas, shallow waters, or even encounter minor collisions without fear of damaging your board. Additionally, many inflatable paddle boards feature reinforced drop-stitch technology, which enhances their rigidity and stability, providing a comparable experience to that of a hardboard.

Versatility in Different Water Conditions

Inflatable paddle boards excel in their versatility and adaptability to various water conditions. Whether you prefer calm lakes, rivers, or even venturing into small waves at the beach, inflatable boards can handle it all. Their buoyancy and stability make them suitable for beginners, while experienced riders can enjoy the performance and responsiveness they offer. Moreover, inflatable paddle boards often have adjustable fins that allow you to customize the board’s maneuverability, ensuring an optimal paddling experience regardless of the water conditions.


Compared to traditional hardboards, inflatable paddle boards are generally more affordable. While the price range can vary depending on the brand and features, inflatable boards tend to be a more budget-friendly option. This affordability allows beginners to enter the world of paddleboarding without breaking the bank and provides seasoned enthusiasts with an opportunity to expand their paddleboard collection without a significant financial burden.

Inflatable paddle boards offer a multitude of benefits that make them a popular choice for both beginners and experienced paddleboarders. Their portability, convenience, and ease of storage make them an excellent option for those who want to take their board wherever they go. Additionally, their durability, versatility, and affordability make them a practical and cost-effective choice.

So, whether you’re a casual paddler or a dedicated enthusiast, consider embracing the versatility and convenience of an inflatable paddle board for your next water adventure. Get ready to explore, paddle, and enjoy the freedom of the water with a reliable inflatable paddle board by your side.


Best Inflatable Paddle Boards 2023
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