Best Water Pillow For Neck Pain (5 Million Users)

water based pillow

This is a review of the best water pillow for neck pain. The brand is Mediflow and as you can imagine it’s called a water pillow because water significantly fills the pillow.

However it is not completely filled with water. The underneath part of the pillow contains a water bladder. The top part of the pillow is filled with a polyester fiber material. In other words the top part of the pillow is essentially a traditional pillow.

best water pillow for neck pain

When you have your head on the pillow, the pillow feels a lot like a traditional pillow. The water cushioning effect is subtle, it’s not particularly noticeable.

The Mediflow water based pillow responds to head movement as you change sleeping positions all night long.

In a Johns Hopkins University study, the Mediflow water filled pillow was ranked best of all pillows tested in every category, including how fast subjects fell asleep, how few times they woke up, the overall quality of sleep and neck pain relief.

In terms of advantages, a water filled pillow has the advantages of a waterbed and that is the pillow will automatically adjust to the shape and the contour of your head and neck and it will maintain proper alignment of your head and neck without resulting in any pressure points.

Another major advantage of the pillow is that the water level is adjustable through a cap. You can add or take out water and by doing this, you can adjust both the height and the firmness of the pillow.

firmness levels

This is important. Particularly the height aspect is important, because if you don’t have the proper height to suit your particular needs, your head and neck can be out of alignment and this can result in headaches, neck pains and sleeplessness.

In terms of disadvantages, there really aren’t any that stand out, at least in our opinion.

This pillow is probably not good for stomach sleepers. It is possible to use if your head is on the edge, but the water in the pillow tends to make the pillow too high for a stomach sleeper.

Another possible disadvantage is that the pillow is heavy. If you have a bad back or something, dealing with this pillow could be a problem.

However on the upside, a heavy pillow will stay in place on your bed during the night. It’s not gonna fall off.

So it could be a disadvantage or an advantage.

We were not expecting to like this water based pillow because it looked like a traditional pillow and we thought the water was a gimmick. But we were surprised that it was very comfortable.

The idea here is that your head rests on the pillow and the water gets displaced and comes up and gives your neck support. It works very well and we found it very comfortable.

5 Models to Choose From

Elite Premium Fiber


  • ultra combed premium polyester fiber filling
  • fully sealed and insulated water pouch
  • encased in a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell with a 300 thread count
  • size 28 x 20 x 7 inches

Elite Memory Foam


  • layer of ventilated memory foam with high airflow pockets to regulate body temperature.
  • fully sealed and insulated water pouch surrounded by European memory foam
  • encased in a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell with a 300 thread count
  • size 23 x 15 x 5 inches

Original Fiber


  • fully sealed and insulated water pouch with a resilient polyester fiber layer on top
  • encased in a 100% cotton shell. with a 200 thread count
  • size 20 x 28 inches

Memory Foam

Memory Foam water pillow

  • layer of ventilated memory foam with high airflow pockets to regulate body temperature
  • fully sealed and insulated water pouch surrounded by European memory foam
  • encased in a 100% hypoallergenic cotton shell with a 300 thread count
  • size 23 x 15 x 5 inches


down water pillow

  • layer of all natural hypoallergenic down
  • the down floats on a thin layer of water
  • fully sealed and insulated water pouch
  • encased in a cotton shell with a 200 thread count
  • size 20 x 28 inches

All these pillows are made in USA and they come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

The company often offers discounts.

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Customer Reviews


“I have been searching far and wide for so many years for the right pillow and I think I finally found the perfect one. I just wanted to share how I feel about it.

I tend to suffer from a lot of neck pain, chronic headaches and usually when I wake up in the morning, I start the day with a lot of pain around my traps and in my neck. Nobody wants to start their day like that.

So I’ve been trying for so many years to find something that’s gonna help me sleep better and feel better and more refreshed in the morning.

The Mediflow water-based pillow looks like any standard pillow. It’s heavy because it has water in it and it has a little section where you pour the water into. It comes with an instruction pamphlet that tells you how much water to fill in based on whether you like it soft, medium or firm.

It’s really easy, as simple as pouring some water into it and screwing the cap on.

I can’t say enough good things about this pillow. I’ve only had it for about a week so far, and I fall asleep so easily, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning.

It really adapts to your movement when you do sleep or if you’re trying to fall asleep, because of the water that’s in the base of it, it adjusts and gives you the right amount of support on your neck. That’s a really fantastic feature of this pillow.

I really recommend it and I can’t stop raving about it. I think it’s great, I can’t really think of any cons other than the fact that it’s heavy. If you want a travel pillow, you’ll probably need to drain and refill it every time you’re traveling. But aside from that, it’s awesome.”

water based pillow


“None of the other pillows on the market can you customize. You have to take them as you get them. But you can customize the Mediflow pillow. That’s just the most important thing to me,

When I wake up after sleeping on this pillow, I can get right out of bed and get going because I feel refreshed.

This is definitely life-changing for me because I can have a good night rest. It gives me the amount of support that I want and no more. That’s important because other pillows gave me more support than I wanted and that for me was the problem with other pillows.

The Mediflow pillow gives me exactly the amount of support that I like because I decide how much support I’m gonna get. And that works very well for me.”


“The first night that I slept through the night with the Mediflow pillow and woke up the next morning, I was amazed that I had slept through the night and not had to wake up in the night, readjust my pillow, this one was doing it for me. It was awesome.

For so many years I haven’t had a good night’s sleep and when you finally have a good night’s sleep, it’s a totally different feeling.”

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Benefits of The Best Water Pillow For Neck Pain

water filled pillow

It’s the only pillow with exclusive water based technology.

The water base creates a cradle of support that can never flatten out, so it provides proper head, neck and shoulder alignment through out the night, even when you change positions during sleep.

The secret is responsive support.

As soon as you lay your head on the pillow, the water base responds to support and align itself to the weight of your head, neck and shoulders.

When you change positions, you don’t have to wake yourself up to refluff your pillow because the water base automatically responds to maintain perfect alignment.

No other pillow can do that.

It’s the reason you’ll experience the deepest most restful sleep of your life, every night.

Here’s something completely amazing!

Whether you prefer your pillow soft, medium, firm or anywhere in between, your pillow is customizable to your favorite level of comfort.

Follow the easy fill guide using ordinary tap water. Use less water for a softer feel, more water for a firmer feel. Then twist the cap for a watertight seal.

It’s that easy to fill it.

Over 5 million people trust their sleep to the best water filled pillow.

Best Water Pillow For Neck Pain (5 Million Users)
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