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Watch your waist shrink up to four inches with these incredible waist training corsets. Because they feature high quality steel bones, extra-strong seams and cord, you will change the shape of your body permanently.

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What is Waist Training?

Why we do waist training?

The definition of waist training is, most simply, the process of modifying the shape and size of your waist through the use of steel boned corsets.

Corsets are worn for a variety of reasons besides waist modification, like posture and back support.

It’s very common for people to report a decline in back issues and pain after beginning their corset journey.

With proper discipline and dedication, corset training can lead to great semi-permanent results.

When you tighten your corset in small increments over time your waist will begin to conform to the shape of your corset.

Not everyone will get the exact same results from corset training, but if you work hard at it you’ll definitely see a difference.

Corsets have been around for hundreds of years and waist training has been around just as long and while fashion cycles through the decades, an hourglass figure always comes back in style.

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How Long to Wear Corset For Waist Training

How long to wear your corset and what kind of results you can expect.

First I’ll talk about how long you should wear your corset.

For maximum results, you can wear your corset eight hours a day, every single day. However. the most important thing is comfort.

Don’t feel like you need to wear your corset that often or for that long, but wearing it that frequently will definitely give you great results.

Some people like to wear their corset to work, so they have a set amount of time each day and week to work on their waist.

Some people even like to sleep in their corsets. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely an option for those who aren’t able to wear the corset to work or in everyday life.

Sleeping in a corset is absolutely not required for waist training, but it can be done if you like.

Again I’d like to stress that it is not a necessity to wear your corset that often or for that long in order to see results.

When you’re just starting out, I strongly encourage you to go slowly and work your way up to wearing corsets for longer periods of time.

In terms of results and expectations, it’s important to note that everyone’s body is different.

Even if you wear the same corset for the same amount of time with someone else, you may not get the same results and that’s okay.

Listen to your body and let your corset journey happen the way it’s supposed to.

There’s no way to say for sure what someone’s results will be before they start, but what I can say is that it’s definitely more effective to wear a corset at a slightly gentler reduction for a longer period of time rather than a tighter reduction for only a few hours total.

The longer and more regularly you wear your corset, the greater difference you’ll see.

waist trainer corset

How to Wear a Corset While Waist Training

Now I’m going to talk about a few great ways to wear your corset while your waist training.

The first way is my personal favorite way to wear a corset while waist training, which is stealthing. I’m gonna talk about it late in this article. You can wear almost anything you want, right over top. It emphasizes the size of your waist, while hiding both the top and bottom edges of your corset.

Next you could wear your corset as a corset belt. This is a very cute and flirty option for showing off your corset.

You can also wear your corset over your clothing with something a little bit more snug. This way feels very femme fatale to me and it’s another great way to show off a beautifully made corset. You also don’t have to worry about hiding your corset this way as you’ve made it part of your outfit.

How to Maximize Your Results

Here are a few extra ways to make sure you get the maximum benefit out of wearing your corset.

First I want to mention dieting in relation to your corset and how corset can affect your eating habits.

As you’ve probably noticed throughout your life, when you eat your body expands. You may have especially noticed this while wearing a particularly tight dress or even more noticeably a corset.

This could be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. There’s actually a way to use it to your advantage. The key is to think of your corset like a lap band.

The corset restricts your midsection and keeps you from eating as much as normal. It’s like built-in portion control to keep you from overeating. This is called the corset diet and is surprisingly effective.

However while you may be restricted from eating a whole bunch all at once, it’s very important to make sure that you are getting proper nutrients every single day. Try eating five or six smaller meals all spread out.

It’s also very important that you’re staying hydrated. A lot of people confuse thirst with hunger and neglect their daily water intake, especially while wearing a corset.

You may be asking “well, if corset can help with my diet, can it help with my exercise?” Unfortunately a corset is not recommended for useful exercising.

However there is another solution. It’s a latex waist trainer. You may have seen something like this on Kim Kardashian and other gym going celebrities.

This type of garment is safe for use during exercise, but it’s always important to listen to your body and take breaks if you need.

Which Corset to Buy For Waist Training?

Which corset is best for you under waist training journey, based on your needs and your body type.

A very common question that’s asked is how big of a waist reduction should I buy. Should I buy a corset that’s a 4 to 5 inch reduction or a 6 to 7 inch reduction and the answer isn’t the same for everyone.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend starting with a gentle reduction and working your way down as you get more comfortable wearing a corset.

However your body type definitely comes into play as well. In general, someone with a more muscular midsection won’t be able to see as dramatic a difference as someone with a softer midsection. There simply isn’t a way to tighten down something that’s already quite firm.

A person who isn’t as muscular will have a much easier time lacing down to a smaller waist.

Therefore you should absolutely take your body composition into account when you’re choosing your reduction.

Now let’s talk corset shapes.

If you’d like to focus precisely on your waist rather than overall reduction of your midsection, I recommend the mini corset. This is a shorter length corset which specifically targets the smallest part of your waist. This corset is great for a 5 inch waist reduction.

If that isn’t quite enough, try the more heavily boned corset for up to 7 inches of reduction.

For waist training most people prefer to use an underbust corset as it’s easier to hide underneath your clothing. With the top of your corset ending below your bust line, you don’t have to worry about hiding your top edge, which means you have more clothing options and you can wear your corset more often.

However if you’re going out and you’d like to show your corset off, an overbust is a great option. It can give the same amount of reduction as an underbust so you can still work on your waist training goals.

With this information, choosing your first or your next waist training corset should be a snap. Feel free to experiment with length, shapes and fabrics.

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Stealthing is the art of wearing a corset underneath your clothes without anyone knowing you’re wearing one.

This can be done for a variety of reasons. The most common ones being to achieve a slimmer or a more dramatic silhouette or to help with posture.

Fit is very important when it comes to stealthing. It’s easier to hide a corset that fits you well.

Be sure to take your measurements very carefully and to follow the size chart on each specific corset page because some corsets can take more compression than others.

For stealthing, the most commonly used type of corset is an underbust, so you can wear your own bra, which helps hide the corset even further. as the top of the corset falls underneath the bust line.

When you stealthing, it’s very important to choose clothing that hides your corset well. In my case that means clothing that has elastic or things that have the measurements that you hope to achieve with your corset.

For fabric, I prefer to use a mesh corset. It has the best breathability and is comfortable for long term. If you live where it can get pretty hot, mesh can make sure that you can stealth all day without worry of overheating.

Another option that you can use for stealthing are corsets with no bone, which makes it almost undetectable under clothing. The lack of boning also makes it a great option for beginners or for people who find boning to be too uncomfortable for long term wear.

At the end of the day style and fabric come down to personal preference.

How to Buy a Corset

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Waist Training Corsets For Sale!
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