#1 Vibrating Acupressure Foot Massager Machine Review

acupressure foot massager machine

This vibrating acupressure foot massager machine comes from the brand that brings us a lot of really cool power products.

This very cool seated platform vibration device can not only vibrate your legs and your feet, but also it’s a foot massager at the exact same time.

There’s a massager built right into the center of the foot plate.

This machine combines a proprietary oscillating vibration with rotating acupressure heads.

In the center you’re going to feel that soothing massage. You can target those little sore spots on your feet.

You can actually move your foot around to hit that little spot on your heels or behind your toes or in the arch of your foot.

You put your feet on the device and you’re going to feel that vibration come all the way up through your legs.

You can even use this for your lower back as well.

We are talking about soothing, relaxing and recharging experience.

foot vibration massage machine

foot massager vibration plate

acupressure foot massager machine

Those little rotating heads in the center for the acupressure for the bottom of your foot are incredible.

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you got someone to voluntarily give you a foot massage?

What’s lovely about this machine is that it gives you that action, it gives you this vibration for the legs.

My legs feel more alive and they just feel much more comfortable. Because sometimes at the end of a long day, I’ll go home and I’ll have pain up my legs and up my calves.

My dad is in his 80s. He has been told by his doctor to get up and move to encourage circulation. I really can’t get him to move for long enough.

But he can use this device all day while siting in his favorite chair. He told me many times that it actually feels pretty good.

I explain to him it’s because this is encouraging that good circulation that you need. You’re sedentary, you’re sitting all day. This is something good that I know he can do. It’s easy, all he has to do is put his feet on it and move his feet around to hit the heels or the arch or to stretch the back of his toes.

It just feels amazing!

All the the vibration is happening through the lower legs, through the upper legs. Not only can you feel it, but you can actually see it.

When people say what’s this really doing for me, you can see what it’s doing for you. It’s loosening up, recharging, reducing the stress, helping to re-energize.

And on the feet, those oscillating rotating heads feel really good, in those little points on the bottom of your foot.

In the past, I’ve always struggled with restless legs and tossing and turning. I find that if I do some sort of activity, like this before bedtime, I always benefit from it.

There’s also a remote control that’s included and you can select different programs by hitting a button. The remote is so nice because if you’re sitting in your chair, the last thing you feel like doing is leaning over, bending over and pressing a button.

You will need to put in two AAA batteries in your remote, but once you get it home, you literally just press the power button and there are three pre-programmed sessions, which I love because I don’t have to think about it or play with it.

I love program two because it gives me a minute of vibration then a minute of vibration with the rotating acupressure and then two minutes off.

If you don’t like the pre-programs, you just go into the manual mode.

And you can increase the speed! You want that nice accelerated vibration. just pick up your speed.

All sessions, no matter what you do, are 10 minutes long. We encourage you to start at one session a day and then you can build your way up to two or three sessions a day.

You don’t have to pay anybody to touch your feet!

Power Legs Vibration Plate Foot Massager Platform vibrating foot massager Vibration Plate Foot Massager Platform

The silicone pads on the machine come off. So if you do use it with bare feet and they get a little sweaty, you can just rinse them off in the sink and then put them right back in place.

Who doesn’t love a great foot massage?

But this vibrating foot massager is also giving you acupressure.

It’s giving me great relaxation and a recharging effect, from my feet, my ankles, my calves, all the way up my legs and even into my hip area. And also allowing me to get a little bit of a core workout.

This machine is awesome if you’d like to get the benefits of vibration and that acupressure and massage from a seated position.

I start my morning with this device because it helps wake up and get my legs and feet ready for the day. But I also use it at the end of the day for relaxation.

So it can get you invigorated and ready or it can wind you down and relax you.

You put your feet on and right away you can visually see what’s happening. It’s working not only your feet, but your ankles, your calves, your legs. You can see and feel that vibration happening.

But with those rotating heads, with that acupressure, you can get into those pressure points.

You can move your foot around on it. If it’s your heel, you just focus on your heel on those rotating heads. If it’s the arch of your foot, you work there. Also the ball of the feet.

You can have one behind your back for any low back issues. You can put your calf on it or your hamstring.

It’s pre-programmed, it’s got three different programs, each program will run for 10 minutes. It vibrates with an intensity up to a level 10. So it is significant.

Program one is just massage. Program two is the rotating heads acupressure with massage and that changes every minute or two. Program three is the same, it just gives you a little longer in your minutes.

All programs, whether you’re in a manual mode or a pre-program mode are 10 minutes long.

You can have a foot massage when you want!

If you don’t have someone around or you don’t want to go to get a massage, you can get a nice intense massage or you can get that oscillating vibration. Whatever works for you. It’s very versatile.

Use it for whatever your issues are!

I still can’t decide what feels better. If it’s the vibration that is loosening up my foot muscles, my ankles, the calves. Or if it’s this magical little ball that is massaging.

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#1 Vibrating Acupressure Foot Massager Machine Review
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