The 5 Best Sneakers of the 2020s


Previously, we talked about the best short cowgirl boots. Today, we will dive into what could be the best sneakers of the 2020s. It might be a bit early, but multiple collaborations and unexpected fan favorites have already given us widely praised pairs that will be hard to beat in the following years. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the very best on the consumer market…

Ben & Jerry’s x Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Chunky Dunky’


A pair that combines cowhide, ice-cream colors, and a dripping effect on the Nike logo, the Chunky Dunky has become somewhat of an unexpected success. The collaboration between Nike SB and Ben & Jerry’s may have started as a joke, but fans have embraced its playful weirdness. A perfect model to show your love for ice cream and sneakers, the Chunky Dunky is a reminder that, sometimes, people should take their hobbies lightly and have fun.

Off-White x Air Jordan 4


Many fans would call their favorite sneaker a work of art, but the Off-White x Air Jordan 4’s first appearance takes this further as it was part of an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago. The pair comes in a cream colorway with four sets of laces that match the colors on the sole. Even the chain holding the Air Jordan tag has been painted cream in a nice detail absent in previous models. After taking a closer look, buyers may notice some raw edge and the absence of stitches in some areas, designed to give them a more realistic retro look. And though the shoe is a woman’s exclusive, it comes with extended sizing.

Travis Scott x Fragment Design Jordan 1 Low


Musician Travis Scott has been behind some of the most sought after models, and the Fragment Design Jordan 1 is no exception, with some reviewers signing up to a sneaker community to get the latest updates on the release. The triple brand collaboration comes with the Cactus Jack and Air Jordan logos on the back, plus a reverse Nike symbol on the sides; additional logos and symbols have been placed in other parts of the sneakers for the owners to discover on their own. The vibrant blue combined with black and white, as well as an elegant sail, give it a traditional feel. And the few reviewers that manage to get their hands on a pair praise it despite the relatively moderate quality of the leather.

Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 992


Red, pink, and burgundy suede with peanut butter leather, and masterful use of the model’s silhouette may explain the anticipation with which this model was received. People don’t usually think of New Balance when discussing the best sneaker of the year, but having the name Joe Freshgoods attached to a 992 collaboration made it one of the most positively reviewed models. The New Balance logo comes in red embroidery with the classic N stitched on the side, and pink U.S.A. letters on a gray background appear on the back. A beautiful dark black sole and an excellent finish make it a great pair that anyone can enjoy.

Off-White x Air Jordan 5

Off-White-x Air-Jordan-5

Released in Chicago, the Virgil Abloh and Nike collaboration was inspired by the designer’s first sneakers. This explains the pre-yellowed sole and air bubbles that give it a vintage look. The metallic colorway may contrast with the yellow lace lock and outsole, which might be a deal-breaker for some fans. The familiar Nike Air logo and off-white branding can be seen on the side, alongside the classic Michael silhouette in a vibrant red color on the sole. The model also comes with a pair of circles on the side placed by the designer for the fans to decide whether to cut out or leave them. They are definitely one of the most popular pairs in recent years.

What makes these sneakers amazing is their eye-catching designs and noteworthy inspirations. So, whether you’re a fan of both ice cream and shoes or an avid follower of Travis Scott, this decade’s top picks have something in store for you.

The 5 Best Sneakers of the 2020s
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