BEST Skin Tightening Machine For Home Use (PERFECT Device)

best skin tightening machine for home use

Do you want toned, tightened skin on your face?

The Titan is the best skin tightening machine for home use that will make your skin look and feel young again FAST!

When you use this device in the privacy of your own home, you will:

  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • lift facial contours
  • diminish age spots
  • improve the elasticity of your skin

face firming device

All this with no recovery time needed!

The Titan is the latest instrument beauty pros are swearing by for its Fountain of Youth-like powers.” – InStyle

The Titan is beautifully designed, feels relaxing to use, and delivers results.” – Forbes

If you buy Titan using this link, you get free shipping and exclusive double warranty:

Also, don’t worry if (for some strange reasons) you do not get desired results. You are covered with a 60-day money back guarantee!

If you don’t take care of your facial skin today, how will you look in a few years?



This skin tightening machine for home use is becoming increasingly popular! More and more women are discovering the astonishing benefits of this beauty device.

skin tightening machine


The Silk’n Titan uses the combination of three technologies to tighten the skin of the face.

It uses radio frequency (RF), which is hugely popular for years, red LED, which produces new collagen and elastin and it also has infrared light.

best skin tightening machine for home use

What’s really important with this face firming device is the heat. As you’re working with the device, you feel the skin get hotter and hotter and you need to make circular motions over the area you are working on.

What that heat does is it heats the collagen and elastin fibers, which are just below the surface of the skin and that heat not only gives you a good glow, but it also forces them into repairing themselves.

You’ve got lots of busy activity just below the surface of the skin, which means that you’re getting new collagen and elastin. The skin is kind of restoring itself. All that activity is very good not just for an instant lift, but as you continue using the device over time, you’re improving the health of the skin.

As a safety mechanism, you can’t look at it with your eyes, the device will only light up if it’s in contact with the skin.

How to Use The Best Skin Tightening Machine

You want to make sure that you have no makeup on your face. You want to start with a clean and dry area.

First of all, switch the device on by pressing the button. You’ve got five levels of intensity, so if you find the heat a little unbearable on higher levels, move down to the lower ones. It starts at level one. Whenever you begin your treatment, you always want to start at level one, just to warm up your skin.

It comes with a slider gel. This is a conductor but it also contains a huge amount of hyaluronic acid, which is fantastic! If you don’t use this gel, the machine won’t be able to conduct the energy. The gel helps transfer the radio frequency heat beneath the surface of the skin.

Apply a small, maybe half a teaspoon of gel, right on your machine. You can actually apply it directly to your skin if you prefer. It feels very nice.

You may be able to see that the red LED lights coming on. When you do this on your face, it feels absolutely lovely. Almost right away you can feel the heat penetrating through your skin.

Warm up the skin for about a minute on the low level and once you’ve treated for about a minute, take the device and move it up to a higher level. You can go right to the top. If it’s uncomfortable for you you can set it at level 3 or level 4. Or you can just speed up your movement. The faster you move the device, the less heat you’ll feel.

face firming machine

Move the machine in a circular motion. Basically what you’re trying to do is evenly distribute the heat. Keep it moving, you don’t want to hold it in one spot and you’re going to do this for 15 minutes. That’s really important to see results. The first five minutes is bringing the temperature beneath your skin to 43 degrees Celsius (109F).

Your skin will become a little bit pink. That’s completely normal. There is no pain whatsoever. It’s actually very gentle, feels really nice.

Once you’ve completed your treatment, turn off your device. Remove any excess gel and apply your moisturizer right away. You’ll see immediately a glow and the texture of your skin is smooth and soft.

It is slightly time consuming. You can focus in on particular areas if you want to treat them. So if eyes are a problem, you could do a sort of ten minute procedure working on the eyes, but if you want to do the whole of your face, you are looking at a good 45 minutes.

Areas to Treat

Areas that you can treat are your forehead, the crow’s feet around your eyes, labial fold, jaw, neck. You’re going to treat two times a week for ten weeks. Then you’re going to treat once every couple weeks to maintain it.

The nice thing about this face lifting device is it’s very difficult to do anything wrong with it, unless you just hold it in one area and make tiny circular motions.

You can in the evening put your gel on your face and sit and watch TV and do your treatment. It’s very relaxing, you don’t have to sit in front of the mirror, you don’t have to put in a huge amount of effort with it.

Yes, 45 minutes is a lot of time to give but you can be doing something else while you did it.

If you’re noticing changes in your skin, like the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, around the mouth or you’re noticing that the skin isn’t as firm as it was, so you’re losing some of that elasticity, some of that spring, then the Silk’n Titan is a perfect device for you because not only will it correct some of those imperfections but actually it’s going to help to prevent them from getting worse.

Before and After Using The Best Skin Tightening Machine

silk'n titan results

silk'n titan before after

Rejuvenating Benefits of the Silk’n Titan

Rejuvenation means that we can improve things like wrinkles, so we do wrinkle reduction, we can achieve skin tightening by improving the elastin in the skin, it will also help to lift the contours of the face because it improves your elastin production, it also increases circulation to the skin, which means that you’ll get much more of a glow and a much better luminosity of the skin. So all in all the skin is going to look fresher and more youthful.

The facial lifting device uses home tightening technology.

Infrared stimulates blood flow to the skin and the muscles. This helps to improve the glow and the radiance of the skin.

Red light LED technology penetrates about two millimeters into the skin and it triggers collagen production. This will help with fine lines, wrinkles and general texture of the skin.

Bipolar Radio frequency penetrates four millimeters down into the skin and this triggers elastin and collagen production, which means that we get a deeper lifting and tightening of the skin and this is great for improving the contours of the face.

These energies have never before been used for at-home anti-aging treatments. You’ve only been able to get them in the dermatologists office or professional salons or spas.

face lifting device

If you follow the regime, the Silk’n Titan will give you more rejuvenated healthier skin but make sure you stick to the regime.

What I Like About Titan Device?

  • it combines 3 technologies: the LED red light therapy, the infrared heat and the radiofrequency energy
  • it’s called the secret weapon because it is strengthening and repairing your skin
  • it helps with anti aging and wrinkles
  • it creates the perfect canvas when you’re using your skin care and makeup
  • if you use Titan before you’re applying makeup, you’re going to get the instant gratification and you’re gonna see instant results
  • the results are phenomenal, within a month or two
  • it’s easy to use, 2 times a week for 10 weeks
  • it feels nice, it feels warm, especially in the colder months
  • it comes with the slider hyaluronic gel


Everybody wants to look their best, but anti-aging treatments can be so costly. But thanks to the latest technology, you can literally take beauty into your own hands with the help of Silk’n.

The Titan helps to repair sagging, aging, drooping skin with the three most effective energies that you find in the professional offices. It helps lift and plump your skin and gives you that youthful glow that you need back.

This little wand actually contains three different levels of technology: bipolar radiofrequency, infrared technology and red light therapy to help in all the depths of your skin and all the aging issues that you could think of. These three technologies are being used in the highest-end med spas and doctor’s offices.

You only need to use it twice a week for 10 weeks and then you’re working on getting permanent anti-aging results. Then you move on to twice a month or as often as you want.

You can use Titan on your face, neck, décolleté, on your hands, anywhere you’re showing those signs of aging and you want to plump up your skin.

It has five different levels. You start on the lowest level. You feel how comfortable it is, you feel the warmth and then you work your way up to the energy that you feel most comfortable with.

It’s really nice, relaxing and pain-free treatment.

The Titan actually stimulates your body’s repair of collagen and elastin, way deep down in the skin. Those deepest wrinkles that you have are starting to be corrected.

Here are some more before and after pictures of amazing results people have gotten with this device:

how to tighten sagging skin on face

how to stop your face from sagging

how to tighten skin on face without surgery

I found that you can extend the life of facial injectables with this product, which is pretty amazing.

It works, but it’s a commitment! You will see great results, but definitely you need to use it faithfully.


Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Review

BEST Skin Tightening Machine For Home Use (PERFECT Device)
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