Reathlete Air Compression Leg Massager With Heat Review

Reathlete Air Compression Leg Massager With Heat

Here we are taking a look at the Reathlete Airc air compression leg massager with heat.


Reathlete Air Compression Leg Massager With Heat

Before we get into the review, it’s important to denote that these are not compression recovery boots, but they are a fantastic alternative to somebody that’s looking for the similar benefits of a compression boots.

What we mean by that is compression recovery boots are specifically designed with the purpose of promoting lymphatic movement. They have overlapping air chambers that squeeze up the fluids up your leg, whereas this air compression leg massager with heat is more of a massager designed with specific chambers and areas of your legs, designed to just massage those and apply pressure specifically to those areas.

While it’s not exactly a compression recovery boot, you do have some of the similar benefits. You’re going to get some relief from tight muscles, you’re you’re going to get some increased blood flow, but you’re not going to get the full fluid movement of the lymphatic system that you would get from some of the more professional recovery boot systems.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what comes with this product.


What Comes With Reathlete Massager?

Leg Air Compression Massager

Everything that you need comes in a nice little carrying case. The carrying case has two handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s a small compact soft sided case. It holds everything that comes with it. So that’s convenient.

Inside of it, you do have an instruction manual, which is just basically one page.

And then you have a card that includes the warranty information. It does come with a one year warranty.

The next thing you’ll see is the control device, which is also the pump. In order to charge this, it does have a power cord that comes with it. It’s not a battery powered device, so it does need to be plugged into the wall.

In order to do that, on the bottom side of the control panel, there’s just a little hole that the power cord plugs into and you plug it into the wall.

Next you have the actual boots themselves.

Each boot comes separately. They are labeled left and right. Each of them has a three foot hose that is attached to it. Both of these hoses connect to the same control unit. That’s what powers the heat function.

The last thing that comes in the case are four extensions to make the boots a little bit wider. They do attach via velcro, so if you have wider legs, you can add these extensions in just to make it a little bit wider to ensure they fit.

How to Put the Air Compression Leg Massager On?

Full leg massager

You’ve got three different zones or chambers that you’re going to need to specifically unclasp with the velcro.

Once it is turned on, the three different sections are gonna fill with air. You’ve got the foot, you have the calf and then you have the thigh. There’s also a knee strap. This is what actually heats up. Just the knee function is gonna heat and then the other three are going to fill with air.

In order to put them on, you just have to open up all the velcro straps. The velcro is pretty strong, so it does take a little bit to unclasp them.

Once you get everything unstrapped, then you start with the foot. You put your foot in and then you just close the velcro up and then move on up to the calf. The great thing about this velcro is that you can make it as tight as you want.

Some of the other more professional boots have just one zipper and it all fills with air, so you can’t control the same amount of tightness at each zone.

But at the same time it does make it a little bit more difficult to put on and a little bit time consuming as well, but for the most part it’s relatively straightforward.

After that you put on the other one.

Specifications of Reathlete Air Compression Leg Massager

Specifications of Reathlete Leg Massager

Let’s talk about some of the specifications of this air compression leg massager with heat.

We mentioned that it does have the three different zones that fill with air, plus the knee section that heats up. It does have three different pressure settings, so you can go low, medium and high on the three sections that fill with air.

The range of pressure on each of those sections is going to vary just based on the capacity of the chamber that it’s able to fill up. Plus you have the ability to adjust that based on the velcro.

On the foot section, the low pressure is going to be 225 millimeters of mercury. On the high section it’s going to be 285 millimeters of mercury.

That millimeters of mercury is just a pressure setting for things that are filled with air. Specifically in Reathlete’s instruction manual, they list their pressure in kilopascals, but all other leg compression massages use the measurement in millimeters of mercury. So we converted those.

Up to the calf section, which is the middle section, on the low end it’s going to be 165 millimeters of mercury, on the high end it’s going to be 225. The pressure settings are the same on the thigh.

You can vary between that through the three different settings on each of them.

Once you have the intensity of pressure that you want, there is three different modes or patterns that you can cycle through.

massager modes

M1 is what they call the pressure massage. It goes through all different sections. You’re going to hit the the foot, the calf and the thigh in different varying patterns of inflating and deflating.

M2 is what they call kneading. It’s going to focus only on the thighs and the calves. Again it’s going to inflate and deflate in a different pattern.

And then M3 is strictly just the feet. They call that shiatsu. You’re going to get a couple different patterns of inflating and deflating.

And then the knees. If you want to turn the knee heat on, you just press the the very bottom button and that’s going to adjust the heat settings. There are three different heat settings that goes from 95 degrees all the way up to 130 degrees.

When it comes to the inflate time, once you decide you’re ready to turn them on and inflate it up, it only takes about a minute to get up to that maximum pressure. Once you’re done with them, in order to deflate them, you just pull two hoses out and it deflates on its own in about a minute as well.

It’s a relatively quick and easy process.

The legs are not connected, so if you’ve seen some of the more professional level compression boots, they typically have two hoses like this, but then the hoses attach together before going into the pump themselves. Because these are attached separately, it does allow them to inflate and deflate a little bit quicker.



Leg air massager size

Talking about the size, they seem a little bit unique. It is only a one size option. This is the only size you can get when you purchase it. We would imagine it probably goes up to someone that could be around six foot and fit pretty comfortably.

We mentioned earlier that it comes with the extensions on the velcro, so the circumference of each section.

The foot is a 22 inch circumference, the calves and the knees are 25 inch circumference and the thigh is a 30 inch circumference.

There are extensions for both the thighs and the calves and that extension has seven and a half inches to the circumference. So if you have some thicker legs, you’re certainly going to be able to add those attachments in and it should fit you okay.

The only thing you’re going to lose is you’re not going to have that air compression in the parts where the extension is, but it will still apply the pressure.

Using Reathlete Air Compression Leg Massager With Heat

Leg air massager

The control device is not Bluetooth enabled at all. You’re only able to control the air compression leg massager with heat through the device. They don’t have an app or anything like that. It’s not battery powered. So in terms of portability you are limited to the cord, which is five and a half feet. You do have to be relatively close to an outlet, but it’s easy to move around.

Once you have it on, it’ll run for 20 minutes before it automatically shuts off.

In order to turn it on, you just press and hold the top pressure setting for a few seconds. Once it lights up and comes on, you select the mode you want. It starts on M1 and it’s gonna go feet, calves and thighs and slowly inflate. It’s on the lowest intensity when you turn it on. Hit the button again if you like something with a little bit more pressure.

You can then turn the knee heat on as well, which has three different heat settings.

It’s not anything that’s super loud, you can definitely talk over, have conversations with it.

At the beginning when we talked a little bit about the differences between these, which are more of a massage boot versus a compression recovery boot, some of the more professional grade ones that you’re going to typically see upwards of $800 to $1500, the big difference with those is it’s a continuous air pocket surrounding your legs. Whereas these you’ve got gaps between each section.

In terms of actually being able to move fluid, anytime you’ve got a gap, the fluid is going to be able to go in different directions. That’s really the biggest difference.

You’re definitely getting a lot of tension squeezed on muscles. So if it is just tight muscles that you’re looking to get a slow and high pressure massage on, that’s what this product is going to be for.

I wouldn’t compare it directly to some of those high level compression recovery boots, but certainly a fantastic alternative and a much more budget-friendly alternative.

In terms of knee heat, I’m sure it would be something that would be very relaxing to somebody who has knee problems, whether you’ve had knee surgery or just have a knee injury.

What this inflation is going to be great for is any areas of swelling. If you’ve got swollen feet after standing all day, the pressure is going to help reduce some of that swelling.

What we really really like about this is that you are able to adjust the tightness with the varying velcro.

We also like that the pump. It is very quiet and portable.


air leg massager

This is our quick review of Reathlete Airc air compression leg massager with heat.

If you’re looking for something in the leg compression space, if you’re looking for something on a lower budget, this is certainly a fantastic option to consider. Highly recommend.


Reathlete Air Compression Leg Massager With Heat Review
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