#1 Portable Power Bank For Laptop and Mobile!

power bank for laptop and mobile

Today I’m gonna be talking about an absolute beast, an absolute monster of a portable power bank for laptop and mobile – the Mophie powerstation AC.

Mophie is an electronic accessory maker that specializes in batteries.

power bank for laptop and mobile

Without a doubt, this is the best rechargeable laptop battery pack that sports 22,000 mAh battery inside of it.

That is enough to charge iPhone X eight times. You can also recharge your MacBook twice or your 15 inch MacBook Pro once. In general, only big gaming laptops are gonna draw more than 100 watts.

This external battery pack is going to power:

  • a smartphone for 100 hours
  • a large tablet for 21 hours
  • a USB-C laptop, like MacBook, for 15 hours
  • a DSLR camera for 8 hours
A Portable Powerstation for Laptops, Tablets, & Smartphones - The Mophie Powerstation AC

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How can this 7.5 inch by 4.5 inch battery charge so many different kinds of devices?

Well it has one standard USB port, one USB C port and one port to be the big daddy of them all – one port that lives in the wall, it is one of those 100 Watt alternating current or AC (hence the name of the battery) wall plugs built right into this powerstation.

portable laptop power bank

This feature alone is a life saver if you have something that cannot be powered or charged using a USB.

This external battery pack employs Quick Charge technology that recharges a completely drained smartphone battery to 60% in only 30 minutes!

You can plug anything in there as long as it draws less than a 100 watts and is made to run on a 110 Volt AC circuit. When you sue the plug, a noisy little fan kicks in to keep the battery cool. It’s annoying but not as annoying as dead laptop.

external battery pack for laptopThe device is about the size of a paperback book. It’s slim, sleek and sturdy. This is definitely a big battery, coming in at 1,67 pounds, which is no t light, but if you have it in a backpack, you will barley notice it.

Thee are only two buttons on this power bank. One to check how much charge the pack has. Another button you have to hold down for 3 seconds to activate the AC outlet.

It’s wrapped in a fabric finish, which may seem like an odd choice, but it makes it feel more premium and helps avoid scratches from other devices in your bag. This cloth finish looks good and gives you plenty of grip.

There are two vents on the top and the bottom to prevent the battery from overheating while charging your devices or the battery itself.

There are also four battery indicator LED lights so you will know how much of charge battery has left.

Another really cool thing that I like about this is that it has priority pass-through charging. What that means?

When you’re charging this device up to the wall by a USB type C and you also have a phone or a laptop charging up onto this device as well, it’s going to give priority to the phone or the laptop before it finishes charging the actual device.

Because of this, the battery is able to charge about 2.5 times faster than conventional batteries.

Perhaps the best of all is that powerstation recharges quickly. It takes only 2-3 hours to go from nearly dead to fully charge.

You also do not need to worry about faults in charging because this battery has GFCI protection, which will shut off charging if a problem is detected.

Mophie Powerstation AC has a GFCI Protected Outlet & 30W USB-C: Review

There’s no denying that the Mophie power station AC is a beast of a battery but the real question is would you buy it.

It may seem a bit pricey at $200 but then again, it can hold a lot of juice and charge lots of devices, so, at least in my opinion, it seems like it comes down to what you’re willing to pay, what you have to charge and how frequently you have to charge it with a portable battery.

I really love extra battery packs because they really come in handy when, for example, your phone is dying in the airport or if your phone is dying anywhere. It is so cool if you can have an extra battery pack to give you a little bit of charge.

The same concept is if your laptop is dying.

power bank for phone and laptop

I love Mophie because their products last long and if you put it on the shelf for a little bit, and you use it later, it’s still gonna have charge.

This power bank for laptop and mobile will get you through any storm, power outage or whatever is happening.

Using this battery for myself, I can tell you that it is just like massive backup batteries that I have used before. It is a life saver when you are on the go and need additional power.

But where this battery goes beyond and above for me is that AC power plug. Being able to charge my MacBook Pro or a DSLR while away from a power outlet is a god send.

This is the be-all and end-all of chargers and its price is reasonable for this level of functionality.

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#1 Portable Power Bank For Laptop and Mobile!
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