Guide to Buying Bed Sheets

What should you look for when buying your next set of bed sheets? This guide tells you what you need to know. You will learn how to buy bed sheets like a pro! So it’s time to go shopping for a new set of bed sheets.… Read the rest

Best Antibacterial Bed Sheets (Silver-Infused)

It’s a terrible fact Your bed sheets are a breeding ground for bacteria! But these innovative antibacterial bed sheets can help. Miracle Brand sheets use antimicrobial silver to kill germs! I know it may sound a little strange to be sleeping on sheets made of silver threads, but comfort hasn’t been sacrificed.… Read the rest

Corset vs Waist Trainer vs Spanx

Today I’m going to share with you the difference between corsets, Spanx and waist trainers.Corsets Corsets help bring a very hourglass illusion to your body instantaneously because your body is shifting into this mold, which is the corset. The biggest difference is that the corsets do have lacing at the back, so you do have to lace them up, which can take a little bit of time but you can make it as tight as you want or as tight as your body will allow you to go.… Read the rest

How to Buy a Corset

When you’re shopping for a corset, how do you know what is a quality corset and what you should not waste your money on, especially if you’re buying online. I’ve got some hints and tips to share with you. We’re going to be talking about how to buy a corset and what to look for when you’re buying one.… Read the rest

How to Hide a Corset Under Clothes (Stealthing)

We’re going to be talking about corsets that are good for stealthing and what sort of features to look for if you want to wear your corset under clothing and have it be as inconspicuous as possible. This is one of the most common questions people are asking about corsets – how to hide a corset under clothes.… Read the rest
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Low Level Laser Therapy For Hair Loss!

Today we’re gonna talk about low level laser therapy for hair loss. It is essentially a form of stimulation therapy and there are a lot of devices on the market. But what does low level laser therapy is doing for hair loss and hair growth?… Read the rest

9 Types of Mesh Corsets!

Today I’m going to be comparing different types of mesh corsets. Mesh corsets have very different qualities, different weaves and different materials that they were made out of. So I’m going to go through the different types of mesh corsets and the pros and cons for each type.… Read the rest

Corset Tips and Tricks For Beginners!

This article will be very much a beginner’s corsetry article. I want to address a couple of questions first timers to corsetry may have. So let’s get right into it.First of all I would like to clarify what a corset is because since this whole trend of waist training started there seems to be a bit of confusion what corsetry world considered to be a corset and what the general media seems to consider a corset.… Read the rest

Best Antimicrobial Bath Towels (Silver Infused)

If you love a clean and soft towel after a relaxing, warm shower, you will be crazy about these antimicrobial bath towels.Your typical towels you keep in your bathroom absorb all the bacteria floating around. These towels become breeding ground for all kinds of microbes.… Read the rest

Front Door Security Devices to Stop Kick-ins!

Did you know that 85% of burglars come right through the front door? We are talking home security devices in this article. We are going to have a look at Door Armor by Armored Concepts. Small package, big opportunity. We’re talking about steel plating to reinforce your front door, back door, shed, garage door, whatever you got, whatever you need.… Read the rest
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