NuBODY Review (Before and After Photos)

Skin Toning Device

NuBODY is the first FDA-cleared at-home microcurrent device proven to improve skin tone and firmness and smooth away the look of dimples.


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We spend so much time and money taking care of our face but so many people neglect the body skin. They don’t exfoliate the skin, they don’t hydrate the skin.

With NuBODY you have the ability to treat your arms, your thighs, your buttocks as well as your abdomen.


NuBODY comes into play to help us battle all of the challenges with the skin.


The benefits of NuBODY is that it’s gonna tone, it’s gonna firm and it’s going to smooth dimples.

In clinical studies the results were incredible:

  • 92% of women showed an increase in skin tone
  • 84% of women’s skin appeared firmer
  • 80% of women’s skin appeared smoother

These are very high percentages that women were experiencing in clinical studies.

Before and After

The results are in the photo:

NuBODY before after

See how amazing the clinical results are. This was on a 28 year old female. You can see the improvement in the tone and texture of the skin in this photo and that was only after 30 days.

tighten buttocks skin

In this photo you see the improvement in the dimpling just after 30 days and this is in a 55 year old female.

tighten stomach skin

I love this before and after picture. It honestly looks like the tummy was ironed out. After 60 days you’ve got an incredible improvement in the lines on the stomach.

All of these people use the device for five minutes a day, for five times a week. All of these clinical patients used the device for five minutes in the treatment area, for five times a week for 30 to 60 days.

About NuBODY Device

The device uses four micro spheres so it’s called Micro-4 technology.

Skin Toning Device

All four of these spheres interact with each other to deliver on the optimal output. It ranges from 700 to 900 micro amps.

When you turn the device on, it does have three different settings. You just press the power on/off button to reach those different settings. At its lowest setting it’s going to be at 700 micro amps, at its highest setting it’s going to be at 900 micro amps.

NuFACE facial device goes up to 400 micro amps. So if you think about it, from four to seven hundred, that’s a huge jump and because of the thickness of the skin, the texture of the skin and the structure of the skin, that’s why we needed a more powerful device to address the concerns of the body.

It has ergonomic shape so it is very easy for treatment use and it also has a gentle energizing hum. So this is different from NuFACE device and when you turn it on, it has a gentle hum so that you know that it’s powered on.

You do want to charge the device for 16 hours before use. When you turn it on, you’ll see the blue LED lights blinking to show that it’s charging. All three lights will light up when you get the full charge.

When you’re using the device, you want to make sure that all four spheres are always touching the skin. You want to make contact with all four spheres to assure that the current is being delivered to the skin effectively. You are going to work upwards and with a medium pressure.


Three easy steps for using NuBODY:

  • make sure you are working with clean skin and you are gonna apply the gel primer.
  • then you are going to glide the device in the treatment area
  • after you’re done with treatment, you’re going to massage the gel into the skin

Usage recommendation is going to be for the first 60 days to do five times a week for five minutes per treatment area and then after that you’ll do two to three times a week.

About Hydrating Gel Primer


I am completely obsessed with this gel primer, super hydrating. It’s going to come in an amazing 10 ounce pump. That’s a $48 value that you get for free.

This is a great lightweight leave-on formula. It has a couple key ingredients.

It has hyaluronic acid that we all know and love. It also has an ingredient called Phytomoist complex, derived from snow mushroom as well as Betaine. The snow mushroom actually has four hundred times more moisturizing power than sodium hyaluronate and so it intensely and deeply hydrates the skin.

The second that you apply it, the skin is glowing and hydrated so you’re going to love working with this in your NuBODY treatments.

How to Use

NuBODY uses

Use a warm towel to cleanse the selected treatment area to remove sunscreen, lotions, oils, etc. Apply the hydrating gel primer with your hands in a mask like layer. The skin should appear wet to provide enough slip.

Slowly glide NuBODY in an upward motion until you hear the beep. The device does beep every five seconds. You want to take five seconds for each glide. Treat the area for five minutes until the device automatically powers off.

So when we’re treating the arms, spend 2.5 minutes on the front of the arms and 2.5 minutes on the back of the arms. When you’re treating the thighs, spend 2.5 minutes on the front of the thigh and 2.5 minutes on the back of the thigh.

Can you do the calves and the forearms? Typically those are areas of the body where people don’t necessarily have concerns in terms of skin tone and texture and dimpling and things of that nature. But it is safe to use on those areas.

You add a medium pressure, mainly to make sure that all four spheres are touching the skin. Don’t make circular motions, just upward glides towards the heart.

For stubborn areas, such as dimpled skin or uneven skin, hold the device on the target area for2-3 beeps for a more targeted treatment.

Smooth in any remaining gel primer.

Drink plenty of water since hydration is key to an effective microcurrent treatment.

A good thing to do is to exfoliate before the treatment. It creates less resistance so the current is able to penetrate better. If you have a lot of body hair, you would want to shave or wax before you use the machine.

Like exercise, the results are cumulative. With continued use you’ll be amazed by the change in visible appearance to skin tone, firmness and smoothness.

What to Expect?

How long before you see results?

You will see results in one treatment!

You gonna notice improvement in skin tone and texture, your skin is gonna look energized, it’s gonna look refreshed and it’s just gonna look healthier in general.

For a more difficult and challenging areas, like dimpling, after 30 days to 60 days is where you’re really gonna notice a more dramatic result like you saw in the before and after pictures. It takes that time to rebuild collagen and elastin beneath the skin.

NuBODY before after results

NuBODY results

You trigger that response in the cell and start rebuilding and repairing that damage and that’s when you’re gonna see the smoothing out of dimpling or creepiness of the skin.

How does this device come?

NuBODY carrying case gel

It comes in a beautiful carrying case. It’s also going to come with a ten ounce of the gel primer. It’s going to come with the user manual and a charger.

Science Behind NuBODY

Let’s talk a little bit about the technology itself and what microcurrent can actually do for your body.

It’s a low level of electrical current. It mimics the body’s natural current and it’s going to restore normal frequencies within the damaged cells. So that’s really the goal of what microcurrent can do in the body.

There are three main mechanisms of action that are coming into play:

  • it’s gonna increase circulation
  • it’s gonna increase ATP production
  • it’s gonna provide skin and muscle stimulation

What’s the difference between the skin of the face and the skin of the body?

There are some commonalities and then there are some differences.


The skin all over the body is our largest organ and it’s stable but it’s flexible. Its main goal is to act as the barrier. It lets in the good stuff and releases the bad stuff. It blocks what we don’t want in and it lets in what we do.

So those are the things that are the same between the skin of the face and the skin of the body. But there are also some differences. Just think about products that you’re using for the face versus products for the body. What makes them different?


The skin structure and its behavior is different between the face and the body. The cells on the face are actually smaller and the body skin is protecting our major organs.

The facial skin is attached to the muscles and the body skin is more dense so we get slower cell turnover in the skin of the body.

Another thing is that we have sebaceous glands all over our body but we have more in our face. So that’s why pores are more visibly on the face but that also leads to less oil on the skin in the body. As a result we get more dryness.

Since these two are very different, an intelligent device needs to reflect those differences and treat the body skin differently than the face. Just like your skin care products are very different for the body than are for the face.

We wouldn’t put an eye cream on our body or we wouldn’t put a body cream underneath our eyes. Technology needs to reflect those differences.

When we think about the key components to skin tone and texture, there’s a couple things that come into play.

We have damage to the dermis from external factors, we have a thinning epidermis as we age, in the body our fat cells can also swell and move closer to the surface of the skin and we also get blood vessel disruption.

As we age genetics and environmental factors also kick in and so our skin tends to be less firm, saggy, a little bit thinner and then our collagen production slows down as we age.

They say that in your 20s, collagen production slows down at about 1% per year, in your 30s it jumps up to 10% and in your 40s it jumps up to 20%. It’s going to increase over the years.

All of these components are really the direct cause of why we see fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. Collagen and elastin loss is really one of the core components of wrinkling in the skin.

The truth is that 90% of women suffer from some form of cellulite. That orange peel dimples and cellulite that we see, it has to do with both genetics and with hormones. Men skin versus women skin is very different and that’s why 90% of women are suffering from cellulite but that percentage is much smaller with men.


What you will notice on this picture which I absolutely love and was really eye-opening for me, men’s skin actually has the collagen bonds, which are called fibrous septae, that are cross sectioned underneath the skin. With female skin, they go up and down.

What happens is as we age and fat cells swell, the ability of cellulite to appear is much easier on female skin versus the male skin. The male skin can withstand that stress.

Fibrous septae in women is less flexible and they’re more easily fragmented as we age. They break down a little bit easier.

Also with estrogen production and women, that production lessens as they age and so they get poorer circulation, they get a slowdown of collagen production and they get a breakdown of connective tissue.

All of these things contribute to dimpling of the skin and the loss of tone and texture.

Moving on to the layers of the skin.

Epidermis is that surface layer that we can exfoliate with exfoliating products. We can use good skin care products on that layer to treat different conditions of the epidermis.

Dermis layer is really where we have our collagen and elastin that keep that layer firm. We want to think of the dermal layer as a woven basket.

When we’re young and our skin is still youthful and we still have a lot of collagen and elastin, we think of that layer as a tightly woven basket. Woven so tightly that you could even carry water in it. But as we age, those basket weave kind of unravels and so water can creep through and what you’ll see in the skin is that you’ll get those fine lines and wrinkles.

What we’re trying to do and what we’re trying to achieve with microcurrent and treatments that affects that dermal layer is to rebuild the collagen and elastin and reweave that basket to make it tight and firm and so that you get a smoothing of the skin as a result.

Taking a little deeper dive into the skin, I’d like to take a look at the formation of cellulite and that dimpling that we all don’t want to have.

We have a fat layer beneath the dermis that consists of bouyant cells, that lives directly under the dermis and it cannot be burned as fuel. So that’s why you’ll notice some people that maybe still have thin physiques can still suffer from cellulite because that bouyant cannot be burned for fuel.

They’re encased in chamber supported by those fibrous septae that I mentioned before or those vertical bands. As fat cells enlarge, they press on the dermal layer. As we age, that dermal layer deteriorates because of environmental factors and because of age.

It gives those fat cells the ability to kind of peek through easier than if that skin and that dermal layer was healthy. Those vertical bands can also weaken as we age so it allows the fat to bulge out further.

Here is a picture of a healthy dermal layer and those healthy fat cells and then the one on the right you see the enlarged fat cells and you can see the appearance of the orange peeled skin as a result:

celllulite formation

There are actually three different grades of cellulite.

Minor grade is where the area is smooth when you’re standing but when you pinch the skin you’re gonna see dimpling.

In intermediate grade you’re gonna see that the orange peel skin or mattress appearance is subtle but evident when someone’s standing without skin pinching.

Grade three is where your skin will show a typical dimpling or change in texture without sitting or manipulating the skin.

Another thing that’s really important to think about with cellulite or dimpling in the skin is that inflammation in the body contributes to poor circulation and lymphatic drainage.

We know that microcurrent is good for lymphatic drainage and for the stimulation of circulation.

So that’s why NuBODY is so amazing for all of these things.

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NuBODY Review (Before and After Photos)
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