BEST Men’s Wide Brim Fedora Hats (10 PERFECT Models)

Men's Wide Brim Fedora Hats

Here you will find the highest quality men’s wide brim fedora hats from top designer brands. There is literally a hat for everyone.

Fantastic looking and feeling hats. If you want to look totally cool in a stylish way, buy one of these. They rock!

I get complimented by people 1 in 3 times that I wear them.

Men's Wide Brim Fedora Hats

Men’s Wide Brim Fedora Hats

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Phil-A-FedoraPhil A. Fedora

Fabric: Felt, Wool, Wool Felt
Material: 100% Wool
Brim: 3″ wide brim
Season: Autumn/Winter
Color: Chestnut
Classic-Fedora-Panama-HatClassic Fedora Panama Hat

Material: Genuine Panama Straw
Brim: 3 inches
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Natural/Black
Cutler-PanamaCutler Panama

Fabric: Genuine Panama, Straw
Material: 100% Straw
Brim: 2 7/8 inches
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Natural
Spencer-Panama-FedoraSpencer Panama Fedora

Fabric: Litestraw, Straw
Material: 100% LiteStraw
Brim: 2 3/8″ Casual
Season: Spring/Summer
Water Resistant: Water Repellent
Color: Natural
Panama-Player-FedoraPanama Player Fedora

Fabric: Straw
Material: 100% Panama Straw
Brim: 3″
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Mustard
Ladon-FedoraLadon Fedora

Material: 100% Raffia
Brim: 2 1/2″
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Natural/Navy
Miles-Classic-PanamaMiles Classic Panama

Fabric: Straw
Material: 100% Straw
Brim: 3″
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Natural
Obie-FedoraObie Fedora

Fabric: Felt, Litefelt, Wool, Wool Felt
Material: 100% Wool Felt
Brim: 2 3/8″
Season: Autumn/Winter
Color: Black
Brandt-FedoraBrandt Fedora

Fabric: Lanolux, Wool, Wool Felt
Material: 100% Lanolux Wool
Brim: 2 1/2 inches
Color: Black
Ralat-FedoraRalat Fedora

Fabric: Felt, Fur, Fur Felt, Superior Fur Felt
Material: 60% Rabbit Fur, 40% Beaver Fur
Brim: 3” Slight Snap
Season: Autumn/Winter
Color: Black

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These men’s wide brim fedora hats have great look for all occasions, casual or dress. The fitting is perfect, comfortable.

You can wear them with almost anything without overpowering your appearance.

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Where to Buy Fedora Hats?

You can buy it online here. This is America’s oldest hat maker and a world leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of men’s and women’s hats.

They offer over 25 brands and 3,000 SKUs on their online store. Visit the shop.

How to Measure Head For Hat Size

Finding your head size can be one of the trickiest things when it comes to buying a hat.

However your hat buying process can be very easy and convenient with these tips.

While measuring your head, get the most accurate size.

  • Measure your head three to four times to get it accurate size.
  • Make sure not to pull the measuring tool too tight or leave it too loose around your head.
  • Measure just about a fingertip above your ear. This is where your hat will sit most comfortably.
  • Always measure around the widest part of your head.

Follow the following easy three-step process to help you find your head size so you can be on your way looking great in your brand new hat.

  1. To begin, pull out your headphones. You’ll be using them to measure your head.
  2. Take each earbud in your hand and put the long part of the cord so the end where you plug your headphones in is behind you, running down your back. Keep the right earbud in your right hand and the left ear bud in your left hand.
  3. Take your earbuds and wrap them around your head, remembering not to pull too tight or leave them too loose. Also remember to measure about a fingertip above your ear and measure around the widest part of your head. Find where the earbud in your left hand meets the cord in your right hand and hold that point with your fingers as you take your headphones off your head.

Now that you have the measurement, let’s figure out what hat size you should wear.

  • If your measurement is before the minus sign on the volume controls and microphone, you should look for a size
    small hat.
  • If the measurement is anywhere from the beginning of the volume controls and microphone with the minus sign to the middle of the volume controls in microphone, you should try a medium hat.
  • If your measurement is anywhere from the middle to the end of the volume controls and microphone with the plus sign, you should try a large hat. Anything past that, try an extra large.

If you don’t have headphones used like the ones here, you could easily use the cord of your own headphones to measure your head size.

Just take the cord of your headphones and wrap it around your head, following the same pointers laid out above.

From there, measure the length with a ruler or a tape measure and use this hat sizing guide to find the proper size:

head circumference hat size

About Men’s Wide Brim Fedora Hats

Many man refer to any kind of hat as a fedora which is wrong.

So, what makes a fedora?

It is a snap brim hat because you can snap the brim down.

It is also pinched in the middle and in the front.

One of the main reasons it’s so popular is that the fedora is shapable in lot of different forms because it’s a soft felt hat.

The exact shape is not defined. It can be more curved or more flat.

Also the height of the crown varies.

When it comes to the brim of the fedora, it also comes in different sizes: short, medium and wide brims.

There are also different edges, such as a raw cut edge, a sewn edge, a ribbon edge or cavanagh edge (only find in vintage hats)

The brim of the fedora can be snapped down in the front, all the way around or up in the front and down in the back.

The most popular way of wearing it is having it snap down in the front and up in the back.

When it comes to material, the majority of fedoras are made from wool felt, which is usually a little rougher.

The next type is a rabbit or hare felt, which is finer and softer.

The best quality are beaver felt hats.

In regard to hat decoration, most have a band on the outside (a really wide or a slim), bow or ribbons. Some people add feathers to highlight their character.

How should you wear men’s wide brim fedora hats?

You want to wear it with a classically inspired outfit, which means a jacket or a suit.

Wear the fedora in the right season. A felt hat is great in the winter when it’s cold outside, maybe in the fall and spring but not during the summer. Go for a Panama hat instead.

When wearing men’s wide brim fedora hats, avoid sunglasses because it looks odd and over-the-top.

In terms of color, do not use extreme colors because it is very hard to combine with your outfits. Avoid all black or all white, blue, yellow or green. Choose a more subdued tone such as brown or grey. You can also go with a navy.

Choose a headband that’s very similar to the color of your hat but slightly different with a different shine.

Wide Brim Fedora Hats

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BEST Men’s Wide Brim Fedora Hats (10 PERFECT Models)
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