BEST Lip Plumper Device Review (Lips Like Angelina Jolie)

Today I’ve got this review about the best lip plumper device that I know a lot of women are going to be really happy.

Lips are number one thing that many women wants to improve – they want to have these big, full, large lips, like Angelina Jolie! Who doesn’t want to have such beautiful and gorgeous lips?

Some do lip injections and fillers but they can be very expensive and a lot of people cannot afford to do them.


So today I wanted to show you this device – PMD Kiss! With this tool you naturally and safely plump your lips to give them a fuller and more youthful appearance.

PMD Kiss device

Kiss tool not only enhances the size of your lips and reduces the appearance of wrinkles but it also boosts your natural lip color and also increases the amount of collagen that is in your lips.

So if you would like to see how to easily plump your lips in under five minutes keep reading and watching.

Fuller Lips WITHOUT Injections or Makeup! | PMD Kiss

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First you will apply the Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum on to clean and dry lips. Allow serum to absorb for 60 seconds. This stuff definitely has that lip plumper, stinging effect. Nothing too crazy but you can feel it.

Then power on the Kiss and place the plumping tip firmly and directly on to your lips, creating a tight seal for suction.

How to Use Kiss Lip Plumper Device

Use Kiss on six different sections of your lips. Three sections on the top and then three on the bottom.

using pmd kiss

There are two settings for pulses. The first setting is a faster pace, and then the second setting is a slower pace but more intense.

Allow Kiss tool to pulse for 15 to 20 times on each section of your lips. You’ll be able to hear the pulse while the Kiss is working.

Get Plump Lips Without Going Under The Needle | PMD Kiss

You do the first six sections on the more intense speed with the bigger lip suction hole. Then switch them out. You just take the piece out and then put in the smaller section and this is gonna be a more concentrated suction.

Now do it again using this slow but more intense setting with the smaller hole in the same six spots you did before.

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Lips Before and After Using the Lip Plumping Tool

pmd kiss before after

pmd kiss before after pics

pmd kiss results

The final result – you can definitely see a difference, lips become bigger and more full, they just look like plumper, doesn’t look like you got lip injections.

So you can REALLY see the results. My wife is using Kiss tool for over a month now and she has been loving the little natural boost it’s been giving her lips and it’s so easy to use and so quick.

The results from this are not permanent, they last up to four hours and then you’ll need to do a little touch-up. But since it is increasing your collagen, your lips over time will naturally increase.

I really like this little device. I think it really works to plump up your lips and just give them that extra little boom. It really helps to pull out the fine lines and the wrinkles.

With continued use over time Kiss helps with collagen production so you will see long-term results, but just doing it once, the results will last a few hours but it can help with anti-aging in the lips and collagen reproduction which is really good to keep them plump over time.

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My wife really likes using this thing before we go to an event just so that she feel like her lips just have that extra voluminous, like they’re not just dry and small, they just have that extra plumpness.

This is really good if you’re going on a date or if you’re going to an event or if you just want to take picture.

I’m actually really happy with this because it’s a lot safer than other methods, such as the Kylie Jenner Challenge which can be very dangerous or things that are very suctioning.

This is very gentle and I like that it’s a controlled suction, it’s not like those things where you squeeze it and then let it go and it sucks your lips in. This is very controlled and very targeted and the most safest.

The product comes with a device, a charger, an additional size of the lip plumper and the serum.

lip plumper device

What else should you know about the PMD Kiss lip plumper device?

  • PMD Kiss lip plumping tool is safe to use as often as desired.
  • Kiss will not bruise or harm your lips.
  • You can use the tool with other serum or gloss.
  • When using the serum, redness and flushing of the lips is normal. It contains an an ingredient that increases circulation and creates a warming, flushing effect.
  • Do not apply serum to skin outside the lip area.
  • Do not use Kiss device within 30 days after having injectable fillers or implants.


Have you ever had a guy that you’re making out with a kissing and he bites your lip or sucks a little bit too aggressively? You probably didn’t realize it but it’s a free cosmetic treatment that he’s giving you!

So if you have someone doing that, you can’t really expect them to do that reasonably and perfectly. But Kiss lip plumper device can do it for you!

Lip Plumper tool

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BEST Lip Plumper Device Review (Lips Like Angelina Jolie)
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