How to Never Get Dental Cavities

In this video, Dr. Berg talks about How to never get dental cavities (decay).

How to Never Get Dental Cavities (Decay)? – Permanent Solution by Dr. Berg

It is really strange that a youngster would experience deterioration in any portion of their body. How is this possible? Enamel is stronger than steel.

De-mineralization takes place when the pH of the saliva decreases and turns excessively acidic (4-5.5) when it should be 7.

Acid causes minerals to dissolve away. This happens as a result of too many bacteria producing acid.

Overconsumption of sugar in the diet is a step before this. The typical kid eats a lot of sugar and even liquid candy (soda).

Get the kid off the sugar and give him/her something healthier in its place, such non-GMO xylitol.

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