How to Increase Hair Growth and Volume


Here is a quick and easy trick that won’t break the bank to help you get thicker hair and faster hair growth. Why not give it a shot?

I want to share with you a fantastic, low-cost tip for hair growth or thicker hair.

The #1 Best Tip for Hair Growth and Thicker Hair - Dr. Berg

Consuming gelatin is my best advice for promoting hair growth and fuller hair. Gelatin, unflavored, unsweetened Jell-O, or hydrolyzed collagen are all options.

How gelatin might be able to promote hair growth:

It has 99% protein, contains amino acids and peptides, and boosts blood volume and flow.

They observed a 50% increase in hair growth, a significant increase in hair diameter, and an increase in the total quantity of hairs in a few fascinating studies.

How to Increase Hair Growth and Volume

Even if there is an autoimmune component or genetic deficiency, gelatin may help offer the raw material required and stimulate blood flow to add some additional aid when it comes to hair growth.

You might want to try taking 10 to 14 grams (1 Tbsp) of gelatin powder each day together with saw palmetto and L-cysteine or NAC.

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Increase Hair Growth

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