How To Hide Stomach Fat With Clothing!

Today we are going to be talking about how to hide your stomach.

One of the things that commonly comes up with a lot of women is that they feel self-conscious about their midsection.

how to hide your stomach fat


Whether they’ve just had a baby or whether they’ve just indulged or maybe they are just feeling self-conscious about that area of the body. Many of us have things about our body that we nitpick at and the stomach section just seems to be an area that a lot of us feel a little bit more self-conscious about.

I am going to give you a few tips on how you can best hide your stomach so you feel really comfortable, you look really good and you’re still feeling stylish as you go throughout your day.


My first tip for all of you is to watch your fabrics. I cannot tell you what a huge difference fabrics make in how clothing sits on your body.

If you are someone that has a lot of curve to your body, whether it’s through your bust, through your hips or through your midsection, you want to make sure that you are opting for pieces in clothing that have a very high drape.

The reason for that is because a stiff fabrics or clingy fabrics won’t have the same drape over your body. They may cling in areas you don’t want it to and may end up making us look a little bit boxier because they don’t ebb and flow with the curves of our figure.

Nice thing about fabrics that have a hydrate to them is that they’re a little bit more flowy, they will fall and ebb and flow with our curves really beautifully.

So rather than digging in at certain areas or being too tight or too snug or emphasizing an area, instead it will just fall over our curves really beautifully, so we can go about our day and not worry about things clinging in places or showcasing things we don’t want it to show.

Longer Shirt

On that fabric note, when you are picking out a shirt for yourself, it’s also good to have ones that fall a little bit longer than normal.

Most shirts typically fall somewhere between our hip bone and our leg break, which is where we squat, and you want to make sure that your shirts fall a little bit closer to your leg break just to make sure it comes past the midsection, to make sure that everything is really nice and elongated and doesn’t cling to just below our tummy area, thus potentially showcasing something that we don’t want it to.

Not only that, but longer pieces will also help bring the eye down and continuously travel as we look at ourselves in the mirror or someone else is looking at us and making our figure look a little bit more elongated, long and lean.

Printed Tops

In addition to having soft drape and something that’s a little bit longer on our figures, the other thing that can work really spectacular are printed or high density tops.

The reason this works so well is that prints are a little bit distracting for the eye. The eye doesn’t really have anywhere in particular to focus on. If there are areas that you’re feeling a little bit more self-conscious about, high density prints can be great because it keeps the eye really busy and doesn’t have it focus on one particular area, because it trying to absorb all that detail.

It is a really fabulous way to camouflage any areas that we deem problems or that we don’t want as much attention on.

Correct Size

The next tip may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often this is skipped and that is getting the correct size for yourself.

I know so many of us get hung up on sizing and while sometimes we don’t want to go up the extra size because we’re mentally struggling with it, often getting the correct size is going to flatter your figure so much more than if you go down that size that might be a little bit too snug, where it might start pulling in areas you don’t want it pulling in.

Or sometimes we can go the opposite route and some people get things that are too oversize because they’re looking to camouflage things. While oversize sweaters and baggier pieces can feel really comfy, sometimes if you wear oversized you will look oversized.

Sometimes getting things that are a little bit more tailored for our shape, even if we do have a lot of curve, can be so much more flattering for our shape.

But at the end of the day, always do what’s gonna make you feel most confident and comfortable, because that’s really what matters.

High Rise Pants

The next tip is to entertain a high rise pant. High rise can be so incredibly comfortable, but the reason I love it when you’re trying to hide your stomach is because when you have a high rise, you often feel like you’re tucked into your pants. Everything’s held in really snugly and no lumps or bumps are showing and you just feel like you’ve been snugly fit in for the day.

You can get a regular high rise pant or if you’re someone that’s really self-conscious about a midsection, I highly recommend the Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (the NYDJ is the acronym for them). They have a fabulous set of denim that not only fits really beautifully, but also adds a little bit of tummy control at the front of some of their denim so you really feel like you’ve got some nice shaping in the midsection as well.

On that shaping denim note, if you don’t want to wear denim or if you just want to feel a little bit extra snug during the day, the other option you can get into is shapewear. I’m not talking about waist control or things like that, because there have been some studies that they’re not the healthiest thing for you.

However, I’m talking about things like Spanx. If you’re going out to a special event, let’s say for example you have a beautiful dress you want to wear and you just want things to be a little bit more streamlined and you want to feel a
little bit more tucked in during your event, then shapewear can be a fabulous solution for that.

Spanx is wonderful, a lot of boutiques will carry different kinds of shapewear. You can get one that feels most comfortable to you and that way everything fits beautifully and is lovely and streamlined during the day.

Longer Layers

The other thing that is a game-changer when you are trying to camouflage a tummy is longer layers.

Ladies don’t underestimate the power of a long blazer, a vest, a long cardigan. Things like that are nice because they can camouflage potential problem areas on our figure.

The front of the blazer or the vest or the cardigan when it’s left open also creates this really elongating line for the eye as well, which helps pull the eye downward and creating this really beautiful lengthening silhouette.

The added bonus is that layers in outfit often create a lot of interest, so you look extra chic while you’re wearing your layers as well.

Statement Jewelry

The last trick for hiding your stomach is to opt for statement jewelry.

The reason I say this is because when you have statement jewelry sitting more on your collarbone is something that will draw the eye up and away from your midsection.

Opt for statement pieces or necklaces or some kind of accessory that’s more around your face, such as earrings. These bold statement pieced are going to help bring the eye up and detract from your eye coming down towards your stomach section.

Plus accessories, no matter what size, really showcase your beautiful personality and style.


How To Hide Stomach Fat With Clothing!
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