Garlic Health Benefits For Killing Cancer Cells!


For hundreds of years, people have used chopped garlic to get rid of surface tumors.

Any skin tumor can be treated in a matter of days by applying a poultice made of castor oil and garlic to the affected area.


Garlic’s active component has recently been administered intravenously.

To deliver the cancer-fighting allicin payload directly to the tumor, researchers are attaching allicin to an antibody that connects with tumor cells.

It seems to be the ideal fusion of herbal and Western medicine: a natural chemical delivered to tumor cells using a targeting technology created in the West.

In truth, you don’t even need the targeting: just eat (or drink) raw garlic.

Blend together raw broccoli, garlic juice, onions, and ginger.

It’s one of the most effective anti-cancer mixtures available, if you can handle the flavor.

You should have little trouble locating the ingredients at your neighborhood supermarket.

Take a few drops of graviola tincture every hour to get even more cancer-fighting power.

Garlic Health Benefits For Killing Cancer Cells!

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