Does Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss?


Nearly everyone is aware that drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight.

Most people who desire weight loss actually aim to reduce their body fat. Water does not burn fat, but it is a vital component for good health.

In fact, many ‘fat burning’ foods, drinks, powders, and medications don’t work either. The only situation in which your body fat will burn fat is when there is a calorie deficit.

Does Drinking Water Helps Weight Loss?

You can drink all the water you like, but you won’t reduce body fat if you’re not consistently living in a calorie deficit. You can also use all the widely used medications and supplements for fat loss. These won’t help you at all if there isn’t a calorie deficit.

Your body has no need to access your fat reserves for fuel when it receives more than enough energy from food each day. Nothing regarding the process of burning fat deposits will alter if more water is added to the mixture. Your body can only go into fat burning mode if you have a calorie deficit.

So why then include drinking water in your weight loss program?

Because drinking enough water is necessary for good health. Your liver, for instance, would be unable to adequately metabolize nutrients without sufficient water flow. Additionally, it won’t adequately digest fat. Bile, which is produced by the liver, aids in the body’s breakdown of fats.

Blood is thicker in a dehydrated body, which slows down the body’s vital organs. Your liver receives oxygen and necessary nutrients from the blood as it circulates. The liver won’t work at its best if the blood is excessively thick from dehydration.

You want your liver to be capable of metabolizing fat when it is needed. And THIS is the justification for consuming enough water.


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