Corset vs Waist Trainer vs Spanx

Corset vs Waist Trainer vs Spanx

Today I’m going to share with you the difference between corsets, Spanx and waist trainers.

Corset vs Waist Trainer vs Spanx


Corsets help bring a very hourglass illusion to your body instantaneously because your body is shifting into this mold, which is the corset.

The biggest difference is that the corsets do have lacing at the back, so you do have to lace them up, which can take a little bit of time but you can make it as tight as you want or as tight as your body will allow you to go.

A lot of the times when you look online you see people who go overboard with body shaping. They can do that when they have these laces, because the corsets really can shift things in your body. They’re very rigid and they can shift your ribs if you wear them long enough.

So the custom corsets give that beautiful hourglass figure. It is composed with strong steel bones. Unlike a waist trainer, they are not flexible, so if you want to bend forward or to the side, you just can’t.

If you’re someone who is a preschool teacher or a driver or you work in an office, this might not be the most comfortable option for you. It just depends on your lifestyle.

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Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are definitely much more flexible. They do have a mobility, so when you’re bending, it bends with you. There is a level of comfort that you receive when you are wearing the waist trainer that you just don’t get with a corset, especially when you are sitting down because a corset tends to dig into the pelvis versus waist trainer which is a lot more soft.

A waist trainer isn’t quite as rigid as the corset. They have Flexi steel instead of the steel bones but that does not mean that the results are lessened. I still think you get great results with a waist trainer.

A big factor is that because you can wear it with your lifestyle, you can move around with it, you can do more of that, you just spend more hours in your waist trainer then a lot of people will spend in their corset, which can also help seeing faster results.

A waist trainer gives a similar hourglass illusion like the corset. The thing is that with some waist trainers you have three rows of hooks which are one inch apart. That means that if you started on the first row, you lose one inch, you get to the second row, you lose one inch, you go to the third row.

Once you’re at the third row, the waist trainer starts to feel loose as you lose more inches on your waistline and then you size down to a new size. You would get more than one waist trainer if you plan on really sizing down and shrinking your waist versus with a corset, which is a little bit of the same thing but I think it might last you a little bit longer.

A waist trainer does move with you, you are able to bend and it does give you that compression. It also looks good under clothes. So when you wear a shirt or a dress on top, it does give you that hourglass figure, which looks really nice. It shows your waist looking really snatched.

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The last one I’m going to talk about is Spanx. It uses a material which is really stretchy. There is a full body spanx, some people call them fajas.

The idea is really just to look good under clothes. It’s not really with the idea of shaping your body long term. It’s more of an immediate result, where if you want to wear a really tight dress and you want to look a little bit more snatched, you don’t want your rolls to be showing, then you would get some Spanx and wear it under the dress and then you don’t have to see that stuff.

Versus with a waist trainer and the corset that you wear them on a regular basis with the long-term benefits in mind, knowing that your body will shape with time. The fat will displace and disperse and you’ll get that hourglass figure much more permanently than anything that you would get with the Spanx.

So Spanx are great for special events. A lot of them, like the Kardashians, wear Spanx for their legs. If they wear any kind of jeans and they want to squish in their thighs, Spanx is a great idea.

Waist trainers and corsets cover your torso, versus you can get Spanx for your legs, you can even get them for your arms and you can get them for your belly as well.

Waist Cinchers

A lot of people ask if waist cinchers are a good start to wearing corsets. A waist cincher is really just a different type of corset.

A corset is considered a cincher when you have a long torso and it does not cover the way that a full underbust corset would. It is still a genuine corset with steel bones, however it is not coming right up to the bustline. You may still have about an inch or an inch and a half up between the top of the corset and the bottom of your bust.

Waist cinchers are recommended either to a long waist person, who’s looking for a smaller corset, a shorter corset, to give them a little bit more mobility when they’re going about their day, or for a person with a shorter torso because it would fit them like a full underbust corset.

You can say that cinchers are 6-8″ on the side seam. Underbusts are 9″ + on the side seam. Corsets that are 8-10″ may be considered either, depending oh how it fits you and how long your torso is.

If you are wanting to start with a genuine corset that gives you a little bit more mobility, allows you to breathe a little bit easier and it’s easier to hide underneath clothing, then I would recommend going with a cincher style corset, the shorter corset.

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corset vs waist trainer

Corset vs Waist Trainer vs Spanx
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