Easy Storage Compact Folding Treadmill With Incline

folding treadmill with incline

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folding treadmill with incline

You can fold this motorless treadmill to only 14″ high for easy storage. You do not need to remove any parts because the walking platform folds flush with the handlebars. You can easily store it in a closet or against a wall.

folded treadmill

The resistance is created by magnetic force, giving you a smooth, quiet workout (you can watch TV while exercising). There are eight levels of resistance. Using this machine is more labor intensive than a powered treadmill, so you will always get a good workout.

resistance setting

You can adjust the treadmill surface to three different incline heights:

  • 5° for the highest setting
  • 6 1/2° for the middle setting
  • 8° for the lowest setting

incline setting

To have intense workout, you can increase both the resistance and the incline. The resistance is very tough on level 8.

A really great thing is that there is no need for electric power. This means that you can use the best folding treadmill anywhere in your home. It has integrated wheels for effortless moving.

The steel frame is very sturdy and padded handrails help you to maintain balance. It can support people up to 250 lbs. The treadmill stays stable due to the stabilizer caps. Many people find that the build quality of this top rated folding treadmill is exceptional.

best folding treadmill for running

Since this a manual unit, you can can get easily on and off without the loosing balance and falling. When you stop running or walking, it stops.

Textured, non-slip running and walking track is 43″ long and 12 1/2″ wide.

Heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars. A battery-powered monitor tracks workout time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned.


The assembly is not complicated, just follow the instructions that are well written.

Use this machine to improve your cardiovascular fitness and to tone and strengthen legs, hips, and thighs.

This compact folding treadmill is a cheap way to run or walk indoors. It is the best folding treadmill for the price.

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compact folding treadmill

How to Properly Walk on Incline on a Treadmill

Very popular activity for cardiovascular exercise is treadmill walking. A lot of people love to use an incline and while is a better workout to go uphill, you need to be doing it the right way.

Some people are doing it by hanging on to the handrails. In this case, their body is perpendicular to the treadmill itself and essentially they are not walking up, but they are walking flat, and hanging on with their arms.

If they let go with their arms, their body shifts forward, this becomes much more an effective workout. When you’re hanging on with your hands, you’re basically negating the incline you have on there.

When you’re using your arms to help yourself up the hill, there’s a much more effective workout and it’s a lot less pounding on your joints, because you’re using your muscles to absorb the shock rather than just pounding through and hanging on to the handrails.

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Beginner Exercise Treadmill Routine

This exercise protocol is going to get you to be able to go from a walking protocol to a jogging protocol. The beauty of this routine is that it’s simple.

The first week you go from a five-minute cycle of where you’re going to walk for four minutes and jog for one minute. You’re going to repeat that cycle four times which will get you to the full 20 minute routine and you perform that three days a week.

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The following week, week two, you just gradually increase the jog time and decrease the walk time so you’re going to start out with walking for three minutes and increase the jog time to two minutes and week three it’s a jog of three minutes a walk of two.

Week four, jog of four minutes, walk for one. In the fifth week, it’s just a straight 20 minute jog.

The important thing with this routine is that you’re jogging at a comfortable pace for yourself. The speed doesn’t really matter, it’s just what’s comfortable for you. So you’d go from a walking speed that’s also comfortable to a jog pace that’s comfortable.

The pace doesn’t need to increase over the five weeks. What’s important is that we just increase the duration of the jog and that’s a recommended beginner exercise folding treadmill routine.

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Easy Storage Compact Folding Treadmill With Incline
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