Best Portable Inflatable Hot Tub (4-person Blow Up Spa)

4 person hot tub

Enjoy the ultimate portable hot tub experience anytime and anywhere you go.

We are huge fans of this amazing inflatable spa. We really enjoy it.

It’s a 4-person jacuzzi with water capacity of 210 gallons.

best portable inflatable hot tub

Using a well-designed control panel, you can activate 120 heated air bubble jets for a relaxing massage. The jets are much more powerful than I ever imagined they would be.

There are no seats in the hot tub sou you will sit on the padded bottom that is very comfortable.

The spa is built with puncture-resistant 3 ply laminated material which is enhanced with lightweight, high-strength fibers that offer outstanding structural stability.

best inflatable hot tub

The hot tub comes with an advanced electronic hard water treatment system. The water passes through an electromagnetic field that agitates calcium and other minerals. The suspended crystals of hard water elements are retained in the filter cartridge, leaving soft water in the spa.

Hard water can accumulate in the heater coils and filter pumps, which drastically reduces heating and filtration functions and limits water flow. By eliminating the hard water, you will increase the efficiency and a lifespan of your portable spa.

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In addition, soft water is gentler on your skin, making your hot tub experience more enjoyable.

The inflatable cover has self-locking buckles and you get a key for them. When they are in a locked position, if you squeeze and pull the buckle, it will not come open. But when you unlock it, it comes open pretty easily. So you just stick the key in there, turn it to the unlock position, you squeeze it and it pops right out.

best portable spa

The cover has the sides that kind of drape over with the latches and the center part is inflatable and it sits down inside. It really helps hold the heat in and helps to warm the spa up quicker.

The control unit also includes the pump and the front cover that’s closest to the hot tub comes off and that’s where all your hoses and connections are.

The control panel is really easy to use and has seven buttons.

inflatable portable jacuzzi

The top right is the heater. You hit that button to turn the heater on and then you use the arrows to adjust the temperature. It’s a max of 104 degrees, which is what we’ve got it set at.

The top left is the bubbles. We really enjoy the bubbles, they work really well. There are little holes around the edge at the bottom. This is where your bubbles come out. The bubbles are a little bit noisy but it’s really not a hindrance or anything.

The bottom left button is a filtration system.

There is a button for you to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

There are two arrow buttons that you use to adjust the temperature up and down.

And finally in the middle there the main power button.

The jacuzzi comes with the chlorine floater and a test strips so you can test the water. So far ours is testing really perfect on everything, so that chlorine floater works really well.

There are the minimum and the maximum water lines. It is recommended to have it at least to the minimum line but not to exceed the maximum lines.

It’s got a double filter system for keeping water clean. filter cartridges are easy to replace.

inflatable hot tub with jets

The sides of the tub are very sturdy. You can barely push it in and I can sit on the edge of that and it doesn’t give at all.

It also comes with thermal ground cloth so that the coldness from the ground does not come up through and cool your water off.

In my experience with a regular hot tub, it cools off a few degrees while you’re sitting in it. This is no exception, it does the same, but once you’re out, you put the cover on and it will heat back up to temp pretty quickly.

So overall I would say we’re completely satisfied with it and there’s not really been anything so far that has been a complaint.

Your family will enjoy a new dimension of fun and relaxation.

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Your portable inflatable hot tub may be set up outdoors or inside, however it is important to determine ahead of time where to set up your spa since the spa cannot be moved once it is filled with water.

The spa must be set up on a level area free of obstructions. It must be at least 4 meters from the electrical outlet.

To begin setting up your hot tub, bolt the control panel unit onto the spa control base with the provided bolts and wrench.

Spread the insulated ground pad, bubbles face down, over the cleared area. Lay out the spa over the ground pad with the drain valve point it in a suitable direction for drainage.

Move the spa control unit and base to the side of the spa with the connectors marked A, B and C. This will be where you have positioned the spa drain.

Remove the control unit back panel, unscrew the air valve cap in the upper right corner of the unit and set it aside. You’ll need the short black inflation hose to fill your jacuzzi with air.

Locate the inflation valve on the outside of the spa and remove the cap, leaving the stem in the up position. Insert the smaller end of the inflation hose, the end with the black fitting into the valve in the spa wall.

Turn the fitting clockwise to lock it into position. Slide the other end of the hose, the end with a larger gray fitting, into the control unit air valve. Turn it clockwise until it locks.

Plug the hot tub control unit into a GFCI or RCD electrical outlet and turn the electric pump on by pressing the on/off switch, press the bubble button to activate the inflation pump.

Air will begin flowing from the control unit through the inflation hose into the spa. Inflate the tub for six to eight minutes. Do not over inflate or use high-pressure air.

When the top of the spa is firm but not hard to the touch, press the control unit bubble button to turn off the pump. Disconnect the inflation hose from the spa, attach the pressure gauge to the air valve in the spa wall to see if the tub has been properly inflated.

The pressure gauge indicator should be in the green area. If overinflated, release some air by pressing the back end of the pressure gauge. If more air is needed, repeat the previous steps.

When the spa has been properly inflated, replace the air valve cap, giving it a turn to the right, hand tighten only, do not use excessive force.

Inflate the hot tub cover air bladder through the valve under the cover in the same manner as you have inflated the spa. When properly inflated and the cover is firm but not hard to the touch, again press the control unit bubble button to turn off the pump. Disconnect the hose from the cover and close the cover air valve firmly. Disconnect the hose from the control unit and replace the cap on the control unit air valve.

Attach the spa control unit to the tub by matching connectors marked A, B and C. Hand tighten securely, replace the back cover of the control unit by sliding it straight down until it slips into place.

Never move the spa tub with a control unit attached as this will damage the connection fittings.

Attach the filter cartridge housing to the outlet grid marked C on the spa wall.

Before filling the blow up spa, ensure that the bottom drain caps are securely closed inside and out.

Fill the hot tub with fresh water from a garden hose to a level between the minimum and maximum indicators marked on the inside of the spa wall.

Never pour water hotter than 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit directly into the spa. It is recommended to fill the tub with lukewarm water for quick heating and energy-saving.

Make sure the blow up spa is plugged into a grounded electrical outlet and press the on/off button on the control panel to turn on the spa. The control panel displays the temperature in either Celsius, which is the default or Fahrenheit. Press the Celsius/Fahrenheit button to choose between them.

Activate the heating and filter systems by pressing the flame button. The red flame light and the green filter light will illuminate. The water will begin to heat up and the filtration system will begin working.

Press either of the temperature control arrows to adjust the temperature up or down. The LED will flash as you adjust the temperature.

Initial heat up will take 12 to 16 hours. The flame light will change from red to green when the set temperature is reached and the heater will turn off.

The filtration system runs for 24 hours. When the spa is being used regularly, you may find it cost-effective to keep the heater on at a moderate temperature between uses.

The bubble light will turn on when the bubble function is activated. The bubble function will stop automatically after 30 minutes. Do not run the bubble feature with the cover in place. It can cause irreparable damage and bodily harm.

blow up hot tub

The display will also flash an LED code if a problem is detected. it is advisable to become familiar with these codes. See the owner’s manual for further details.

Before entering the spa, measure the temperature of the water with an accurate thermometer, since the tolerance of water regulating devices varies. The water in your spa should never exceed 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures between 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) and 40 degrees Celsius are considered safe for healthy adults. Use lower temperatures for soaks of more than 10 minutes and for children.

Maintaining the proper chemical balance in the spa is very important for spa life and safe water. Follow the chemical makers instructions to avoid hazards. Do not add chemicals when the spa is occupied. Add chemicals separately to the spa. Use the included floating dispenser to add chlorine.

Maintain the spa pH level between 7.2 and 7.8 ppm. Alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm and free chlorine between 3 and 5 ppm.

Change the filter every week and water every two to three months.

When the spa is not being used, always place the cover bladder over the spa to avoid potentially dangerous situations and to keep children out of the portable inflatable hot tub when supervision is not available.

To secure the spa, pull the buckle straps tight. Always attach the cover and lock the buckles when the spa is not in use.

Final Thoughts

4 person hot tub

I was skeptical about this product. How good could a portable inflatable hot tub be?

The answer is… extremely good!


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Best Portable Inflatable Hot Tub (4-person Blow Up Spa)
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